Up from the depths and rolling (momentarily) out of the gutters. I’m back to smoking cigarettes, the dreads were cut last week, new job started, leaving the bookstore behind for good in a matter of days. These last eight months have not been kind. Trouble at every turn, mistakes were made, both lessons and love forgotten. Odd winds are blowing in, carrying the faint smell of new beginnings. As anyone who’s seen a storm roll in knows, a light breeze can turn into a thunderous affair before anyone’s had a chance to realize what has happened.

Many things went awry in the time I’ve been gone, and one that I’ve missed the most is tea. You see I don’t handle heat all that well. As the temperature rose and the madness I try so desperately to keep at bay with it, this drink we love so much was cast aside and forgotten about. Too hot I told myself. You don’t have the time. You don’t really want iced tea. You’d rather drink gin. Lots and lots and lots of gin. Who would drink that scalding lettuce juice when you have this beautiful clear nectar dancing among tonic water and dashes of lime. The cool glass sweating so beautifully. Reminding you that she holds the key to relief from the warmth that is trying most successfully to smother you.

Well now. That temptress winter is approaching, and an increase in financial status is coming by to say hello, so what better way to greet them than with your old, neglected, yet ever faithful friend tea? After a few steepings of the Earl to talk to some sense into yourself, you know what to do. You know exactly will help set you back on a more satisfying path.

A kiss. Not just any kiss though, not for you. You’ve always got to do things the hard way. That’s always been your problem. Well go on, you’re in luck. You know exactly where to find her. Every time you walked by that cabinet you heard her song. Faintly creeping out like a distant memory just lingering. Now though it’s picked up. Louder, sweeter, more enticing. It’s time again to embrace the Mermaid’s Kiss.

(Yup, still wonderful. A few steepings were greatly appreciated while watching Deathly Hallows part 2.)

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