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Ooo, that’s a nice aroma. Sweet and chai spicy. Also using this one for apple chips beyond what I am drinking.
Oh man, that licorice root is out to get you and it does. It’s a big can of whoopie. I really think they should either tone down the licorice root by at least half or take it out altogether. It is an interesting flavor addition but way too overpowering. It is soft on the palate with hints of spices and bits of black tea but that licorice root is just a bully.

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Originally I was going to pass on this one. I am a little worried that the natural flavoring involves some sort of milk of the cow. But because it doesn’t explicitly state dairy… I am crossing my fingers. I am also using the rest of it (1tsbp) for flavoring apple chips. The dry aroma is a mix of cherry, kind of stale socks (but not the corn chip kind), hibiscus, and a bit of citrus. The flavor is actually somewhat impressive. The Tiguan yin is not covered but the other flavors like I figured it would be. There is an interesting creamy note (probably the mascarpone) and a hint of cherry. But honestly, the cherry is not nearly as strong as I was hoping it would be.

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The amount of butter beer copycats out there is pretty astounding. That being said not many get it right. And it makes it even more difficult for the tea community because you basically have to use flavoring in order to achieve the desired flavor. Thus far nothing has come close to the creaminess and wizarding deliciousness that is the butter beer of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal. This does a decent job of adding that bit of butterscotch flavor but it just still lacks the all-around fullness.

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Originally I threw this in the nope section. I scoffed and said I don’t think so. But then I thought back to a jalapeno spitzer I had that was surprisingly good. So here we are. Smells like something the turtles would try. I see Leonardo as more of a Darjeeling dude though. Either way, this should be an interesting experience.

Oh my word. The initial aroma hurts my nose. It’s like I cut up a jalapeno and then stuck a finger in my nose.
SPICY! Spicy and hibiscus? WHY? OW. That was painful to swallow. My tongue is on fire. WTFrak is going on. This is all wrong. I do like the lapsang. That is smoked nicely but the tingling of my tongue. Oh for crying out loud. I was not paying attention and took a second sip. It’s just as bad as the first. This is so unique and I really appreciate the ingenuity of the mix…. Evil smile. I’m going to have my husband try it. He likes things really spicy. XD He said “mmm spicy.” And then scrunched his face real tight.


LOL. The name of this tea seems to be apt.


HA! I didn’t even think about it but that’s so true. But there is no cool… only spicy

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This is part of my Christmas gift from my husband. I’m not sure of why they need to use superior in their name. I guess like matcha with culinary, premium, and ceremonial, it kind of plays a role for the Western drinkers who like the terminology. Either way, it’s a da hong pao. The dry leaf is highly drying. Dry desert woods with intense dry minerality. If you gong fu (and you really should!), smell the tea as you pour the water on the leaf.
I found it started with sweet floral tropical notes and then switched to charcoal. Now creamy butter. If you put the cap on right away or drink it Western style you won’t get quite the same experience. The flavor is nice. Nothing that blows your mind but still lovely to consume. Charcoal, wet rocks, lots of minerality, plum, fresh rain on rocks, Petrichor. The mouthfeel is smooth, almost buttery. As I go further into the infusions (I think 5 now) the mouthfeel is less smooth but more like you licked a rock. The wet leaf is unique, a bit of raisins, a bit of charcoal, and slightly fruity.

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Banana? This is a ‘jasmine tea’ right? All I can taste is banana. Earthy banana with piled leaves. Maybe a slight grassy aftertaste. Banana…


Weird! I’ve never though the two were interchangeable.

Martin Bednář

I still have 2 bags in the office. I guess I need to try that and maybe toss out :D

Martin Bednář

Also it should be jasmine + pear… but still far away from banana!

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The dregs are all that is left in the bag. And yet, the nuttiness of the remaining leaf sparks the thought that this might be better than my assumptions are leading me to believe. The dry leaf is pale olive green. As it infuses the leaf emits a faint nutty note that makes my palate excited. It reminds me of a pulled noodle shop. The yellow liquor is soft and filled with cooked vegetal notes. I can definitely tell this sample has sat for a bit. In its prime this tea would be quite a bit better than what I am getting. Electrical fire? I can tell there are green vegetal and nutty notes that would be fantastic but I would need a fresher sample in order to fully assess this tea.

Martin Bednář

That’s probably from me? Indeed not freshest tea when I was putting it in; but I thought it’s still tasty enough. Probably it hasn’t aged well in meantime.


No worries! It’s the one downside of TTBs

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drank Blue Mountain by T2
1238 tasting notes

TEaTiff. TTB.Artifical flavoring _. I hope this doesn’t give me a headache. The dry aroma reminds me a bit of an Earl Grey but sweeter and with a slight lemony and metallic tone. The blue cornflowers are quite pretty with the dark brown, lightly twisted tea leaf; despite the fact that they do nothing for the flavor. The wet leaf is unique. The bergamot has disappeared and been replaced with a light liquor note. Cherry liquor. Also some cream and a hint of bread. Flavorwise… it’s okay. Woody with some citrusy notes. Interesting to try one but not one that I would buy myself. In fact, I would not because of the artificial flavoring.

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drank Turmeric Latte by Nelson's Tea
1238 tasting notes

Wow! The Clove is so strong! I love that scent though. I feel very healthy drinking this. The turmeric isn’t nearly as strong as I thought it would be. In fact, the clove definitely reigns supreme in this blend. The aftertaste is very creamy. I don’t fancy how it first hits the palate though. It is somewhat medicinal but that changes quickly. This pairs affably with my cinnamon sugar bagel.


Ha I’m so glad you liked this one! It was my worst enemy.

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Tasted as part of one of the Gloral Japanese Tea Association courses. Long dark green leaf. Glossy and gorgeous with vegetal notes and a nice fresh tone. The wet aroma is full of umami, butter, cream, and grass. It is smooth on the palate. Strangely, I can’t get that thought of udon noodles out of my head. That is what my palate tastes for the most part along with some umami and grassy notes. It is smooth with a touch of astringency.

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I’m a purist but I will try a flavored as long as it doesn’t have artificial flavors.

I will drink any type and love to taste whatever I can get my hands on.

(Purple is not a type of tea it is a cultivar known as TRFK 306/1)



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