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81 Tasting Notes


Hmmmmm… I don’t know what it is about this tea because back in January I LOVED IT. Seriously, I got some of it to try from starberry and immediately went to the store to pick some up. Only to find out that this particular flavor has been discontinued, or at least I couldn’t find it on Liptons website, the internet in general, or any nearby store. BUT, it was at Starberry’s walmart so she picked up a couple boxes for me.

I brought it to work because I haven’t been drinking my bagged tea at home a lot; I just have so much loose leaf now! I figured this would be a great way to get through the neglected teas in my cupboard. Yesterday, I cracked into this stuff and was surprised at how.. grainy? it was. You definitely get that melon taste at the end, but the first sip is bitter. I thought that maybe I just oversteeped it yesterday since its a green tea and I might as well have just left the bag in my mug with how long I steeped it. Today though, I steeped no more than 4 minutes with the same result.

I DON’T KNOW! Maybe after drinking so much better quality teas I’ve just become a prude, haha.

Anyway, the mediocre work tea list ever expands!

4 min, 0 sec
wish i had a punny tea name

That’s weird, maybe it got old? Also Lipton teas aren’t well packaged in those paper bags, lots of air can get in.

Or yeah maybe you’re becoming a tea snob. Heh heh heh. B)

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My 3rd and final sample from Zen Tea. I had to get this as a sample. Not only was it a fruit tea, but the name was just so cute. Grandma’s Garden, aawww.

I had this while I making breakfast (at 3). When I opened the packaged I was smacked in the face with so many deep berry flavors I simply couldn’t wait to try it out!

It steeped into a mauve color and smelled just as great as the leaves did. This is tea has a more prominent dark berry taste than it does sweet berries, but you can definitely taste a bit of everything in there. This is a tea that would probably be really great with some honey or agave.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 45 sec

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This is from last night. This tea resteeped wonderfully. I ended up steeping it a lot longer than I had planned. My dog just got his first kong, and I was making him do his “be sneaky” trick to get it. He was being a bit stubborn with the trick though, and therefore by the time I got him to do it correctly I had way oversteeped the tea.

HOWEVER, that didn’t matter. The cup was still great. SO glad I grabbed this as a sample.

Boiling 6 min, 30 sec

I love when teas are forgiving and taste yummy even when they’re left steeping longer than intended.

wish i had a punny tea name


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drank Strawberry Cream by Zen Tea
81 tasting notes

Another Zen Tea sample. I broke into this as something I wanted for dessert. The last cup of tea for the night! When I opened it I got a burst of berry… chocolate? Definitely smelled like chocolate which is really off-putting for me because, call me crazy, I don’t care for chocolate that much.

When I went to pour the leaves into the infuser I was not impressed by the look of the leaves either, it didn’t do much to calm my nerves. I saw a lot of dark leaves, and the strawberries looked dark too. At this point I’m wondering if I should have gone with a different tea that I’m comfortable with and saved being adventurous for another day.

I followed the recommended instructions, put the boiling water to the leaves for 3 minutes, then added some sugar and milk when it got in my cup. It smells a lot more like strawberry cream now, which is good.

Took a sip and yeah, this is strawberry cream alright. Unfortunately though, something just feels missing to me. It’s a really subdued mild flavor when I guess I was wanting something a bit more tart. Less cream, more strawberry. Next time I try this I’ll hold off on the milk and sugar and see what I get. For now I’m just a bit underwhelmed.

Boiling 3 min, 15 sec

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I had a cup of this when I got home from work yesterday. TGIF!! I accidentally steeped this at 175 instead of 195, and it really changed the flavors a lot.

This time around the cinnamon smell wasn’t as strong and it had an almost tartness about it. I made a second cup afterwards with the 195 temp and I got that great creamy taste I’m used to. This is turning into a real hit or miss tea for me. Definitely not the most forgiving, as far as my experiences thus far have gone, especially if you’re aiming for that cinnamon roll taste.

175 °F / 79 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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This was my first tea I broke into from my Zen Tea sampling! When I took my first sip of this my initial thought was, “Wow this is silky and smooth!” I’m still not used to getting smooth from my teas, but it’s definitely something that I like!

While I was steeping this I did not get much of a scent out of it at all, granted my sense of smell isn’t the greatest either. When I drained it into my cup though I got a definite light and invigorating scent from it.

Picking out what this tastes like is a bit hard for me, because like the description says, the taste is complex and layered. In fact I only have a sip left and I’m still not sure what is exactly that I’m tasting. Definitely getting some floral and almost.. grassy taste from it. The grassy-ness kicks in in the after taste I think.

Overall, I think this was really enjoyable and calming. I’m excited to see how this handles a second steeping.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

From my (extremely) limited experience with oolong and having read several tasting notes here, I’m learning that oolong is a type of tea that often keeps you guessing ’til the last drop. I love that about it and am looking forward to trying more oolong!


I love oolongs for that exact reason – there flavors are dimensional and ever-changing!


Yes! It most certainly does. I’m really glad I grabbed this as a sample. I’m also very limited in my oolong experience, but if this is how most oolongs are than I should definitely get some more!


I just realized I used the incorrect form of “there”… I mean *their

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drank Superfruit Unity by Teavana
81 tasting notes

Had some of this last night with some Youthberry, and Orange whateveritsnameis Blossom. I added some honey to it that my friend gave me! So sweet. I actually went to the ren fest last Sunday and had bought some honey to use, but accidentally left it at an incense booth when it closed. I went back to retrieve it but I couldn’t run to the booth without a security escort. It ended up that I led him the wrong way and felt bad so I just left it there. Sad day, no honey for me…

THEN my sister’s friend who is living with us got home from school. She’s attending beauty college and one of her clients that day was a beekeeper. Instead of tipping her with money, he left her a jar of honey. IT WAS DESTINY!! She texted me and let me know I could have it. I said she is more than welcome to my tea cabinet whenever she wants. GOOD TRADE OFF!

ANYWAY, the actual cup of tea was just okay. Moriah’s (the friend) was delicious, but I made my cup second and therefore did not get as much flavor. I still drank it happily though.

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Not much too say. I love tea! Especially greens and oolong. I also really enjoy the occasional fruity tea, but really I’m up to try anything.! …Well except earl grey, I really don’t like bergamot.

When I first joined I usually always forgot to finish my last sip of tea leaving it cold and alone, destined for the drain. Nowadays I still leave the last couple sips of tea. I really drink my cups slowly, HOWEVER, I almost always finish my cups now, even if they are room temperature.





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