107 Tasting Notes

drank Awake English Breakfast by Tazo
107 tasting notes

Backlog from Friday morning. Yes, I have a lot of backlogging to do!

This tea is alright. I love Tazo, however, this tea is very, very, very bold. And I don’t like too many bold teas. Also, since this is my most recent cup, the bags are older now and kind of beat up. So they aren’t the best quality anymore.

Smell: Black tea, bold

Taste: A very rich, bold tea with a small hint of cinnamon. Not bad, but not great. I put some sweet coffee creamer in, and it made it taste like vanilla soymilk, and it was actually really yummy. So this is one of those iffy teas that can sometimes be brilliant and other times be not so great.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

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I must apologize, Wissotzy Earl Grey. I have re-considered you, and have found with some patience, you aren’t that bad. Upping the rating and changing the note. The other note will remain, to warn of what can happen if you don’t get EG right, but I may drop the rating.

This Earl Grey is very time and temperature sensitive, that hasn’t changed. However, now that I know so much more about properly making tea, everything has changed.

Also, as a side note: I am going back over many of my bagged teas, partially because recently, my tea strainer has been buried beneath lots of dishes and I am too lazy to get it (yes, I know, shame) and I also just want to enjoy all my teas, not just my loose leaf.

Now for the new review:

Smell: It’s not strong in the bag, though steeping it’s there. It’s not fragarent, per say, but more bold and black-tea smelling than bergamot.

Taste: If steeped too long (four or five minutes) this tea becomes very bitter. But I steeped at 3 minutes this time, and found the taste to be a bit strong, but not horrible, and with sugar and cream, everything balanced out very well. It’s not a powerful bergamot taste, but the classic Earl Grey flavor is there, just more bold and black than usual. The cream makes it softer, and I put in enough sugar to give the mouthfeel a slightly (almost) grainy charateristic. (The sugar probably didn’t fully dissolve, but it was alright.)

Over all, this still wasn’t a superb awesome EG, but it wasn’t as bad as before, and I happen to like it enough to finish off the whole box, and I MAY order more in the future. (Especially if I keep experimenting. More notes will tell.)

Oh, yeah, FYI: I used boiling water for this, BUT I know that it could have been better with maybe 180 degrees, give or take. Boiling water, if poured directly over the bag, steeps it almost instantly. But it was still good!

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Jungle by Gurman's
107 tasting notes

Ok! Thanks, Azzrian.

I have been contemplating drinking this for several, several days. And I have now gotten down to it!

This was alright. I could taste a lot of Papaya, I think was one of the fruits in the list. And that was it, really. Not bad, even tasted a bit peachy but it wasn’t my favorite. So nothing really big to report here.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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drank Masala Chai by Wissotzky Tea
107 tasting notes

Backlog from last night. Think I added a note for this a while ago. Either way, i still really love it. It’s very cinnamony and spicy and yummy and I have PERFECTED the cream-to-tea ratio!

And……..that’s it. :-) Lovely tea.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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Lots and LOTS of thanks to Angel at Teavivre!

I have a one word (okay, two) overall description of this tea: Blood. Orange.

Fortunately for me, I love blood orange. Love it. :-)

Smell: This tea has a pleasant mix of fruits, and I could smell the sweet apple, kind of tart currants, and the orange. The hibiscus (roselle) was in it again, and again I was pleased rather than disappointed. Steeping I could really smell the orange. That made me happy. :-)

Taste: Blood orange, definitely, and it’s reminding me how much I love that taste. It’s tart, but not overly tart, and has a nice citrus twang to it. The apple provides a mellow sweetness, and the hibiscus adds to the tart but doesn’t overpower. And again, there is orange and when you tell me I am going to be tasting orange I expect it to be there, so this tea REALLY delivers for me.

I don’t have anymore to add, really, except that I put a spoonful or so of some sugar in, to add to the sweetness, and I think this tea, just like the Blueberry Fruit tea, will be great cold as well. :-) A perfect summertime tea!

Update: I just wanted to confirm that this tastes amazing cold.

Boiling 8 min or more

I can not agree with you more, this is really a good tea for summer!


I really love it!!

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Thanks again, Angel!

This is a backlog from Saturday afternoon and……..I really, really, really hope I steeped this wrong. Truly. I don’t even want to put a note out yet, but feel it can pass as my cry for help. Because………..I couldn’t even stand to drink this. It definitely had that fishy smell and it tasted like that. It was just….not good.

I’m not rating or reviewing this until I know I have it right. So this is my call for help. HOW DO YOU MAKE THIS RIGHT?? Please. I’m begging. All of the other Teavivre teas have been awesome so far, and I don’t want to mess this up.


Poor you! The first thing is not to feel bad! I would suggest watching a video about puerh on the Teavivre website (I think they have a video on how to prepare) or Verdant Tea which has a great video on verdant tv. Usually you rinse the puerh first then steep it to drink. It is rich and earthy. At first you might like it as a latte with milk and sweetened if this is how you drink coffee.


Hmm, yeah, I do think milk or cream would do better. I’ll give it a try, and DEFINITELY rinse it next time. I thought about rinsing it, but in the rush of things didn’t do it. I’m not giving up though!


Good! I was so scared the first time I saw the little thing looking back at me like an eye! Daring me to like it! If I didn’t read up and watch a video I probably would never have learned to love puerh! Don’t give up. There are so many..and all different. Shu, sheng…lighter and darker ones. Magical!


I like this tea for its rich, earthy flavor and mellow taste. You can try Bonnie’s suggestion, to rinse the tea first, and then brew it to drink.


I want to chime in here and recommend steeping this in a gaiwan if you aren’t already. A quick rinse (10 seconds) works wonders with Puerh, and then use short steeps in the gaiwan. 30 seconds for the first infusion. 45 seconds for the next.


I don’t have one of those, and/or really know what it is.


A gaiwan is a little cup with a lid, you can look them up on the internets. :)
But I would also agree a rinse is good, plus shorter steeps as LiberTeas suggests.

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I’m still contemplating this one, but think I should put a note out anyway.

It’s good…..problem is, I’m not old enough for alcohol, so I can’t say I identify the tastes in this tea as champagne, because I’ve never had it, or if I have had sips it was way long ago at the last wedding I went to.

So yeah, it’s good. But I can’t taste strawberry much, and….I don’t know. Maybe I’ll let it cool.

Update: The more I drank, the less I liked, though after cooling the strawberry did come out more. I think I also steeped this wrong. Because it did have promise. Ah well.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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drank Blueberry Fruit Tea by Teavivre
107 tasting notes

Thanks to Angel at Teavivre for this WONDERFUL tea!!

I LOVE THIS TEA! I just wanted to put that out there.

Smell: It was a colorful mix, and I smelled lots of blueberry, a bit of grape, and a tart smell that hinted at that sneaky hibiscus. But it was a lovely berry blend! Steeping it reminded me of wine or even blueberry juice.

Taste: I was worried about the hibiscus, thinking this would be VERY tart. But IT WASN’T!! It was very, very yummy!! It had a nice, strong blueberry flavor, which had a sweet-tart mix provided by the grape, and then it had a smooth tart where the hibiscus was. I loved it hot, but after drinking a few hot sips, since I had to go to an outing, I poured the rest in a glass and let it sit in the fridge. Upon returning, I drank it cold and it was even more amazing!! I LOVE A TEA THAT CAN DO BOTH!! Truly, it was a perfect blueberry tea! :-)

Oh, I put in two spoonfuls of sugar, kindof medium in amount. It was a lovely tea, really!!

Boiling 8 min or more

That is pretty full of fruitiness I say too! I think I’ll make some for the grandkids!


I even like this one without sugar!


ohhhh this sounds sooooo good!




lol I agree, I love blueberry tea!

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My Teavivre package arrived yesterday!! So this is a backlog from yesterday afternoon. A BIG thank you to Angel for this! The samples are VERY (and I mean, VERY) generous.

The reason I did not log this tea yesterday is because, though very good, I did not know, yet again, how to describe it. I had a few words, but they weren’t fitting. After reading through other tasting notes for both the Organic and regular versions of this tea, I now know what I’m tasting.

First, let me get this out: I usually do not like strong, black tea. (You’re probably thinking, then why order it?) Well, I wanted to pick samples that sounded good, but also pick a few that were something I wasn’t fully familiar with, so I could expand. This was also my first chinese tea. :D So I’m being a bit adventerous.

Now for the tea!!

Smell: Malty. Grainy. It was an interesting and nice aroma, but very strong, so after a while I had to close the bag. Some other people mentioned chocolate and of course, it’s supposed to have a hint of caramel. I didn’t really get any chocolate, but there was a caramel scent, though light. Steeping the caramel came out more, and it was very nice.

Taste: To me, it had, once again, a grainy characteristic, but also, especially once I sweetened to my liking, I swear it tasted kind of like honey. I may be crazy, or maybe that was the caramel adding it’s two cents, but that’s what it tasted like to me. And it was amazing. It was also what I’d call smoky, and bold and wonderful. I really did enjoy this tea. :-)

Side note: I rinsed my leaves, and instead of putting them in the strainer and steeping in a mug, I put the leaves straight into the tea pot, and poured my tea through a strainer. Very good, and I think that’s the best way to make loose leaf, though I don’t mind my in-the-mug method.

185 °F / 85 °C 3 min, 0 sec

See not so bad after all! Glad you enjoyed it! I usually try plain then if I don’t like it I sweeten (never use honey!) Then add cream if all else fails. Some black tea’s are fabulous with additions. Just find your preference!


I really did, though today I am going to try the sweeter teas I got as samples. :-)

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