1055 Tasting Notes

drank Guei Fei by Camellia Sinensis
1055 tasting notes

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Not sure why I picked this one because I am not a fan of green tea with citrus. Despite that, here we are. I’m going to try to be subjective. It’s honestly not bad. The citrus is more grapefruit-forward. Whereas some citrus like Florida oranges can be sweet, grapefruit tends to be a bit more bitter and puckering. I know what ginko smells like from the few trees scattered around here in MN, it’s a gorgeous leaf! But I am not sure of the taste or if I taste it in here over the citrus. There is a sensation of something that is probably it but I’m not talking about the astringency. According to the web, it has a bitter taste so I can see why they blended it together with the citrus. The wet aroma is a bit more lemony.

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drank Bai Hao Yin Zhen by Masters Teas
1055 tasting notes

They’re so cute and fluffy! Squeeeee. I love the tiny hairs that stick to the package. A sign of good tea. I’m sure I have a few up my nose now too. sneeze Always look before sticking your nose in the bag. A very typical white tea aroma; barnyard, summer tall grass, hay. By the way, it’s November right now when I am writing this note, in MN, and I have our screen door open. Whoa. Just took my first sip. It is incredibly fruity. Juicy fruit gum but without the intense fake sugar. Melons and honeysuckle. Also bits of hay, a mix of wet and dry hay. As you let it infuse longer the astringency picks up a bit along with a weird metallic note. Some of the fruity notes remain. Like licking fruity jam off a metal board. The wet aroma is pleasant. Warming.

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One side of pea soup straight from the marshy bog coming right up! Unlike matcha this does not mix with the water well so you get the whole feeling of marshy bog; aroma, texture, and taste. It even looks like a pond covered in that green stuff. Not pond scum, that’s nasty. But those tiny leaves. I’m just glad this doesn’t taste like MN lake water or it would not be coming near my mouth. This is herbal! Like a spartan kicking a guy into the pit. A dry woodsy, peat moss, odd kick in your pants spicy (it comes at the end when it goes down your throat) sensation herbal. Good to try once. Better to mix with other things.


LOL ‘Like a spartan kicking a guy into the pit’. Nice


Duckweed! I used to grow it in a large bucket and you are right, it is so pretty. My chickens and the neighbors duck enjoyed it.

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Whenever I see the word Mulberry I think of the Dr. Suess story, “And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street”. Perhaps the town is known for its Mulberry festivals. They take the leaves and dry them, releasing a wonderful slightly sweet scent into the air. It is reminiscent of other berries but the townsfolk this sweet smell can only belong to their mulberries. Of course, they juice the berries and make a wonderful variety of pies, ales, cookies, etc but the thing that really gets them excited is the tisane. (Oh my gosh don’t get me started with tisane, herbal tea, herbal infusion AHHH). The main flavor is roasty that dances with mulberry notes. The wet aroma is unique, somewhat sweet but also a mishmash of flavors. And a very smooth mouthfeel.


We had a mulberry tree at our former residence, but at the time, we considered it an annoyance because of the birds that would, um, recycle them on our vehicles. Now I wish I had taken advantage of the berries.

References to Dr. Seuss always make me smile. “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” was one of my childhood favorites…I had an audio version on vinyl with a scratch where the king’s magicians were oobleck-ing, so I got to hear that part over and over and over and over…

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Yellow tea is one of the rare types of tea. If you find this tea cheap. Be wary. This tea is the only one to use sweltering during processing. And this is what makes yellow tea what it is (just like all the other types). This amazing tea is not to be taken lightly. With each note you will find, I am definitely finding, high vegetal and nutty notes. The dry leaves will be a mix of green olive and jade colors. Maybe not the most beautiful as compared with well-done Japanese green teas but they have their own. Rolled into a needle shape. The mouthfeel is smooth with very little astringency, even when you over-steep it a bit. There are some passion fruit notes similar to longjing #43 (this is a slightly different cultivar from longjing/dragonwell). With the second steep I am finding that the liquor blankets my mouth with an even silkier feeling. The first steep reveals the highest and more abundant notes whereas the second steeping is tapered and the vegetal notes are stronger. Asparagus and grass.

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drank Cabaret by August Uncommon Tea
1055 tasting notes

Well, there’s a name to raise eyebrows and either pique some interest or completely drive it away. XD. With all the deep notes of cherry and cacao, malt and wood. The alcohol notes are stronger than any other tea I’ve tried before. It highly reminds me of whiskey.

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Untamed. There are notes here that remind me of deep forests. Mineral notes are present like in most well-crafted Wuyi oolongs but this one has a sense of clarity. Sometimes sweet like honey or honeysuckle. The longer the leaves infuse the heavier the charcoal notes become. The mouthfeel is smooth.

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An exquisite tea that covers a gambit of flavors. With my first sip, I found gentle florals and with my next (on a longer steep) I found vegetal notes. Each infusion reveals slightly different notes. They begin much like above but a bit more vegetal and grassy.

On a side note, Davids must really hate dealing with emails because I emailed their customer service line and it was basically an instant don’t bother us ^^;


You actually FOUND an e-mail for Davids customer service? It seemed they only had their “chat” help…


The plot thickens: I sent an email and promptly received a this box does not accept emails response. Ugh

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drank Sans Complexe by THEODOR
1055 tasting notes

The liquor reminds me of some type of cookie dough. Sugar cookie or snickerdoodle maybe? Not big on the taste at first as it enters your mouth. Sort of artificial.
But as it lingers a bit I get a sense of lemon cookie, sugar lemon cookie, with bits of wood accents and malt o meal. The wet aroma is much the same as the dry. It’s good and I’m glad I tried it but I don’t know that I would buy it.

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Tea Profile:
Allergies: Almonds and Dairy.
Don’t like: Sugar, artificial flavoring.

Preferably pure tea. But I think blending is its own art form and when done well you can find some amazing flavors.

I will drink any type and love to taste whatever I can get my hands on but if I had to choose it would go in this order Green, Black, Oolong, White, Dark, and Yellow. (Purple is not a type of tea it is a cultivar known as TRFK 306/1 )



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