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I feel in love with this blend right when I opened the container. The smell become it is steeped is invigorating! It’s a beautiful tangerine colour once steeped to perfection. I could definitely taste the papaya within the first few sips. Sweet, and fruity delightful taste.

The only thing I wish I would have done is had made it into an iced tea instead of drinking it hot. I can only imagine how amazing it would be iced!

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One of the teas available in the 24 days of tea box. I wasn’t exactly excited to give this a try, but I did anyways. Just like the description says “some like it hot…” and well, I don’t :P

It definitely did remind me of those hot lips candy though, and I’m happy I got to try it. It had a calm, smooth taste to start with, but once I swallowed the blend I couldn’t believe how hot it actually was for me. It was basically taking two handfuls of those cinnamon hearts in your mouth all at once. I couldn’t finish what was in my cup unfortunately :(

If you’re into spicy, hot food or anything of that nature, you’ll definitely enjoy this tea blend though!

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Just received this in the mail as I ordered some for my BF’s Christmas gift. Review will follow after Christmas since I can’t open it until then :( So excited to try it though!!

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

Just excited you got it and can’t to hear about it.

The Cup of Life - Lu Ann

Thanks, me too!! This waiting process is horrible :P

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Day 5 of 24 days of tea (and my BIRTHDAY, woot!) Unfortunately, I forgot about the tea steeping and ruined the blend. Way too bitter, dang. I think I’ll make a purchase of this later to try again though since it got some great reviews.

Josie Jade

happy happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!




happy birthday! :D

The Cup of Life - Lu Ann

Awww! You all rock :) Thanks for the bday messages <3


Happy Belated!! hope there was cake :P

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A fun, tasteful blend! I was pleased to taste all ingredients a great amount. Usually, in my experience, some chocolate teas are too heavy on the chocolate taste and end up not being how it sounds in the description. I love the sweet hints of fresh raspberries – it’s literally an explosion of amazing flavours. Highly impressed with this blend.

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The scent of the blend actually turned me away from it a bit. Found it was too heavy on cinnamon, and that’s not my favourite. After steeping it and giving it a sip I was surprised at how much the cinnamon overpowered the smell but not the flavour (thankfully). It was a great blend to have during a raining, cool almost winter day. Not sure if I would purchase a full size anytime soon though.

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Okay, so I just tried this blend from 24 days of tea. I was very impressed. It def. has me excited for the other blends to come before Christmas. It was very intriguing and I loved that it was low in caffeine as well. Sometimes I find it hard to find a flavour tea I really enjoy that’s low or caffeine free. I’m not a fan of coconut but I didn’t seem to mind it in this blend. The fusion worked out great and the aroma was incredible. I feel like it makes a great after meal beverage. Bring out the real alcohol during dinner and once people are tipsy, start passing out this blend. No one will know the difference after a few ;)

I guess you can call me a tea drunk after this taste. I’m in love!

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UPDATE: here is the link to the recipe I used for what is mentioned below: http://theteacupoflife.blogspot.ca/2012/11/french-vanilla-cupcakes-infused-with.html Let me know if you create it yourself :)

I can’t remember the last time I had a great Earl Grey blend. I’m pretty picky when it comes to this type of tea. Might sound weird, but there has been too many times I’ve tried an earl grey blend from others and it gave me a horrible after taste. There was this one blend (can’t remember the brand) that actually tasted like fruit loops…great cereal, but not for a tea! Anyways…

I absolutely loved this one though. I think it has the perfect amount of vanilla, all the while staying true to it’s real, strong flavour. I know some notes for this tea already state they didn’t like that the vanilla wasn’t too noticeable, but on my package it stated “hint of vanilla” so I wasn’t expecting much and what I did get, I was extremely happy with and so were my taste buds.

While drinking it, I could immediately think of endless recipes to infused this blend in. I am currently making french vanilla cupcakes with it. I hope they turn out great. I’ll be sure to share the recipe on my blog afterwards (www.theteacupoflife.blogspot.ca) I plan to also try Teaspoon and Petal’s earl grey hot chocolate with this one as well.

Ohhhhh the endless creative moments coming to my mind right now just from one cuppa!

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This blend was okay. I was excited to give it a try because once I opened the package it smelted divine. However, I felt it had an odd scent to it while and after it being steeped – almost like it was burnt. (Note: I only steeped in for 3mins and at the given water temp.)

It’s not my favourite cuppa but don’t let that steer you away from it. I don’t like the flavour of any coffee at all, so I think that might be my reasoning for it. For a bold tea, I didn’t exactly think it was “bold” enough. I think it would definitely be a great starting blend for a coffee lover who wants to get into tea.

I’m glad I had a chance to at least give this blend a try. I think I know what I’ll give my coffee lover friends for Christmas now! ;)

3 min, 30 sec

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