391 Tasting Notes

drank Earl Grey by Higgins & Burke
391 tasting notes

I forgot to log this one. I drank it while awaiting my plane in the “Runway Cafe”. I even jotted down a couple notes and thoughts (not a normal habit—I don’t want to look like some weird food critic scrutinizing their service).

My thoughts, quoted directly from my notes: “Brews dark (fanning); taste is bold, not bitter. Bergamot scent borders on Pledge-y, but that doesn’t translate into the taste. Just a touch of dark citrus. Well-rounded earl grey. I like it. 72-77%?”

No idea what their water temperature was at, but I default-steep most plain blacks at five minutes.

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drank Vanilla Cloud matcha by Domo
391 tasting notes

I found this on my way to a tea store, while cutting through a grocery store.

Upon opening the bag, I got a puff of delicious vanilla. I’ve found that my hand-made mug makes a perfect little handled chawan, since the bottom is smooth and rounded.

I don’t normally consider buying matcha, since I can only stand it in small quantities, and on occasion. But I’ve been keeping my eye out for Domo for quite a while (after missing my first chance to pick it up), and it materialized again.

I probably shouldn’t have brushed my teeth just prior to making some. The matcha is vanilla in the front, very smooth, which trails off into grass. Not strong, and also smooth, so it’s very nice. I was considering milk, but I think I can do without it.

I’m still working out what proportions I like. It’s getting a bit more bitter as it cools, but that’s to be expected.

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You can definitely taste the bancha. It’s forward in the tea, with the black more in the background and supplementing the taste wonderfully. It’s a little sweet, either from the mocha brandy flavouring described, or the candy pink elephants.

I think it all ties together very well, though.

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I’ve been duped! Rose wasn’t listed anywhere as an ingredient, and the sample they had out for sniffing had no rose petals in it either.

Also, they seem to hint that it’s a green and black blend, but I didn’t see any signs of green.

It smells of citrus and jasmine, as expected. Not much rose, because I was careful to keep the petals out of my teaspoon as I scooped it into the strainer. There’s also what looks like dried thistle in here. Huh.

Brewed is a citrus smell with a touch of jasmine. The taste is a good ceylon with a touch of citrus, and this bizzare verging-on-spice taste that I can only conclude may possibly be the thistle. It’s rather pleasant, though.

I’m a little disappointed that Murchie’s fallen into adding candy and decorative items to their teas recently. Most of the new ‘specialty’ limited-time ones are like that. I picked up “Lucky Elephant” as well, despite it having candy pink elephants in it. I thought the roasted bancha mixed with black tea sounded interesting (and, apparently, mocha flavours…). Somehow in my mind, something called “Lucky Elephant” should be more traditional.

Back to this tea… It looks like I prevented the rose from ruining the experience, but I won’t know for sure until it’s cooled enough. It could still get bitter.

I’ve been gone from my part-time job so long (three months) I have no idea what our uniform looks like. Plus we’ve completely changed season in my absence, so we’ll have a whole new line of clothes. Fun. I’ll have no idea where anything is.

Rating this a medium-positive for now. I like it, but I haven’t decided my full opinion on it yet. I drank tea instead of eating breakfast.

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Pink elephants…really? One thing I’ve always liked about Murchies was their plain, English-style blends.


Yeah, same. I’m wondering if these new limited-time blends are being offered through Murchie’s from a different wholesaler. It’d explain the difference.

I say this because Steepster has one other tea called “Lucky Elephant”. Here: http://steepster.com/teas/nordqvist/19836-onnen-elefantti-lucky-elephant The ingredients all the same except sunflower to replace the candies.

Murchie’s also had a tea called The Emperor’s Bride for sale. The same company as above has it as well, with the same ingredients as Murchie’s. http://steepster.com/teas/nordqvist/13952-the-emperors-bride

I guess it could be a chance to draw in new customers. At least they still keep their original setup and blends and just seem to offer these on the side.


I’m not too wild about his tea, either. At least the tin is pretty. :D

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drank Dawn by The Simple Leaf
391 tasting notes

Dawn, don’t ever leave me again. Even though I know the hard water of Up North would have reeked havoc on you. And I’ve only a few teaspoons of your deliciousness left.

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I finished this off just two days ago. I wanted to bring the empty box home, to use for other teabags or some such, but wasn’t able to fit it into my luggage and was forced to chuck it. I’ll probably buy more tea from Smith anyways, so chances are I will collect more of the boxes.

Just as delicious as always. I’ll miss the cracked-wheat essence. I’m home now, though, and able to access my full tea cupboard. I nearly hugged it.

The trip was fine. I got to the airport very early (long story), and my luggage was over-weight, so I had to choose what bag would be bumped in the event that the plane was too heavy. My rocks were in one bag, my tea and books in the other. It was a difficult decision, but luckily nothing was bumped, so I haven’t suffered.

I have a ten-page report to write that’s due this week. I’ve procrastinated the hell out of it, and I’m very bad for doing so.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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I finished off the last of this yesterday. I did’t have enough for a full cup, so I mixed it with my Honeybee oolong. I was quite sad about it, because apparently Tealicious has closed down in my absence (I’ll know for sure once I get back home). I had only this tea and one other. If I’d known, I would have seriously stocked up.

The mellow vanilla and china black didn’t go as well with Honeybee as I’d hoped (Honeybee being a bit sharper, especially since blending them meant blending their steeping-times), but I think it was a good attempt, and it was still quite tasty. Sadly I had to drink most of it cold, because I got dragged out of the office shortly after making it. Administrative work rather than geology-related; I was helping make a presentation for comparing the different units our department’s thinking of renting, so we can move out of our current trailer. It’s too small for our planned expansion.

Eleven days until I head home. I had troubles with the internet in the library today, so I ended up spending three housr reading the League of Extaordinary Gentleman instead. I finally got it working, but I’ve only an hour and a half before the library closes.

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drank Lapsang Souchong by Tea Desire
391 tasting notes

Another update from the library. My aunt sent up this tea and Tea Desire’s Earl Grey. The earl grey isn’t anything special—I didn’t expect it to be—but I’m pleasantly surprised by this lapsang. It’s nice—not fantastic, but it’s not sharp and burnt like Murchie’s. She also sent up a Britta water filter with the tea. I don’t think it helps the hard aspect of the water, but it removes the chlorine smell.

It’s difficult trying to keep my virtual cupboard in order. I’ve been keeping a paper log of teas that I’ve finished/gotten, so that I can update them the next time I get a chance to go the library and log onto Steepster. But work is fun. I need to take some pictures out in the field with my Libre.

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drank Dorian Grey by Great Wall Tea Company
391 tasting notes

Sorry for disappearing. I moved to accommodate a job, but I have no internet access (or options to get it, for that matter); I have access at work, but Steepster and other websites are blocked.

I’m finally attempting the public library, which has a very slow connection, but it’s better than nothing.

Anyways—the water here is quite hard, so it’s been making it slightly difficult for me to enjoy my tea, especially lighter oolongs and whites. I’ve had to stick with dark oolongs and blacks—no complaints. Dorian Grey seems to thrive in hard water, though, because it takes away the bitter background taste I had, and makes it bright and fruity. I’m regretting not bringing more of it.

I only had room in my bags for so much tea, so I packed my travel tins full, and then grabbed the large tins of a few of my staples. There’s not a single tea shop up here, and I’m hours away from any medium-sized city that might have some. I’m surviving, though. I’m sure I’ve got enough to last me another two months. My contract ends then, and I’ll be on my way home.

I think I should start signing everything “The Tea-Drinking Geologist”. I’m very boring; my colleagues keep inviting me out for beer, but I sadly don’t drink. Ahwell.

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How’s the job going? Email us your address and we’ll send up some tea. We’ve got a few newer ones you should try while you’re in the tea-shopless north.


I hate that the internet at work blocks both Steepster and anything that resembles a blog. I miss important messages.

I’m collecting quite a lot of items (mostly rocks); I’m already running low on room in my luggage. I might not have the space to bring back any tea that’s sent up (my family’s already sent some—and a water filter); never fear, however, as I will be back in under a month. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got.

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drank Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush by 52teas
391 tasting notes

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I change icons often, apologies. On that note, they are usually Doctor Who related (so no, that is not me pictured in the icon, it is most likely one of the Doctors).

A tea-drinking transgendered Canadian, currently in the third year of university, majoring in geology (yes, “rocks and things”). I take most of my tea made straight into a mug, although occasionally if I’m not in a hurry (this isn’t often), I’ll have time to sit down with a pot. It’s the highlight of a good day if I have time for a pot.

My notes and reviews will often sound dis-jointed, repetitive and confused, as usually I don’t work on them as a whole, but rather add notes as I sip without rereading what I’ve already typed.

On most occasions I won’t take my tea with anything (I reserve milk for chai). Occasionally agave nectar if I want to test to see if it’ll smooth it out. Chais I will make with either the nectar or honey. Although on occasion I will sweeten unflavoured blacks the Russian way—with jam or jelly. Occasionally I will take it instead with a slice of a citrus fruit. Normally orange, occasionally lemon if I have any on hand.

I prefer Earl Greys.

Lastly, I keep a teatra.de blog for reviewing and rambling about tea books/publications.

Also, I am a Doctor Who fanatic. As one may have noticed by my icons. For the record, my favourite Doctor is number three, Jon Pertwee.

“But you should never turn down tea, when it’s offered. It’s impolite, and impoliteness is how wars start.” ~Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann


BC, Canada



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