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A very pleasant surprise. The powder is very smooth and blends perfectly for someone on the go. I did blend it as one would matcha as I was curious and it frothed up nicely! The liquor is a nice color and the powder stays suspended quite well. The flavor is perfect. Nice, round umami with no silt and barely any astringency. There is a pleasant, slightly grassy after taste as well.

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Renegade is fairly new. This is very evident in the appearance of their tea. I’ve tried their black, green, and oolong; and each is very similar in its impression. Though there are plenty of heavier oxidized oolongs this one more closely resembles a black before steeping and a green after. Which makes sense because oolong is supposed to be in the middle as far as oxidation goes but it still looks darker than your usual oolong. It has a soft taste, somewhat woodsy with earthy notes and little astringency. Bare mineral notes and some unique green pepper hints.

Daylon R Thomas

I got the Lazy Morning because it had lighter oxidation. I got the green pepper thing with that one too.


Green Pepper is one of those flavors that comes out and makes you sit there for a moment. Like, what did I just put in my mouth? haha

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drank Moringa Lemon by teakruthi
749 tasting notes

This smells like Windex. Or that commercial cleaner they use in some hotels. I’ve never had moringa before and I’m not much for herbals so… this will be interesting. The liquor color is dark, clear, yellow. Kinda pretty in its own way. Steeped for about four minutes. Couldn’t take that smell any longer. The flavor is highly citrus with what I am assuming is the herbal flavor that comes off smooth and lightly medicinal. Cleansing.

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drank Lemon Matcha by teakruthi
749 tasting notes

Aroma. Flavor. Appearance. All important aspects to good matcha. But let us begin by saying that this is not matcha. Anything made outside of Japan is not matcha. Powdered green tea this is. The aroma is lemony. Actually, it’s beyond lemon. Lemon punch to your face. The next punch is to the gut in the color. Hideous. Perhaps the green of a green olive. I’d rather eat a green olive. IS that sugar? It does not list sugar but it sure looks like sugar. The natural flavor crystalized? No idea. Out of respect for this company because they make other great tea I decided to still give it a try. Big nope. The watercolor is atrocious as well. Not that I was expecting it to magically shift to jade green. I regret putting this in my mouth. I’ve tried to rid the taste with a cookie and my husband’s zero-proof drink but it remains. Do not let this review ruin yoru thoughts toward teakruthi though. They make other teas that are suberb.

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drank Scottish Legacy by teakruthi
749 tasting notes
The woodsy and earthy tones are subdued by wonderful rose flavors. Literally like walking into a rose garden and being immersed into many different rose aromas. But it’s not an overwhelming sensation; instead, it is relaxing and uplifting. A great way to start the morning. Heck, this is a great cuppa for midday or even more perfect for a tea party.

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You’ve eaten a ton of pizza and now you’re dragging. Grab some peppermint tea to put some pep back into your step. Granted this varies depending on the pizza you consume. While I generally do not pick a peppermint tea I thought tonight was a good night to give it a go. This is a lovely one as far as peppermint goes. Though I still find the spearmint to be just a bit too much. I love mint but I prefer regular mint to spearmint.

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Summer is a busy but beautiful time for those of us who garden. After learning all I have about tea harvesting and processing it has made this year’s work that much more meaningful. It also gives an interesting perspective to each cup I drink. I need to say thank you firstly though for the samples you sent me along with what I ordered. It was so kind. This calming, up uplifting blend, is great for morning and afternoon. The amazing aroma of the freshly harvested lavender unifies nicely with the earthiness of the black tea. The flavor is the perfect mix of briskness with the calming lavender in the after-taste.

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Fantastic. This aroma is gorgeous. Mineral. Toasty. Slight roasted caramel. And this only with the dry aroma. The aroma cup reveals clear and crisp fall notes. The flavor starts off with some roast and then switches to mineral notes as it disappears into the after taste. It lingers on your tongue for quite while. Leavening one feeling refreshed. With each steep the roast notes come out stronger. Third steeping or maybe it’s the forth… Either way brought forth some slight freshly baked sweet bread notes. Cinnamon sugar. Wow! The sixth pour now has some astringency along with some tannic notes. Heavy on the charcoal and burnt buttercream. Better burnt then sour. I experimented with pouring milk on a lime once. Won’t perform that again. What is this wet leaf aroma?! So unique I can’t quite explain it.

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I’m a matcha enthusiast. I love being able to try out different matcha from different regions and companies to see the unique differences that each one holds. I was a little surprised that there was no aroma in the dry powder but the liquid holds nice vegetal and umami notes. Those notes also help develop the deep umami notes in the flavor along with some unique vegetal notes. Cut green beans and other fresh vegetal notes. Deep and soft notes on the tongue mostly but the initial touch is sharp. Somewhat metallic. Almost ruins the rest of the experience for me but the smoothness of the powder transfers over to a nicely balanced cup with very little silt and some astringency. This will make an awesome Molotov Matcha.

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Tea is a way of life. The more you drink tea, the more you learn about tea. I’m mostly a purist but also a bit of a tea adventurist. If there is a new tea or brand to be discovered I will try it out. I love every type save for dark teas which I just can’t seem to take a fancy to. The only ones I usually refuse to try are green tea and citrus mixes. Just nope.

I’m a stay at home mom who loves gardening, exploring, and being with my family.





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