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drank Mate Citrus Buzz by Teaopia
290 tasting notes

A very citrus tea that would be fantastic if it didn’t have a Mate base. Anyone who is a fan of Mate and citrus will love this tea. You can distinctly taste the orange & lemon flavours throughout the tea.

Just not a tea that is for me.

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There isn’t much of a licorice taste to this tea, but somehow everything still works together to create a delicious blend. A slightly sweet taste add to the spices in this tea. Similar to a chai, but without the caffeine in black tea. The rooibos isn’t very noticeable which is great for me (not a big fan of rooibos).

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec

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One of my favourite black teas. A delicious blend or orange & spices, to create the perfect winter drink. Although not certain I taste the cranberry, you do get the light flavour of oranges & a great dose of spices.

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drank Tangerine Dream by Teaopia
290 tasting notes

Even as an iced tea this is still WAY too sweet. Slightly better than when it was hot, but lacking big time in every other area.

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Probably the best fruit infusion/tisane I have had from anywhere. You get the nice tart strawberry taste of a not quite ripe strawberry, followed by the deliciously sweet taste or a ripe strawberry. So much YUM!

Can’t wait to try this mixed with lemonade

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

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Thanks to TeaVivre for the generous sample.
By far this has been the best blueberry tea I have tasted. I don’t buy blueberries from anywhere in the world as nothing compares to Northern Ontario blueberries. I have to say this tea as an iced tea delivers almost the same Northern Ontario blueberry flavor. So devine. Must get more.

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I had this iced this morning after receiving it as a sample from Fusion Teas. It was so delicious. More red in colour than I thought it would be. It has a nice grapefruit taste which comes out above everything else. It’s not bitter & tart like an actual grapefruit which was fantastic. And had a nice slight sweet taste.


This sounds like a good grapefruit tea! I am kind of looking for one of those. Thanks!

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drank Wonderful White by Teaopia
290 tasting notes

I love white tea, but it’s so darn finickey. Of course I steeped it a bit too long so it had a slight bitter/dry taste to it. The dry notes are light & wonderful. It’s not too over bearing but smells amazing. Once steeped the tea lost some of it’s flavour, I was mostly getting notes of cinnamon.

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drank Sleep Well by Teaopia
290 tasting notes

I knew with the ingredients I was probably not going to be a big fan of this tea, but I am an insomniac desperate for sleep so I tried it. I have to say I wasn’t thrilled on the taste or smell. It was a little weak in both areas, probably a good thing. I love peppermint tea, but this tea lacked it.
On the upside despite the taste & smell I actually go a pretty decent sleep.

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drank Aztecs Gold by Teaopia
290 tasting notes

I had this as an iced tea on a hot day. I feel as a hot tea it would probably be too sweet. It was a little on the weak side (taste wise- sweetness was there) even though I doubled the amount. I couldn’t figure out the taste I was gettting from it (something familiar & yummy), until I read other notes here, it was definetly bubble gum. I am definetly looking forward to more of this on hot days.

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