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I got a small sample of this tea from the vendor when I purchased some other tea at the Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival. This tea is divine. I don’t get much subtlety in flavor but it’s soothing and perfect for a cold November day when it’s snowing outside. Savory, smooth. Lovely.

It resteeps amazingly well.

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I had some of this last night while over at some friends’ for dinner. It was nice. Pleasant, light, but I think I didn’t let the water heat up enough before I stopped the kettle (I have a glass kettle and can see when the water is just about to boil. They had a metal one.) because it wasn’t very strong. I think if I get the chance, I’ll have this again and steep it better.

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I’m finally sitting down with a cup of this. I had bought a tin from the Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival and liked it well enough. However, brewed the way I like to brew tea (lower temp and longer steeping time), it is so lovely. Savory, with hints of smoke, a depth of flavor that I love. Rolling it on my tongue, just a smidge of sour/acridness but very faint.

So lovely. Definitely try this if you love black tea.

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I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and I snagged a bag from the last TTB that came through. It’s good. It’s darker than a traditional Earl Grey, the bergamot is more subtle and works really well with the dark – almost smoky – flavor of the tea. YUM. I wish this was available loose.

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Thor is very strong, with hints of sweetness but lacks much subtlety. However, Thor is very warm and comforting, like a giant hug.

Oh, wait, were we talking about tea or the comic book character?

Still holds true.

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Apparently I never reviewed this again. Hmm.

I just had a cup of this and even with some sugar, the blueberry never popped but it was still a very nice, mellow tea. Smooth and comforting. The nutmeg was definitely there, and even a little bit of blueberry. I think I actually like this without the strong blueberry flavor because the lack turns this tea into less a fruit tea and more a tea I can enjoy in the fall.

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drank BLEND by Custom-Adagio Teas
339 tasting notes

Going through my cupboard, I’m finding so any teas I never reviewed. Well, I can’t remember much about this tea other than I liked it. So a new cup is steeping as I type this.

So… this is good. It’s not really sweet, but instead dark and savory (hello, Chestnut!). A perfect tea for fall when the weather is turning cold and the leaves start falling. Yummy.

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So I apparently never reviewed this. Shame on me!

This is a fruity sweet black tea. It was okay hot, but I made the most wonderful jug of iced tea from this over the summer. It’s lovely, and light, and perfectly refreshing. I sent on the remainder to Arshness in the Pass Your Stash TTB. Hopefully she enjoys it!

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Milk Oolong, the really heavy, smells like it’s going bad, milk oolong is one of my favorite teas. And this tea hits me right in my sweet spot.

There’s something about a good milk oolong that takes me right to my happy taste. The butter flavor rolling over my tongue, the almost salty-sweetness of the tea. YUM.

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drank Once Upon A Tea by SerendipiTea
339 tasting notes

How did I never review this? I’m usually so good about that.

I bought some of this from Shab Row Tea Emporium in Frederick, MD. It’s nice. Minty with the feel (if not quite the taste) of chocolate. Sugar doesn’t really add much to this tea, though I do like adding a bit of Herbal Infusions Cacao Tea to up the chocolate taste. It’s nice but not really something I’ll get again.

Flavors: Chocolate, Peppermint

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I’m a tea-aholic. I’ve always loved tea. It is soothing and warm and comforting. I always had it when we went out to eat as a child so my first association is with rich and delicious food.

As an adult, I’m learning to enjoy tea on its own merits, and bask in its subtleties and varieties. The ritual of making a cup of tea is instantly relaxing.

I prefer oolong and white teas, followed by greens. For the most part, I don’t like straight black tea, but appreciate it as part of a blend or flavored. I’ve learned to love the world of flavored teas out there.

I’m slowly learning to appreciate rooibos blends, which I started drinking for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Love: Oolong, almond, coconut, peach
Hate: Ginger


Silver Spring, MD

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