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Ah.. the ever famous dragonwell tea. This actually has quite an interesting background to it if you have time to look it up. The aroma is kinda noodly to me. Not sure why. Noodles with grass. Flavor is woodsy, earthy, and grassy. Too much earthy for a green tea for me to like. It’s a good tea, just not my cuppa. The after taste is also interesting. Light rice and bitter grass.

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Not leaving a rating because I know this one has to be better then I’m tasting. It’s good but I feel like its just a bit over steeped. Amazing how seconds can ruin a tea. Anyway, it has the lovely grassy scent. Flavor that is somewhat marine like and toasty but of course more grassy then anything else. My husband thinks it tastes like dirt. I know it’s a required taste.

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Generally I like white tea but this one I think was steeped a bit too much. Though this was part of a tea class so I’m sure they were careful as to how long it was steeped. When it comes to green and white I’m quite picky and usually prefer less steep time then most people. Grassy aroma and flavor. Somewhat nutty as well. Though I’m getting a bit of a bitterness so I’m not really enjoying this cup as much as I think I should.

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If you like Pur er you will probably enjoy this one. I’ve tried to get into them for their health benefits… and I just can’t do it. It has a very fishy, marine like, aroma. Kinda weird but somehow nice. Also a bit smoky and woodsy. Tastes like a walk in the forest. Very earthy. It takes like I picked up a twig in the woods and started chewing on it. Not really my thing.

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I’ll just come out andd say first off that I’m not a fan of smoky teas. The aroma is smoky and toasty. Kinda nice actually…. but that’s not something I like tasting. It’s pretty intense. Not like a Lapsang souchong but kinda ..woodsy and malthy smoky. Too much tannin. Just not a smoky tea drinker…

BUT I know some people love it and it goes well with milk. So I encourage others to try it before judging it off my review.

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A classic tasting black tea. Good for iced tea. Arnie Palmers. But not something I would generally drink on its own. As I’m just not a fan of pure black teas, for the most part. It has a fruity, flowery, and slightly grassy aroma. Same with the flavor but I will also add malty to that.

1 tsp

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This is a lovely little tea. Received it as a sample after going to their tea class. Which I highly recommend. Even for people who do know lots about tea. It’s fun and you still learn stuff. I think I may buy more of this tea later. In a way it remind me of Teavanas Strawberry Slender Puer but this one I like better. Gah anyway…

The strawberry and the cream come out quite nicely without overpowering the black tea. This would probably taste quite good with a spot of honey. Definitely has a fruity, strawberry smell on the dry and wet leaves.

Flavors: Cream, Strawberry

2 min, 45 sec 1 tsp

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Did anyone else think that the dry leaves smells like chocolate? I stood there for a moment looking around wondering where the chocolate smell came from after I opened the package, I looked into the package, smelled it and then realized it smells like chocolate. so very odd. Luckily it does not taste it all like chocolate, no I’m sure it would have tasted good with chocolate. It’s just not what I wanted this morning.

I love how smooth it is, so grassy, so nice.

1 min, 45 sec 1 tsp

I prefer the Autumn for some reason!


I will have to compare them sometime!

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I’ve been avoiding drinking this one for awhile because I thought for sure that it would be bad. as I opened up the package and interesting smell wafted to my nose. I’m still not quite sure of what it was or how I really felt about it. As it has begun to cool down, it’s actually tasting better than I thought. It’s almost like a smoothie.

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Where to being… well, I’ve been drinking jasmine tea for a long time. It still remains a favorite of mine but I’ve now added any more.

Green teas are my favorite. I like black tea but generally prefer it flavored. I’m finding a new love for oolong. Especially the type that leans more toward green. Whites are nice. Rooibos can be a hit or miss, but honeybush is better. (Golden Honeydew by Lupicia is the best). I don’t mind herbals but it really depends on the ingredients.





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