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so this is my last avengers tea to review. is this my last avengers tea to review?

i got it from jump62359 and it was a great plan cuz the tea is available on the west coast but they are all sold out at the warehouse on the east coat. i sent her half a bag of Loki and she sent me half a bag of Banner. and Hulk!Bruce is the one to bring Loki down in the end, so it was kinda a poetic plan :)

of all the avengers blends the ones i’ve bought more of are Coulson, Thor, and Steve.
Coulson and Thor are both mate & tea blends and i think i’m just in a toasted mate mood these days. earthy and dark. and hell, the Steve blend is just freakin delicious.

Bruce Banner’s tea is bit too mild for what i see Bruce’s character as. in the movie, with his few lines and introduction, he pretty much exudes a low level bitterness and random distrust at all times. and if you like difficult things you like him! a difficult feely nerd. with a lot of self blame and sardonic charm. (they really did a pretty good job of letting you get to know all the Avengers with a relatively small amount of screen time for each to do it in didn’t they?)

so ya, the tea is fine. good for a late afternoon or pre-dinner cup. but idk about the chamomile.


i’m gonna put this here because you will need this someday and i have found it for you:
The Avengers Drinking Game

The Captain America Drinking Game


Thank you, and thank you! (I see copperbadge and know I MUST dl!)


“the Steve blend is just freakin delicious” = me almost spitting out my matcha hot chocolate. Thank you for that image. :D :D


I felt like this made a slightly decent Bruce tea, but not a Hulk tea… though the chamomile made it a whole lot more mellow than Bruce should be.
It needs to be more of a punch-you-in-the-face-because-of-my-brilliant-brains-and-smarts tea, rather than a look-at-me-frolicking-in-a-field-of-flowers tea hahha

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if i remember correctly this tea started a second swap between me and jump62359 almost right after the first one.
i think many of us get into the cycle of thinking we owe the other swapper because they were so generous and thoughtful. thing is, this will NEVER END! cuz apparently tea lovers tend to be a very thoughtful and sensitive group. and tea is patient and delicate and has many moods.
so no surprise there :)

this tea is definitely better than i even expected it to be. which is saying a lot cuz i like davidstea but i tend to have low expectations for them most of the time. so i would have been very happy with ‘nice’. but this tea is good good :)
i’ll probably throw a bag in with my next order.

i wanna get the new spring collection, all those teas sound good! but i’m secretly hoping they are gonna make the latte mug in other colors? (fingers crossed).
i have 2 of the latte mugs already, one for home one for work. it’s a great mug for me. and i never even drink lattes. haha


You are so so right about the cycle of swapping! I feel as though I owe so many of you kind people for all the tea I’ve gotten!


This is why I have a bunch of surprise!parcels slowly being built at home. :)


Ahh I’m so happy you liked this tea! I was a bit hesitant myself, but then I tried it and LOVED it.
I want to get a pack of this when I visit DAVIDs in a couple weeks, but I want to try all their other teas! I’m so tempted, but luckily I’ll have my cousin there with me to hold me back :)

((This also means you might get a package sent to you within the next month or so))

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i’m way behind on my tea notes. so apologies in advance but having a big backlog is when i tend to write nonsense notes that have very little to do with actual tea.
i guess i just treat the note like a bookmark. — i dog ear the page saying ‘i drank this’ and hopefully when i have a second cup i will be inspired to make a more flavor specific note.

this tea is a tea of things i love. i like all the teas used in this blend consistently.
and i know it’s mean’t to be a sort of stern and dark tea. management is uptight right? and ancient. and terrible.
so what does that say about me? hahaha jokinnng

any tea that can add aniseed has my respect.
when i’m making adagio blends i always wanna add things like cardamom accents and saffron. but usually the tea is intended to be shared with a friend… and i don’t wanna do that to them. i know not everybody enjoys my flair for the weird when it comes to tea.

did you guys notice the “Similar Teas” listed under this one?

Sami Kelsh


Also, flair is awesome! Add that flair! I made three blends in a row that all had sprinkles. nods


Saffron and cardamom in a tea sound pretty amazing, TBH.

Sami Kelsh

They are!

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drank Assam Melody by Adagio Teas
750 tasting notes

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
750 tasting notes

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i feel so lucky!!
i Can NOT Believe i’m getting to drink all these teas i’ve wanted to try for So Long!

one morning ashleyelizabeth posted on the swap thread, and when i responded to her post i was barely awake and still in bed. it was like i wanted to swap on a gut level. hahha

and she sent me so much of it!
a little tin with lots of scoops worth.
i made a big 26oz cup worth. and then played with my baby-roommate as it cooled.
(put the shells in the bowl. take the shells out of the bowl. take the bowls out of the cupboard. put the bowls into the cupboard. etc etc.)

this tea LOOKS sexy.
i definitely like this tea just as much as i thought i would. completely.
i don’t get the marshmallow very much i don’t think? if the a marshmallow flavor is in there then maybe it’s just an unfamiliar version of the flavor.
this tea! the chocolate is dark and rich, and the orange is light and doesn’t taste bitter at all. it just adds a bright edge to the deep choco currents of this blend.

i think the appearance of this tea is so beautiful and i don’t even know how it’s possible. hot chocolate poetry tea. everything about this tea, smell and taste and look, creates a really unique and standout experience.


It is a beautiful tea isn’t it! I had a really hard time letting this one go, and I think it’s because of how pretty it is. I wanted to love it, but I didn’t. I’m really glad you do. It’s great when you get an awesome tea in a swap!


i’m definitely a chocolate tea girl. and i know what it’s like to have hopes for a tea and then it doesn’t really live up to your expectations. bet eh, they can’t all be winners, right?
i will say that the tea isn’t what i thought it would be, but it’s still on my A list after this tatste.
i DO see that you looooove the Caramel Vanilla Assam and lucky me AGAIN i just got that in a swap too! whoohoo!


It’s a good tea.

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drank Butterbeer by 52teas
750 tasting notes

Bwahahaha i stole Cavocorax’s pouchhoard!
i feel really touched that she sent this tea to me when she loves it so much!!

it’s true i’ve been wanting to try this tea for a long time.
but … i have a confession, …i’m not even a harry potter person! Eeeeee
pleeeeaze don’t revoke my fangirl membership card!!!!
i mean, the tea just sounds yum!
Butter… Beer… Duh! O_o

and it is! it is totally yum!
and i have cups worth to drink!
giant muggle cups of rootish beer and buttery tones.
sluuuuurp a slurp.
luckiest muggle ever.

omg i haven’t really drank tea all day! what’s with that!?
i did have a pot of peppermint tea at the museum bar after seeing the Chihuly exhibit with my sister.
but that didn’t really count in my mind.
though it did feel good in my tummy.


GASP! Not a Harry Potter person!?


:O Not… into Harry Potter???? Whaaaa?
Hahah, but it’s cool. I’m happy you are enjoying it!


How are you not a Harry Potter person? I wasn’t aware this was possible.


ummmm idk idk idk!! i mean, it might be my age? but that doesn’t seem right to say. just,… maybe it was a timing thing via age?
i didn’t used to be a very big reader. and i was smack dab in the middle of college when the first books came out.
but i have a pretty clear memory of the scene in the last movies where they are drinking it. (the scenes felt a bit like fanfic hah)
and i’ve seen all the movies cuz my roommate has read all the books multiple times. but i tried reading them and never got very far.
hey, i’ll ask my sister!! she always has the best emotional and intellectual insight into these kind of things.
To Be Continued….!

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well this tea isn’t nearly as weird tasting as i thought it would be!
it really is just a hint of coconut. and i love davidstea secret santa so yay mint. a mint black tea is kinda good at any time of the day.
it’s REALLY great that Cavocorax sent me such a hearty bag of this tea!

actually, she sent me a hearty box of ALL THE TEAAAZ!
like seriously. a cray cray amount of tea.
and she can try to say it’s because i’m sharing it with oddree but let’s get real, it was enough for a small family. or an army. a tea army. (make tea, not war!)


It was really fun packing your box. I made a special trip to DAVIDs just because I saw oddree had Chocolate Orange on her wishlist and I threw in a few extras bc I wasn’t sure how often you could hit a DT. I bought a mason jar on that trip so it wasn’t completely selfless. :D

I felt a little bad for sending this bcause I bought myself a sample when I bought yours and my first cup made me think of toothpaste and that was NOT what I was trying to send to you, but it was already packaed when I tried mine. :D

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you read it right fanfic thread peeps! my third fic tea and ‘work in progress’.

i’m getting better at predicting blends, because this one is pretty tasty! how it came out isn’t exactly how i envisioned it tasting, but it’s close. close enough to be happy with it.
and seeing how the ratio of teas and additions i chose taste together can still teach me about future blending choices. (the more teas from adagio i get to taste the easier it is, because some teas are DUH just more potent in flavor than others.)

for me, its about figuring out the flavors in the right levels but also then considering how the tea smells dry and how the tea looks.

ikr i don’t think i would have ever considered that i’d care how a blend i make looks. but i do. and now in hindsight it’s no surprise, because i WAS an art major after all.

anyways, i know how i’m gonna try adjusting the next version of this blend. and then it might take 1 more after that before i settle on the recipe. but don’t worry! i’m keeping extensive and awesome notes!


The whole process sounds so neat. :) I’d be super into this if I had a post box in the States I could get to regularly!


OMG yes! I love that you are making your own blends. Lemme know when they’re not WIP. :P

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i have a cat named House Party 3.

i drink my tea plain.

vegan. fine arts major. bass player. runner. yoga do-er. childfree. scifi fan. e-reader fanatic. knitting newb. ADHD club member (ie; all my exclamation points are for realz!!)

i’m always aspiring to read more books.

i don’t care what you say, chamomile is barfaroony.
i’m so over rooibos.
evil hibiscus is evil.

some tea pictures!

Steepster’s Ultimate Fan Fic Thread!

i only log each tea i taste once.

!!! SWAPPING !!!

ALWAYS interested in reducing my tea stash, so please ask if you want to swap or sample something! even if it’s just one tea.

every tea in my cupboard is swapable! (at least i TRY to keep it up to date)
every tea i have tried is listed in my rated teas.


Virginia, USA

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