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This tea has a delicious honey note, which I was surprised to find in such a dark oolong. It combines beautifully with the roasted flavor of the tea.

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A delicate tea with a touch of earthiness and a touch of sweetness. It has a really smooth mouthfeel and re-steeps well.

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Really enjoying how the vanilla is worked into this — it’s not a strong vanilla at all, but it’s distinctive, and makes a great accent for the woodsy base teas. Oolong and black teas are not something I usually see blended, but I think it works here, probably because the oolong is so dark.

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Many thanks to Zennenn for sending me this tea and so many others! Many of the teas in this box are way outside my experience, so I’m really looking forward to exploring them :)

First up, “Yellow Sun.” According to the description this is an unusual yellow tea, but since I’ve never had yellow tea before, I’m not sure what the “norm” is. The package mentions hazelnut and mango notes. I can believe the hazelnut. Not tasting the mango. There is a strong roast flavor here, like a roasted green tea, and it does have a slight natural sweetness. I steeped it twice and it held up very well to a second steeping, not really any loss of flavor all.

All around, pretty good! Glad I got to try this one :)

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A very soothing tisane. Somehow this reminds me of Sleepy Time tea — not in flavor exactly, but in concept. It tastes like something you would drink right before you go to bed. The balance between the lavender and lemongrass is about equal. The promised mango flavor is M.I.A., though. Still a pleasant cup.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Got a sample of this and it’s pleasant, but mild. I might try extra leaf next time, but as it stands, the flavoring is lightly fruity and the base has a light hay note. I guess this could be plum and pear, but it might just as easily be a mild tropical fruit. A little sugar helps the flavor.

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So I don’t know that I would have guessed strawberry rhubarb, but this is delicious. The star here is the custard-like note of the jade oolong. I previously tried Quarter to Tea’s Panna Cotta jade oolong, and the taste is very similar, because it’s the same base, obviously, and in both, the base takes the stage and the added flavorings are just a light accent. I do wish the jade oolong teas came in larger sizes, because I’ve only had this a few days and I’ve nearly wiped it out already.

Lauren | A Quarter to Tea

I actually do 4oz quantities of any limited blend on request as long as I have the materials on hand (including ones well past). :)


ooooo, really glad to hear that! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind for my next order, thanks :)

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I was curious about this one, so it was a happy surprise to find a sample sachet in the box. It’s actually kind of weird though. Definitely tasting the vanilla and the white base, but somehow they don’t work together. I don’t taste or smell anything remotely like grapefruit or citrus. Not bad but not a keeper. Well, at least now I know.

Evol Ving Ness

Sounds magic. Too bad.


I know! Vanilla and grapefruit sound great together!

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Got a sample sachet of this in my latest order. For some reason the name and description of this tea made me think the bergamot would be very strong, but it’s quite the opposite — the bergamot is mild and the base is silky smooth. I can see why they say most of their customers don’t go back to regular earl grey after tasting this version. It’s mellow and refined, and honestly, growing on me with every sip. The fact that I have a plate of fresh snickerdoodles to go down with it isn’t hurting either :)

Super Starling!

Yes! I’m in the market for a new go-to Earl Grey. The Cream of Earl Grey from David’s really wasn’t doing it for me.


Mm, sounds like something I will have to try. :) Harney and Sons already impressed me with Paris!


Yep, I already put this on the wishlist for my next order. And agreed, Paris is awesome :)


Yes, yes, yes! This is our favorite Earl Grey from Harney, and was our all time favorite until I tried an Earl with a Keemun base from Nina’s, but then they changed the base on the other one and this is number one again!

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This was another free sample in my recent order and a very nice surprise. I love spices in baking, but I avoid spiced teas like the plague because they usually go way too far and just taste like liquid cinnamon.

Here the emphasis was on the tea, and the spices just served as a pleasant accent. This is a nice approach that I wish more blenders would follow.

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