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drank Very Big Hill Dew by 52teas
282 tasting notes

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drank Mint Medley by Bigelow
282 tasting notes

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drank Sangria by Aromatica Fine Teas
282 tasting notes

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drank Peppermint by Celestial Seasonings
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drank Morning Zen by Petali Teas
282 tasting notes

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My husband really loves these Yogi teas, but so far I haven’t been much of a fan. We have several different varieties and since I made a silent promise to myself to try each of our teas at least once, I am finally breaking down and making myself a cup of this one. To make it sound a little more pleasant, I’m going to refer to this one as a detox tea, which I guess is essentially what it is. No worries – I don’t plan on going into detail here about its “detoxing” qualities, but I do want to comment on the flavor should anyone else want to try it at some point.

The color of the steeped tea is deep red with a green ring around the edge much like some of the Echinacea teas I’ve tried recently. I’m not sure what causes this, but it seems to happen often with the natural blends we have. This has many ingredients, possibly the tea in our cupboard with the most, but it smells mostly of mint. I hope that the licorice (which I know is in this mix because it’s in every Yogi tea) isn’t as offensive as usual. It’s just too much for me most times.

Thankfully, the taste is mostly mint as well. There’s a bit of spiciness on the end of the sip that could come from any of the several spices in this blend. There is also a slight bitter quality that mixes with the spice, as well as something herbaceous. Honestly, this is the best tasting Yogi tea I’ve come across. If it didn’t have the senna leaf, I could see myself drinking this often at night for a nice, minty bedtime tea.

Flavors: Bitter, Herbaceous, Mint, Spicy

Boiling 8 min or more 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Lifetime student. Lover of books and paper and ink. Kitchen dweller. Aspiring tea fanatic.

I should start by saying that I’m still quite new to this great, big world of tea. Until a couple of years ago, my experience was limited to Twinings Earl Grey and tea lattes at Starbucks. One weekend, my husband and I happened upon a Teavana at our local mall and there discovered loose leaf teas. He jumped in with both feet, but it admittedly took me a while longer before I fully embraced tea the way that he had. Now that I’ve found Steepster, I’m amazed at the vast variety of teas. It’s an exciting place to be and I cannot wait to learn from each of you the ins and outs of this limitless brew.

I enjoy all different types of tea though I admit I haven’t tried a great deal. I love flavored black teas most of all, often with cream and always with honey. I prefer to sweeten my tea as it seems to bring out the flavor, much the way salt enhances certain foods. I enjoy floral and fruity teas, as well as flavored or scented ones. I’m not overly fond of mint or white teas, but I’ve found a few that I enjoy. I would like to branch out and try straight teas at some point as well.

Regarding tasting notes – I’m not always able to complete my reviews the moment I drink a tea (if I’m at work, for example) so I keep a written log in a little Moleskin notebook to be added to Steepster later. This way, I’m able to write a review while the tea is still fresh in my mind and still make note of the exact time I had my cup. If you notice that I’ve logged a tea without writing a note, I will likely add it later.

After seeing others on Steepster with a rating scale, I thought it would be best to create my own so that others can see how I feel about my personal ratings. It may change at some point, but this is how I’ve been rating my teas as of late.

Rating Scale

1-20: By far, one of the worst teas I’ve tasted. I most certainly will not finish my cup and will likely “gift” the rest to my sweet husband who almost always enjoys the teas I dislike (and vice versa).

21-40: This tea is not good but if I mix it with another tea or find another steeping method I might be able to finish it.

41-60: This one is just okay. I might drink it again if someone were to give it to me, but I probably won’t be buying more for myself.

61-75: This is a consistently good tea. It’s reliable but not necessarily special.

76-90: This one is a notch above the rest and I would gladly enjoy a cup of it any day of the week. I’ll likely be keeping this in my cupboard, but it isn’t one of my all-time favorites.

91-95: One small change and this tea would be perfect. I’ll definitely have a stash of this in my kitchen if you come over for tea.

96-100: No words can describe this tea. It’s an experience, an aha moment. Closed eyes, wide smile, encompassing warmth. Absolutely incredible. Perfect.

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Updated April 2015.


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