520 Tasting Notes

drank Spicier Chai by 52teas
520 tasting notes

Not a fan TTB. I’ve never been so on the fence with a tea before. I like it, but I konda don’t. There is some flavor in it that I just don’t quite like in a chai. Ug but now that I’m drinking it more I’m tasting it less. In a way it kinda reminds me of a handmade chai i had in New Zealand. But that one had more zip to it.


Maybe it’s not fresh? When I ordered it it was HOLY COW!! spicy.


Good point. Maybe i need to steep it a different way.

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I’ve never had a wine give me a headache until this one so I figured I’d drink some tea to help. As far as pumpkin goes it’s very subtle. The artificial taste is throwing me off though.

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drank Coconut Cabana by The Tea Spot
520 tasting notes

Not a fan TTB. Was this once called Coconut Milky Oolong?
Sitting here sipping different teas while my daughter is taking a nap. This one sounded good. It smells kinda funky when wet. And the water color is kinda cloudy which I thought was weird. This is quite a unique tea. You start off with a kinda meh flavor then you get coconut and lastly the silkyness of the oolong. The milk oolong flavor is so subtle in this one. I wish it was a little more pronounced.

3 min, 15 sec 2 tsp

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Not a fan TTB. I’ve been on an oolong kick for awhile. It’s amazing the depth and different types there are. I accidently steeped it around 6 mins. I tried it at 3 and found it was too light. Luckily with oolongs or at least this type steeping it longer doesn’t ruin it. This is a smooth tea. Green attributes like grass but the silkiness of an oolong. Quite lovely.

6 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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drank Almond Oolong by Adagio Teas
520 tasting notes

Not a fan TTB. I’m not sensing quite as much almond as I thought I would in this one. There is a bit of nutty flavor but just not enough. The base is very woodsy, slight bit of earthy. A good compliment for nutty teas generally. I think if they added real almonds instead of just flavoring it would make it better for me.

3 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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drank Winter Cupcake by Teas Etc
520 tasting notes

Not my cup of Tea TTB. I figured since its May and it was 38 degrees this morning that this was a fitting tea to start with. Smells good. Sweet. Not much tea scent to it. Those little snowflakes are really cute. I can see where the cupcake title came from. It has a slight bit of green to it. But not enough for me to get a taste for what kind of base it is. Good hot but also good cold. I’m not a big fan of sugar in tea though so that brings it down a lil for me.

2 min, 45 sec 1 tsp

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Holy banana Batman! Actually that could probably be taken the wrong way… Anyway, this is amazing. As soon as you open the bag BAM! Banana and cream. Great flavor as well. Nice matcha finish with a beginning of bananas and cream. I mixed mine with almond milk.


Love this one and love the Batman comment!

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Good quality looking matcha. I’m always a little weary when they are that nasty green instead of being closer to the bright lovely green. I have no idea as to what spurred me into buying this one other then the fact that I like honey. It’s quite sweet. Leaves a pleasant after taste.


cool good to know


If u want to try some let me know!

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So smooth. Much better than expected. I got the basic grade which was a not as nice of green color like usual for the basic grade. Anyway, great taste. Mixed it with almond milk. Nom

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drank Tung Ting Oolong by Ten Ren
520 tasting notes

Lovely. Earthy and grassy. Both in scent and flavor. Good hot or iced. Darker amber color. Steep about 2 mins. Maybe 3. It becomes bitter quickly after that.

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Where to being… well, I’ve been drinking jasmine tea for a long time. It still remains a favorite of mine but I’ve now added any more.

Green teas are my favorite. I like black tea but generally prefer it flavored. I’m finding a new love for oolong. Especially the type that leans more toward green. Whites are nice. Rooibos can be a hit or miss, but honeybush is better. (Golden Honeydew by Lupicia is the best). I don’t mind herbals but it really depends on the ingredients.





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