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Thank you meghann M for sending this and a few other blends to try. Thank you very much. Luckily the roobios is not extremely strong which makes me happy and I can taste the currant and abit of hibiscue to with alittle vanilla and mabe abit of white chocolate. I believe that this blend is fairly good but on the almost too tart side with the hibiscus. Meaning this is good but would not become a favorite. Thanks for giving me the chance to try this.

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I had a bottle of this earlier. I like really like the strong spearmint in this with abit of honey and green tea. This tea is sweet to me with the sugar but not over the top. I really like this tea.

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I got this awhile back from a buddy thank you. Now most of the time I do not like roobios unless the roobios is subtle, but I wanted to try this for the chocolate and the mint. Well this is decent and better then most roobios and I like the mint but the chocolate is just not strong enough and I can still taste the roobios too much. So this is decent to me.

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I had a cup of this earlier not as good usual because I got the water too hot but I really enjoy the apple and cinnamon in this tea.

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I had this earlier. A good medium apple taste with abit of cinnamon and black tea. I really enjoy this tea.

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drank Casanova by The Teacup
419 tasting notes

I got this from a buddy awhile back ago. Thank you. Now I am not much of a lemon fan except lemonade,but I thought I would give this a try because of the vanilla. Dry you can see the lemon shreds and the black tea. And smell abit of vanila and lemon. Taste wise this was a nice mellow vanilla with a bit of lemon and gentle black tea. I am glad I give this a shot because I think this tea Is pretty good.

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I just had a cup of this tea. It was nice and a good amount of chocolate with the black tea that tastes good with a tiny bit of orange. I believe this tea is good.

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I just had a cup. A medium black tea with the right amount of apple and cinnamon. I really enjoy this tea especially with the cold weather.


Totally agree – somehow, all my teas lately seem to have that extra something and I think it is that whole cold weather-coziness-hot tea-comfort-bliss thing going on with me, too!

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I got some of this tea from a buddy awhile back ago. I can taste the black tea with grapeness and abit of cinnamon. I was hoping to try this because I really enjoyed the champagne white tea from compass teas. But to be honest I believe that either because of the cinnamon or perhaps something else this tea just does not work for me. Although I will say it’s interesting and unique. If anyone want’s the rest of what I have please let me know.

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Backlogging and got this to take along while I was shopping yesterday. Nice has a medium peach taste with abit of gentle green. I believe this is a fairly good tea but not one of my favorites. and I perfer cane sugar as a sweetner.


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Hi my name I’s ashley I am a female. I am 26 years old. And I enjoy tea. My birthday I’s december 31.

I used to mostly get decent grocrey store brand tea,until in 2008 with the help of others started into loose leaf and have enjoyed both ever since.


united states IL

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