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Backlogging this is a good natural tasting raspberry taste with a medium black tea. I think this tea is pretty good.

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Thank you Teaequalsbliss for sending the tea to me awhile back. This is fresh light with abit of floral and white tea. When you look at the leaves yu can see the silver white on and it and it smells like white tea. I think this is a really good white tea. Thank you.

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Thank you SimplyJenW for letting me try this tea and a few other teas in a swap. I am extremely thankful for her sending me this tea one I wanted to try for quite awhile. Backlogging. I love peaches and black tea. Dry in the teabag I smelled mostly a strong natural peach and when I steeped it up I could smell the black tea more. Taste was a really good strong and natural peach taste with a good tasting medium strength black tea. I thought this tea was really great and the peach was strong and wonderful.


I am going to add this to my next order!

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This is my second to last free sample from butiki teas thank you. Backlogging This is a pretty good natural with abit of tartness and really does taste like green this oolong is just too green like and vegatal to me to be perfect. I do think this is a good tea and I really like the grape in this.

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Thank you butiki teas for this free sample. Backlogging this is a pretty good medium black tea with a medium almond with abit of savoryness to it. The only thing I am missing because I am not a huge fan of almond by itself would be cinnamon.

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Thank you butiki teas for sending this free sample. Backlogging I mainly requested this because of the strawberry. This smelled like soft strawberry and oolong. This tastes like a soft strawberry with a greener oolong like taste. I would have prefered abit of tartness from the strawberry and this is too vegatal and green like to me. I thought this tea was fairly good.

Ps. can anyone rec any good darker oolongs to me?


I like the chocolate mint oolong tea from Stash.

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drank Exotic Pear by Butiki Teas
426 tasting notes

This is another free sample like the other one was. From butikiteas.com thank you very much. this has dried pear with yellow flowers and green tea. The smells like pear with green tea. this has a light/medium pear taste with a pleasant green tea. And is a pretty good tea.

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Backlogging I got this teabag to try from JoeCool Nicole thank you very much. This I agree is a light black tea with abit of apple and clove think is very good but the apple needs to be stronger.

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This is one of the free samples I got from butiki teas thank you very much. Backlogging this is a very good medium strength yunnan that is very good and without the strong peppery notes which I do not like.

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drank Breathe Deep by Yogi Tea
426 tasting notes

Backlogging this is another one from KeenTeaThyme. Thank you very much. This mostly tasted like the licorice and peppermint I thought everything went well together and I liked this herbal quite abit and think its really good.

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Hi my name I’s ashley I am a female. I am 28 years old. And I enjoy tea. My birthday I’s december 31.

I used to mostly get decent grocrey store brand tea,until in 2008 with the help of others started into loose leaf and have enjoyed both ever since.

Likes,fruity green teas,white teas,black teas,fruity blacks and whites,peppermint,spearmint,wintergreen,etc.

Dislikes,red roobios,chamomile,cherry,pomegranate,really spicy teas,coconut,earthy teas,cranberry/unless its really mild, ton of hibiscus,cucumber,graperfuit,smokey teas,plum,ton of chocolate/although I can sometimes make exception,plain green tea,really floral teas,nutty teas,


united states IL

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