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drank Peppermint Bark by Capital Teas
339 tasting notes

Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival #4

This was lovely. It is exactly as advertised: peppermint black tea. I think I would have liked it slightly sweetened, but even without any sweetener, the peppermint came through strong without being overwhelming. I may have to swing by my local Capital Teas and pick up some of this once it gets colder.

Flavors: Peppermint

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Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival #3

After playing at MajaTei, I crossed the expo floor and visited Capital Teas. They had a very nice and large set up with multiple tasting stations. I personally have very fond feelings about Capital Teas since they are my home tea company, having started in Maryland and with many locations in the DC area. Turns out they just expanded to Philadelphia!

As much as I like their teas, this tea, unfortunately, is not for me. I expected this tea to be spicy and it was, pleasantly (or unpleasantly depending on your nature, I suppose) burning the back of my throat. However, I didn’t taste much depth to this, and definitely no mango. I wonder if I would have liked it better sweetened?

Flavors: Spicy

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Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival #2

This was the first tea I tried by MajaTei but I’ll refrain from rating it because the sample I sipped was obviously oversteeped and bitter. (Or possibly just cooked on the warmer for too long.) The staff were brewing a new pot when I wandered off so I didn’t get a chance to try it as it was meant to be.

The dried stuff smelled lovely. Oddly enough, there is also corn in this blend, for added sweetness.

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drank Crisp Apple Green Tea by MajaTei
339 tasting notes

Philadelphia Coffee & Tea Festival #1

Today, I took the Amtrak train up to Philadelphia to meet up with some friends for the day. We initially started out with one item on the agenda: stuff our faces with vegetarian dim sum. After some research, Christina found there was also a tea and coffee festival in town so we bought tickets (50% off coupons FTW!) and braved the horrible Philly suburb traffic to get there.

There were approximately 40 vendors in the exhibit hall and I walked around sampling as I went. I kept a mental log of what I tried, and because it actually wasn’t that many, am entering them into Steepster. Many don’t have a Steepster presence, which just needs to be remedied.

MajaTei was one of the first vendors by the door. They had a number of fruit blends that were intriguing and in hindsight I wish I had tried more of them. This was the second I tried. It was very nice. It tasted as advertised: apple and green tea. It was lovely, light, and the apple came through without sugar. I imagine some sugar would have brought the apple flavor eve more to life.

I think this is the only tea I’ve ever tried that contained apple that actually tasted like apple. I love that apple was the actual end product-flavor rather than just filler. Kudos.

Flavors: Apple


40 vendors? That sounds great!


It was such a fun time! They weren’t all peddling tea but there were enough that I was happy. Also, the admission with our discount was only $10. So worth it!

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I’ve had this in my cupboard for ever and decided to finally open it up and give it a try. I wish I’d done so sooner! This is delicious. Some sugar really makes the blackberry stand out. I don’t really get a cream or vanilla taste, though, but it’s still very yummy. I’ll have to put this into the rotation.

Flavors: Blackberry

3 min, 0 sec

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After a week with a traveling tea box, it was really nice to go back to an old favorite. Almond Cookie, you are amazing and never let me down. You are always exactly what I need, and make me feel warm and loved and wonderful. You are a hug in tea form.

Sometimes, after drinking this tea, I wonder why I ever really need any other teas besides this one, Brioche from American Tea Room, Coconut Creme from Persimmon Tree, and Thai Yen Chai from Teavana. I could subsist off all those teas in rotation with no others and be truly content with my tea-drinking life.

Also, Steepster, why can’t I say this tea tastes like love or happiness in the flavors? Because it’s true.

Flavors: Almond, Vanilla

3 min, 0 sec

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drank Lime Gelato by DAVIDsTEA
339 tasting notes

Pass the Stash TTB #19

Holy carp this is amazing! It tastes like lime with some nuttiness. I don’t really get creaminess but I can see how others might. This is love in a cup.

And this is probably my last cup from this TTB. I’ve drunk so much tea today I’m surprised I don’t slosh when I move.

Flavors: Lime, Nutty

3 min, 0 sec

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drank Fantasy Island by DAVIDsTEA
339 tasting notes

Pass the Stash TTB #18

This was middle of the road for me. I’ve had better coconut teas, and this one also doesn’t have a strong enough coconut flavor for me. There’s also a hint of fruit in the background but it doesn’t really come through to the front. Maybe if I added some sugar it would be better…

Okay, just added some sugar and that really did not help the fruit taste. However! The sugar really brought out a roasted coconut flavor that I am loving. I’m really enjoying this now.

Flavors: Coconut

3 min, 0 sec

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drank Alpine Punch by DAVIDsTEA
339 tasting notes

Pass the Stash TTB #17

Almonds are my first love. And this tea is wonderfully almondy. Though there are some aftertastes that I am less than thrilled with (oh, hey, look there’s ginger in the ingredient list) but for the most part I’m enjoying this. I wish there was some added depth in flavor though – maybe something to add some creaminess or sweetness. Mmm.

Flavors: Almond

6 min, 0 sec

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drank Mango Mist by Tealuxe
339 tasting notes

Pass the Stash TTB #16

I approached this with some trepidation since mango is one of those fruits that is hard to replicate in tea. But this one does a fair job of it. It’s probably the closest to fresh mango I’ve found in tea. It’s lovely.

But I don’t think I’m quite in the mood for it. The weather turned last night and I had to drag the silk comforter out of storage so I didn’t freeze while sleeping. My palate wants hearty and spicy, the cloyingly sweet of toffee instead of the light sweetness of tropical fruit.

It is still a fantastic tea. I just wish I had found it a few months earlier.

Flavors: Mango

3 min, 0 sec

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I’m a tea-aholic. I’ve always loved tea. It is soothing and warm and comforting. I always had it when we went out to eat as a child so my first association is with rich and delicious food.

As an adult, I’m learning to enjoy tea on its own merits, and bask in its subtleties and varieties. The ritual of making a cup of tea is instantly relaxing.

I prefer oolong and white teas, followed by greens. For the most part, I don’t like straight black tea, but appreciate it as part of a blend or flavored. I’ve learned to love the world of flavored teas out there.

I’m slowly learning to appreciate rooibos blends, which I started drinking for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Love: Oolong, almond, coconut, peach
Hate: Ginger


Silver Spring, MD

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