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Number 3 from the pile my cousin picked up.
Another go at an unflavoured oolong. Tung ting failed me when I bought 50g, but was great in the sample I got.

The dry notes smell delicious, milky & sweet with a hint of orchid. I am not a fan of floral teas, but maybe every other aspect will come out.

I used two perfect teaspoons instead of my usual 3. So far so good! Creamy & milky with just a slight lingering orchid taste.
Really enjoying this so far.

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec
Whispering Pines Tea Company

You usually use 3 teaspoons?! :O


Haha yes! I like my tea flavourful & strong.
I know It’s a tea crime & I never do a second steep.

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drank Ceylon Star by DAVIDsTEA
296 tasting notes

Another that I got my cousin to pick up. Did I mention how much I love that David’s let’s you buy small amounts of their tea? I wish more places did this. One day when I own my own tea shop (which may be closer than we think), I’m going to let people buy small amounts of the teas they want to try.

I had received a sample of this with one of my orders, but there sample packs aren’t enough for me for the perfect cup. So I’m trying this again.

I really didn’t see much tea in the leaves & it brewed up quite light. The steeped cup smells amazing. Chocolatey, creamy, spicey. It’s creamy tasting, slightly spicey, but I’m not entirely sure its an anise taste.
This is super yummy though!

Boiling 4 min, 15 sec

Soon eh? Sounds exciting!


I adore that David’s lets you buy such small amounts—I often go in and get maybe 1 1/2 ounces in total and they really don’t pressure you to buy more (unlike some stores haha). It’s great to be able to sample absolutely everything.

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This is one of the teas I had my cousin pick up for me. I didn’t think I let it steep more than 3 mins, but there is quite a bit of astringency.
Just behind that astringency is a delicious ripe banana taste, with a touch of chocolate & creamyness.
This is really good, I added a touch of rock sugar to kill the astringency & it did without sweetening the tea.
Another one to add to my purchase list.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Mmmm, I love this one!

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Received this from kittylovestea, she was very generous with the tea.

Dry this smells very banana like & creamy. Can you even smell creamy? Like banana & yogurt.
Steeped it smells banana like, but more like banana runts than real bananas. The taste is that of a handfull of runts, minus the sweetness. But also hints of bubble gum.
Ok so I totally don’t get breakfast smoothie, but this is good. It paired greatly with my hockey in game in which we won…. woooo!

Boiling 8 min or more

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drank Almond Happiness by 52teas
296 tasting notes

Quick note before my phone dies.
Received this from T.C.

This smells like alcohol big time! Like sickening so, even once steeped.
Hot I am getting mostly almond, I ended up letting it cool too much & it was bitter, but had quite a bit of chocolate.

I may have to let this air a bit to kill the alcohol scent.

ETA: I retried this today. Just over 2 perfect teaspoons, at 2.5 mins.
Much better this time, the leaves still smell like alcohol, but the steeped cup doesnr. It’s almondy, with a strong black base. I’m gonna try this again with 3 teaspoons at the same steep time & see if the other flavours come out more.


“before my phone dies” – that’s dedication!


Haha Steepster over potential 911 emergency.


I swear I didn’t get the tea drunk before i sent it! :D

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I got this when I went in to get 4 to go cups, one for me, mom & my girls. I ended up buying 50g of each Wonderberry Truffle & Spiced Mandarin Oolong (Damn lack of will power). I wanted some Jinja Citrus Twist (which was discontinued :( cries), so my friend who worked there recommended this, & gave me a good 25g or so of it for FREE!

I decided to brew up a whole pot of this on Saturday. It smells very fruity, & brews up to a light redish-pink colour. And it tastes fantastic.
Very fruity, with some melon flavours, followed by the cooling effect of the eucalyptus. I love the lingering coolness/tingle. Almost like gum, but WAY better!!
This would be so wonderful iced, so now I gotta go buy some of this too!

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I also lack tea willpower!


I’ve been curious about this one. Your review makes me want to go try some in the store sometime… maybe on a day when I just need to splurge on something small.

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drank Almond Biscotti by Teaopia
296 tasting notes

it’s been over 6 months since I had this tea. I don’t normally write more than one note about the same tea, however my opinion of this one has changed.

This was almondy, slightly chocolatey a little bit bakey. This was quite good and either my tastes have changed or this tea having sat for 6 months has improved the taste.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Toffee Dream by Steeped Tea
296 tasting notes

I got this one off of a friend who hosted a Steeped Tea party, it’s one I didn’t order. & one I regret :(

This is really good, creamy, toffee, caramel. So delicious, with the nice refreshing white base. Totally in love with this one. YUM!

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I just heard about this company and I was wondering what they were like. I’m already addicted to pampered chef and tupperware. . . What’s one more?! lol


Exactly. I want to become a consultant, just need the extra funds to buy my kit.


My husband’s cousin sells pampered chef and does amazingly well! Plus they have crazy incentives. She goes on elaborate trips every year for free. I’m not a people person, so I would suck. lol NOW, if they had a company like that for dog supplies. . .


I wish they had this for the US!


Tatooed…I have a toffee dream from another company I can share with you..add it to our swap list if you want to try it out lol


Haha sounds good Sil.

Boxermama, I use to sell for passion parties, my upline does so well she was able to leave her actual job & only do the parties. It’s crazy.


Yeah, same with the lady I know! in a matter of 3 years she’s making twice what she used to working a 9-5 and she only does two shows per week. She just recruited a whole bunch and moved up quick!


I’m a steeped tea consultant, it costs about $160 for a kit. And they are in the USA now.

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drank Gooey Butter Cake by 52teas
296 tasting notes

Received this one from kittylovestea.

I’m not exactly sure what gooey butter cake is suppose to taste like. But it sounds & looks good.

I’m only getting a nice lemon taste from this with a nice black base. No butter, no cakey goodness. I do have more to give it another go. But right now just a plain old tea that you would turn into iced tea.

ETA: I had this again yesterday. I went & oversteeped it… ok next weekend I am investing in a real tea timer!!
So I was still getting only lemon & some astringency because of the over steep. Once it cooled I did get some of that delicious bakey flavour. I do have enough for one more cup, so I will try it again!

ETA 2: Finished this off this morning, some strange smell coming from the pouch. No astringency this time, but not much flavour. Still lemoney, maybe a hint of cake this time around. Definitely DID NOT over steep this time, no astringency to be found.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

3 minutes is perfect for 52teas. I murdered a tonne of their caramel cheesecake serving before figuring it out.


I’ve started doing all my blacks at 3 minutes, but without a time I have been butchering SO many teas :(


I actually even go for 2.5 mins with 52teas blacks. That’s usually the sweet spot for me.

And yeah, nearly all blacks I steep for 2.5-3 minutes now. Except DavidsTea and Della Terra, which are much better with 4 minutes.


52 teas is 2-2.5 for me on their blacks. 3 and it’s too atringent


When I started I steeped everything for 5 min because I figured I’d get the most flavor, then I’d be upset about bitterness. Now I have a tea timer app on my phone, and I add my own so I can remember to steep 52 teas less than DavidsTea etc. Hearing what others do is also useful.


Cavocorax, I was the same. All blacks got 5. Greens & whites 3 & herbal/fruit/rooibos about 10.
Some teas I really need to check other people’s notes for steeping times.

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oh my bloody he’ll. Steepster at my note.

anywho, I’ve had this forever and am now trying it in hopes of cleaning up my stash.
I don’t hate this like everyone else, I don’t love it, but quite enjoy it. it reminds me of those pop bottle gummies.

I put the rest in the fridge to try it cold.
as my cup cooled to room temp, it wasn’t quite as good as it is hot.
Also there is a kind of strange taste at the end of the sip. maybe the stevia?

Boiling 3 min, 45 sec

I had the strange aftertaste thing with Blueberry Jam, and also blamed it on the stevia. I think perhaps I am not a stevia fan.


sorry you lost your note! that happened to me the other day :s

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Heavily tattooed mom of two. Lover of tea. Body piercer.

Addicted to tea & my addiction has been fueled even more so by Steepster!


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