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I had a cup this morning and I do use sugar.I am on the search for a chocolate mint tea where the chocolate is equal or stronger then the mint and sadly there is not alot of chocolate here and for some reason I just don’t dig this tea as much as I thought I would. What should I do with the rest I have left?


Drink it? Add milk? sugar? coffee creamer?


I haven’t tried this blend, but perhaps it would make a decent iced tea since it is heavy on the mint. That would also use up a bunch of tea in a short period of time.

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Thank you teaequalsbliss for giving me some of this. I can see all of the ingredients and this smells citrus like with chamomile. I steeped this up and the taste is light peach citrus like with chamomile. This tea is pretty good. I had a cup earlier this morning.

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Had two cup of this yesterday. This a good sweet yet not too sweet tart raspberry tea with a good black tea.

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Backlogging had a cup of this last night made it abit too strong but good still.

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I had a cup of this last night. Another tea from teaequalsbliss thank so so much! Dry this smells like black tea with alot of chocolate and some peppermint. I steeped this up. And this I’s a good tea,I can taste the black tea with some chocolate and peppermint,I just would have preferred more chocolate. This is a good tea though.

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Backlogging this is good and tastes like chamomile think I oversteeped though.

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drank Wild Berry by Ocean of Tea
420 tasting notes

Another tea from Teaequalsbliss thank you very much. Now this I’s my second cup,first cup I oversteeped. Dry this smelled like berries and black tea. I steeped this a shorter time. And can smell the blueberry with abit of strawberry. This tastes like blueberries with abit of strawberry and some hibiscus and black tea. This I’s a good tea just Not something that will be a favorite.

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I just got this tea from a swap with many other teas from Teaequalsbliss,thanks so very much! by the way. This I’s a teabag dry this smells abit like berry. I steeped it up and now can smell the berry more with a hint of sweetness. Taste wise this tastes like black tea with a blackberry thats natural but not over tart with abit of sweetness of the maple. Now blackberry is not one of my favorite berries but with the maple it tones that tartness down. So this is pretty good.


Maple and blackberry sounds like a weird combo…

Meghann M

Sounds like a great pairing with pancakes or waffles. I love blackberry syrup so I bet this is delicious!

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Backlogging I had a cup of this yesterday It takes like chamomile and is good. I just like the sleepytime version with the spearmint better.

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I can clearly see all of the ingredients. Dry it smells like passionfruit and green tea. I steeped it up. This tastes like passionfruit with abit of peach and green tea. This is good not too tart but natural tasting and the green tea is not hitting me too strongly luckily.


This is one tea that I enjoy.

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Hi my name I’s ashley I am a female. I am 26 years old. And I enjoy tea. My birthday I’s december 31.

I used to mostly get decent grocrey store brand tea,until in 2008 with the help of others started into loose leaf and have enjoyed both ever since.


united states IL

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