528 Tasting Notes

drank Tea Break by Lupicia
528 tasting notes

This is another one in the set of Christmas teas that I mainly bought because I love the art on the tin. The tenant self is also very appealing. they close tightly and fit plenty of loose leaf tea. But enough about the tin. I hadn’t actually looked at what tea came with this one but of all straight black tea this one is probably one of my favorites. It has a sweet scent in the dry leaves. Generally I find it’s a bit sweeter then other black teas when steeped. I find it hard to describe this one. I know people say malty but I guess I can’t really understand it. Like saying salty without ever having tasted salt.

I added a bit of amaertto honey to mine. So yum.

Iced 3 min, 0 sec
Cameron B.

I liked this one, too. Malty with a bit of earth and raisin. :)

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drank Carol by Lupicia
528 tasting notes

The fruity flavors seem to come out more in the first few minutes of steeping. Once you’ve past the 2 minute threshold the black tea starts taking over. I think ive got a good blend at 2:15. It has a slight woodsy taste, the black tea that it. I’m not tasting much vanilla though so the tea bag is going back in.

Ah 30 seconds in and I’m tasting it a bit more but still not as much as I’d like. It’s also starting to lose it’s fruityness and becoming more woodsy. So out it comes again. Fir good this time.

I’ll be honest though…. I bought it for the tin… so cute.


I wonder if the decaf version would taste or steep any differently.


My guess would be yes because of the process they go through to make the tea have less caffeine

Cameron B.

I have both, I’ll let you know! :P

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drank Plum Barley by Lupicia
528 tasting notes

Well this is…. unique. Good but just… I can’t quite grasp how different it is from anything else I’ve tried. It kinda makes me think of hojicha in a way. Maybe it’s because of rhe toasty/roasty flavor. I thought I had tried it before but I don’t remember this strong a flavor! I do probably need more water though. And the plum! Umeboshi! Haha not quite but I do sense hints of that here and there.

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Good heavens! Why did I ever mix honeybush and rooibos together? Whioe they are somewhat similar honeybush is much smoother and sweeter. If a pina colada became a tea thus is what it would taste like!

Flavors: Coconut, Pineapple

8 min or more

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A fruity dry smell. It’s been awhile since I’ve eaten a kiwi but this taste is very reminiscent of it. Hints of cheesecake here and there. It also smells quite good when steeped.

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This needs a new name. It reminds me more of a chai or the mulling spices you put in apple cider. Mulling spices shou mei or Spicy Christmas. Regardless of name I like the flavors I’m tasting. The spices are the dominate flavor is definitely all of the spices while the white tea is somewhat light. Think I might have to bake this into something..

Flavors: Spices

1 min, 30 sec 1 tsp

When I think Christmas cookies, I always think of shortbread or decorated sugar cookies, so chai spices seem like totally the wrong association to me. A Christmas cookie tea would taste buttery, sweet and pastry-like, but not loaded with spices.


The Christmas Cookie tea from Capital Teas is much the same! More of a spice overload than a pastry…


Oh no! I’ve got this one on the way. Now I’m afraid. I hope I don’t dislike it due to the overload of spices. I was hoping for something that would put me in the mindset of an actual Christmas cookie, like a ginger snap or something along those lines.

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Have you ever had a steep where you try to put the baby to sleep but she doesn’t want to so she hangs out with daddy while your in the shower and when you get out you notice the toilet needs cleaning and then you end up cleaning all the bathrooms; then you come back to your tea an hour after all that? Sorry to ramble.

Anyway. An interesting tea. For a honeybush its very light on flavor. Hints of chocolate pop up here and there. Orange is definitely dominate though. Maybe the long steep really brought out more orange.

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It’s hard for me to pass up something that says passion fruit. Passion fruit ice cream? Amazing. It’s not listed as an ingredient in this tea, which is kinda a bummer, but then again I don’t know many teas that actually have passionate fruit as an ingredient. Its a tart flavor and not something I’m tasting much of. I’m getting grassy notes, hints of banana, and some mild woodsy tones. I think this tea needs a new name. Grassy banana shou mei. Or maybe grass skirt banana shou mei. Anyway, despite the fact that passion fruit is lacking it still has a nice white base.


This summer I discovered Jamacian passion fruit! It was amazing! You actually eat the seeds in this one and I wish I could get my hands on it again. I ordered some Harney’s passion fruit tea to mix with an EG to hopefully get something similar to Lupicia’s Loki Lani that they discontinued. /passion fruit freakout

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drank Coconut Cream Pie by 52teas
528 tasting notes

This tea is not good bitter. But then again what tea is good bitter? Pay attention to your steep times. On my second steep I timed about 2 mins and 30 seconds. The dry leaves smell of goodness. Sweet and delectable. Just like the taste of the steeped tea. Hints of cream. Good base, though I can’t quite pin point what type of black tea. Lastly the coconut. Love the huge pieces. I took out a few and added them to the liquid once the tea was done steeping. It’s a smooth flavor.

Flavors: Coconut, Cream

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Where to being… well, I’ve been drinking jasmine tea for a long time. It still remains a favorite of mine but I’ve now added any more.

Green teas are my favorite. I like black tea but generally prefer it flavored. I’m finding a new love for oolong. Especially the type that leans more toward green. Whites are nice. Rooibos can be a hit or miss, but honeybush is better. (Golden Honeydew by Lupicia is the best). I don’t mind herbals but it really depends on the ingredients.





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