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drank Valentines by Adagio Teas
296 tasting notes

I received this one from Madeline Alyce
I’m sipping this one as I cannot get the smile of the firefighter I met yesterday out of my head (I guess my sipping this- Valentines- is appropriate) even typing about this guy my stomach is flip flopping.
The dry notes smell of chocolate and strawberries. Once steeped the chcocolate comes out at the forefront and I’m not really getting any strawberry flavour. As it cooled a bit and I added a bit of honey I got a bit of strawberry flavour, it’s more of a candied version of chocolate covered strawberries. Overall it’s a good tea, but probably not one I would keep stocked.

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drank Bananas Foster by 52teas
296 tasting notes

I received this in a swap from Madeline Alyce
I originally made this this.morning to head out to the park with my girls while they enjoyed the weekend celebrating our area of town. I ended up not drinking it and then we got caught in a very cold downpour, I re-heated.it but it was a little bitter from sitting so I added a bit of honey and some milk. So yummy! I would imagine this.is what bananas foster actually tastes like (I’ve never had Tue real thing). It was nice and creamy and banana tasting, and maybe slightly caramely tasting. The dr notes and the stepped tea smell more like bananas than it tastes. Overall another great tea from 52 teas.


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I received this from Azzrian as a thankful for the iced tea swap.

I can’t place what the dry notes smell like, although it smells good, a unique smell I think.
As it steeps it smells of lemon. I had this iced, since it is a lemonade flavour. I added a wee blip of honey to it.
Once Iced it tastes just as the dry notes smell. I can’t for the life of my think of what it may taste like. It’s different, but a good different. It’s really too bad that this is gone. It would make the perfect all summer long iced tea.


So glad you liked it!

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drank Gingerbread Chai by 52teas
296 tasting notes

I got this in a swap from Emilie.

I made this on the stove!

It definetly smelt like gingerbread… & even had that almost dry taste/feeling that real gingerbread has. I feel there is something amiss with it though. It’s still good & I will drink it, I just can’t place what is off. Maybe it’s one of the spices.

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I’m not sure what the Pledge talk is all about or the hate for this tea. I actually quite like it. I had it iced & it’s nice & light. It’s definetly reminiscent of something else but I can’t place it (& it sure isn’t pledge).
I had to add a little honey which I usually do with greens. It has a touch of green tea taste, but is many citrus.

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I got this in a sampler pack from iheartteas
It smells nicely sweet, a little like honey bush.
Once steeped it smells like real watermelon. I poured it over ice. It tastes slightly like watermelon, but more ‘green’ tasting. Overall it was alright, but not something I would buy.

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I got this in the flat rate box I bought from emilie
I brewed this up as a latte on the stove, my home smells fantastic. On first sip I got a soapy taste but after that I could taste all the spices but not the chocolate. The spices really linger on the tongue when the tea is hot.
There was a familiar taste to this tea but I just couldn’t place it and then it came to me, Ginger snaps! Oh how I miss those little round Ginger snaps, I think I’m going to have to buy some now. If without the milk and touch of honey this still tastes like Ginger snaps I’m going to have to add this to my cupboard.

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I received this in a swap from tigress_al
It smells so good, minty & creamy. I’m not sure what all the talk about dirt, fish etc is.
Once steeped it smells even more creamy & delicious, oh I hope it tastes just like it smells.
Alas it does not, it is decently minty tea, with a light tea base & an aftertaste. It’s decent, but not as delicious as it could be.

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I got this in a swap a while back. It smells very nice & fruity. It steeps to a nice pink/red colour.
I love the flavours of this tea, but often find it is a little too light in taste. It has become one of my fav teas to ice though.

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I made this iced, to me an Orange Creamsicle can only be iced.
The dry notes smell just like an orange creamsicle, so potent & sweet. Once steeped it still smells like this, the rooibos starts to come out though. I think by now we know I don’t like rooibos teas, but I had to try this.
There is only the slightest hint of orange creamsicle in it, thankfully though the rooibos isn’t strong & I will be able to finish the pitcher of it.

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