757 Tasting Notes

drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
757 tasting notes

so yeah, i’ve kinda been absent lately.
the seasonal affective depression thing has kicked in, and marathon training is a struggle and a time suck (though good when it’s good!), and i’ve been escaping by reading too much fanfic and slash, and i’ve also been trying to cut down on my caffeine (gasp!).
no more than 3 cups a day. and only in the morning. but i used to just drink it whenever i wanted and it was heavenly.

but now i’m trying to come back, and i’m excited about the new david’s teas spring collection. and the eventual turn of the clocks. and maybe even being able to leave the house wearing only 1 hoodie instead of 2.
and i swear i’m gonna send Courtney that box of tea samples this week! at least i feel like it might happen this week…

i’m surprised this tea didn’t stand out the first time i tried it.
it’s touchingly subtle, and yet brave at the same time.
super balanced.
a mellow sugar and clove sipper. and it smells like no other tea i’ve had yet.
the sparkles are a gimmick, and if the tea wasn’t unique they wouldn’t matter,
but because this tea DOES feel like somewhat of a special loner to me, the glitter just makes it that much more romantic.

i’m gonna save my last cup worth to have on Xmas day as i watch Doctor Who (after a cuppa weeping angel of course).


Haha! I’m waiting patiently, no worries :)


I didn’t sleep last night due to fanfic, though there was sadly no slash (at least not yet, it’s an unfinished fic). HP/Avengers.


haha omg starfevre! i know what you mean. it’s so hard to go to bed when there is so much wonderful fic to read! just one more story. just one more hour. just just just. (my sister is my curator so i never have to read bad fic, which i am lucky to have, because bad fic makes me the saddest person ever and reading it hurts my soul.)


Ah yes, badfic. When I’m in a ‘searching for new fanfic’ mode, I end up reading a lot of badfic usually. There was a particularly scarring mpreg with no warnings that I read last week. Just all kinds of not good.


bwahahahah ikr! hilarious. blerg.


Ahh yes. When authors don’t warn for mpreg or major character death. :)


Oh wow. :P I haven’t spent enough time on AO3 so I didn’t know what mpreg is but google showed me. DNW!!! /0\


haha surprise!


I’m more bothered by unannounced major character death. I’ve stopped reading actual book novels right in the middle because someone I liked died. I can never pick up the book again. Bothers me tremendously. Mpreg is just briefly mentally scarring. I did it again last night though, slept only 4 hours due to HP/LOTR


is that your current pairing? a crossover?
i’m all about thilbo, or baggenshield, or whatever weirdo smushed up combo word for Thorin and Bilbo there is now. and yes i stay up waaaay toooo laaate
(also my goodness do i wish there was some decent Green Arrow stuff though!!)


It was a crossover. On fanfiction.net (hangs head in shame). In my defense I only read the stories with over 500 reviews…


naw that’s the way to do it :) helps weed out the …weeds.
my sister has taught me much :)


Starfevre, I totally hear you about novels and characters dying. I mean, ghost stories where you expect it are one thing (oi, paranormal romances!), but surprise!death in an otherwise amazing story sucks.

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so good!
with apple pie and hobbit talk and discussion of things to do and see while i’m in paris.
then i went to the gym and ran/walked over 17 miles as i read some super fun hobbit fanfic.

the tea was brewed perfectly. i mean i’m not a lavender person at all, and my sister accuses me of actually not liking earl grey (i argue that i don’t buy it cuz it’s everywhere though i do certainly like it!) but the tea was so perfectly balanced. i have to say that carytown teas seems to always consistently have the best best teas. i feel lucky that it is in my city every time i go there and buy a new tea.


That sounds really tasty, I love lavender scented things (never drank it though!) AND earl grey

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drank Cinnamon Heart by DAVIDsTEA
757 tasting notes

so i gave this one a second try. but that’s all it’s gonna get.

not the tea’s fault.
but i only like cinnamon gum. those candy hearts? nope. cinnamon mouthwash? nope. what else is there? idk but i probably don’t like it.

i love real cinnamon though!! i put it on every bowl of yogurt or oatmeal. like tons.
so there’s that.

happy cinnamon to you!

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sometimes i just wanna write a review that says “i drank this”. which probably infers that it’s a boring tea. but not an awful cup by any means. it’s just a tea.

i drank this.


That’s what I like about gunpowder green and why I keep it on hand. It’s a good tea for when I just want a tea.

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A Spot of Tea
(by mithen http://archiveofourown.org/works/731462)

The shopkeeper gave Thorin Oakenshield a dubious look as he walked through the door, and Thorin could hardly blame her: an armor-clad, rather shaggy dwarf was woefully out of place in this room full of floral upholstery and white lace. But Bilbo had been so delighted at the sight of a Laketown tea room that he had insisted Thorin come along, and considering the hobbit had saved his life two or three times now Thorin felt the least he could do was drink some stewed leaf juice with him.

Gingerly, he took a seat on a delicate white-painted chair covered with a rose-patterned cushion, and watched Bilbo enthuse over the floral centerpiece, the doilies, the fluted stained-glass lamps. A waitress in a starched white apron came over, and she and Bilbo had an animated discussion as to which tea was superior as Thorin tried his level best not to stand out too much.

From the looks he was getting from other customers, he was failing miserably at that.

It was…interesting to see the burglar in something like his natural habitat, he thought, watching Bilbo chatter about aroma and nose with the smiling waitress. He looked comfortable and happy, something Thorin had rarely seen him look over their travels.

It suited him.

“And you, Master Dwarf?” The waitress’s voice broke into his thoughts, and Thorin snapped out of his reverie. ”What would you like?”

“I’ll…have what he’s having,” Thorin said, pointing at Bilbo.

“Oh, that’s an excellent choice!” Bilbo beamed, just as if Thorin had made an informed decision. He looked around the sunny little room, interlacing his fingers on the table. ”This is such a pleasant place,” he said. ”It feels rather like home. Although everything’s too big, of course,” he added with a wry look at Thorin. He picked up the teacup in front of him. ”Look at this, what an exquisite pattern.”

Thorin picked up his own cup—far too dainty for his wide hands—and peered at the little purple and yellow flowers twining around it. ”Pretty,” he agreed.

“Violets, my favorite,” Bilbo sighed, putting it back on the saucer with a tiny click.

Dwarvish drinking cups were generally made of metal and wood; Thorin’s hands felt clumsy and awkward on the satiny china. Bilbo was talking about different kinds of sugars and something called clotted cream, his voice happy. Thorin watched him, absorbed in his own world of flowers and tea and doilies. A month ago he would have dismissed such things as frivolous fripperies. A month ago, before he had seen this fussy little hobbit hold off a warg, fight a giant spider, rescue him and his men from the deep dungeons of Mirkwood.

Soon enough, their teacups were full of steaming brown liquid. Bilbo inhaled the steam rapturously, and Thorin followed suit, surreptitiously watching Bilbo’s face to make sure he was doing it right as he cautiously lifted the cup.

The tea was light and sweet, with a slight hint of bitterness beneath. ”It’s good,” he said, somewhat surprised.

Bilbo sighed happily. ”It is, isn’t it?” He smiled at Thorin, and Thorin looked down at his teacup, took another quick sip. ”Thank you for sharing this with me. It’s a shame to drink tea alone, and as much as I like them, the other dwarves, well…”

The image broke into Thorin’s head unbidden: thirteen dwarves in the cozy little tea house, juggling sugar cubes, guzzling tea and belching. He snorted with sudden laughter, choking slightly on his tea, and heard Bilbo join in.

Everyone in the tea room was looking at them, but Thorin Oakenshield couldn’t possibly have cared less.

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i bought this tea because my sister wanted to try it. and i was like sure why not :)
but then it arrived and i think i drank the whole bag. it’s possible i gave her some to take home? but i think i drank the whole bag.

i didn’t drink the whole bag after all! i did give my sister some and she brought it back into my house when she moved in last week :) so here i am finishing it…
what can i say! you snooze you lose! hahaha nom nom nom

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how is it possible i haven’t reviewed this one yet you ask?
well, i have a horrible thing to admit…i’m not really a chai drinker.

but the truth is that this is really a chocolate tea!
i mean it is isn’t it? it’s warming.
it’s like mexican chocolate, it has a little bite at the end.

but i feel like that’s all obvious from the name of the tea.
good name.

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i loved this tea’s eathiness. very dark and robust. cuz world leaders don’t mess around.

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della terra really kinda can’t lose.
they do every tea right.
(at least from what i’ve had so far.)

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i haven’t been around much. i guess i just don’t have a ton to say about tea at the moment.
also marathon training has picked up in miles and requires more of my free time.
but don’t worry, i’m still obsessed with tea!

proof! look what i just bought!
special Mandarin White Puerh http://instagram.com/p/VXJqSQIc_3/

i had a dentist appt and then stopped in to Carytown Teas to get one cup to drink. and the next thing i knew i’d spent almost $25 dollars. but that mandarin puerh so beautiful!!!

also the blood orange puerh was very very nice! (though maybe a hint of chocolate couldn’t hurt.)


How was the blood orange pu-erh? I might have to request it from sis ;)


very nice! i’d definitely drink it again. i’ve steeped it a second time and now the grapefruitiness is less intense which is a nice change from the first cup. i also had a HUGE lunch so my tummy is thanking me.


That puerh looks so cool. Nice picture! :)


Adding it to my shopping list for next order from sis :)


hi Em, the link you posted is the same as the pic i posted, but it is NOT the Blood Orange Puerh i am drinking. they had a Blood Orange Puerh and a Ginger Puerh that appear to not be on their website. you should ask your sister to bring you one of thier printout shopping sheets too next time she shops for you.
the Mandarin White Puerh is a unique tea they have just this once i think. which is why it’s expensive and also why i couldn’t resist.


third steep!
the citrus is almost gone, and for the first time ever i can smell the ‘fishy’ scent everyone always seems to refer to in puerhs. also i keep getting this puzzling after scent of chocolate. maybe that’s a roasted quality to the tea that is tricking my nose? anyways, i will definitely buy this again.
also, lucky me my davidstea puerh sample box arrived today, so i can compare :)

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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