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6770 Tasting Notes

drank Organic Sencha Mint by Eden
6770 tasting notes

The sencha tastes more like a cucumber type tasting green than a buttery or grassier green tea taste…if that makes sense. The mint is great! I can taste the spearmint a bit more than the peppermint. As I am a mint freak – I do like this tea!

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Two words that come to mind right away are…TOASTED CELERY. Oddly, with those two words, it not only sums this up, but I am enjoying it quite a bit! Nice!

Thanks LiberTEAs!


For a second there I thought this was your own Tea Garden! ;)


LOL – I wish! :)

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This smells a little herbally but it seems to have a SMIDGE of berry aroma hiding somewhere, too. The spices are very subtle…very light. Once infused I can smell the lemongrass and the spice is just underneath the lemon-aroma. The taste is very different…there is a cinnamon powder type taste paired with the lemongrass on the tongue and that’s on top of the stereotypical green bean or fresh pea type taste I have been associating with Guayusa. Not bad. Very different from what I expected…but not bad at all!

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I really had no idea what to think about this one!
Glad I went in blind! I would have NEVER been able to pin-point this one!!!

I could taste the white tea more than the green tea…I would have never guessed that! But you know what I really like it that way! I could taste the Ginger, Cloves, Anise, and Raspberries individually but also blended together to create it’s own flavor, too. I could taste the black pepper but more in the after taste and not so much during the sip. The jasmine lingers a little, but again, not so much jasmine happening during the actual sip. There is so much going on here with these flavors in this tea blend! It’s really amazing in the fact that it’s so unique and unlike any other white/green blend I have ever tasted! The aroma is intensely raspberry and ginger but once infused so many other ingredients come out to play and as an end result the overall tea experience was a surprise and a very groovy experience, I must say. If you could trip on tea…this one will take you for a ride! A very memorable blend, here, folks!

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drank Royal Yunnan by Tea Licious
6770 tasting notes

A mellower Royal Yunnan taste but it’s nice! It’s mildly malty and smooth and isn’t really peppery, per say, but there is a little something ‘extra’ there to keep you thinking…I like it!

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My first cup of the day! It’s a satisfying cuppa. Medium strength for a black tea, I suppose. There are subtle notes of peppery and fruity but I am having a hard time putting my finger on what type of fruity notes it reminds me of. Nice malty taste tho!


I started my day with this too, samples arrived yesterday!
I had the pineapple oolong last night…mmmmmmmmm
I agree, hard to nail this down, but very good!


I also got the Pineapple Oolong…that’s on tap for later today or tomorrow :)


you will like it, I sure did.

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drank Moroccan Mint by Element Tea
6770 tasting notes

A VERY good Moroccan Mint! gunpowder and mint…lovely!

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drank Huckleberry by Tea Licious
6770 tasting notes

There aren’t very many Huckleberry flavored teas – there are only 5 listed here on Steepster, even! So I was very excited to try this one from Tea Licious! It’s really good! The flavor you would expect from a huckleberry – for some – an acquired taste, I suppose – but if you are looking for something different to try – this is a MUST. There is a bit of bitterness to it – much like a cranberry type bitterness – but what else would you expect from a huckleberry, eh? It’s a nice – true – huckleberry flavor. It’s pretty potent! It starts off with a leafy/earth taste and switches up into a berry more-so at the end. This oddly takes me back to my Girl Scout Camp Days…the aroma remind me of the Artists Cove – the make and taste area – must have been near a huckleberry patch or something but the aroma is identical!

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A rather amazing Assam! A delight! The color is a rich maroon or burgundy and it’s truly vibrant! LOVE the color! The flavor is full and quite juicy for a black. This is FAB cold or hot. I had one of each so far today! YUM!

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Brilliant in EVERY WAY! Check out my previous notes! LOVE this one!

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