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6770 Tasting Notes


Thanks LiberTEAs!
I could pick up on a slight ‘burnt’ aroma right away, too, but I kind of like that!
It ‘brews’ dark and has a nice medium black tea flavor to it! It’s smooth and almost milky towards the end of the sip. I can also pick up on that slight bitter mid-sip LiberTEAs picked up on! This is nice! I like it!

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A delight today! Puts a smile on my face! I even hugged the little packet I have left…my co-workers just glare…they don’t understand…


They don’t, but we do! :P

The Purrfect Cup

Yes, yes we do!


YAY!!!!! Always a relief to be in good company! :) Thanks TEABEE’s!!!

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I’m considering re-watching Stargate Atlantis very soon! It’s a great cast and I miss the show! This tea helps! :)

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

I know what you mean. It was a great show.


Did I include this one in your package? If not I can throw some in the next package I am starting for you! Let me know…


I never managed to get more than halfway through Atlantis. I ♥ SG1 though and am currently on a re-watch spree (while trying to figure out which discs need replacing. I got a dodgy set box with the discs in stupid cardboard pockets so several of them are a bit scratched)
Maybe I’ll do Atlantis afterwards. It depends on whether or not I end up buying it or finding it online. The latter is probably a big part in why I lost interest.


Netflix has all of them, and Hulu might have them free. (Atlantis, that is!) I dearly loved Stargate SG-1, though Firefly is probably my most favorite ever ever!


I can’t use either of those. Not American, see. :)


Can you get FanCast? Fancast and Hulu are both live stream unless your country blocks them out???


Hulu is not available outside of America, definitely. I’ve never heard of the other one, but I’ve used Surfthechannel.com before. But online watching in general, no matter what the source is, is what I mean about being a big part of losing interest. It makes it harder to really enjoy something when it’s not on a proper tv.


I agree! Totally understand :)

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

No I didn’t get this one in my package but would love to try it next time. Thanks!

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My stash didn’t last long…it was tasty…it will be missed…see previous notes…

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drank White Mint by Element Tea
6770 tasting notes

Awesome! Nicely done mint flavored white…not too over the top with the mint but very soothing and satisfying! A very good one! Very refreshing, very relaxing! Would enjoy often! :)

Tasty both hot and cold!


Believe it or not, I have never thought to combine white tea and mint! That’s curious … I will try:)

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Thanks LiberTEAs!

This is a gently watermelon flavored green rooibos…quite tasty! I won’t fear kickin’ the watermelon flavor up a notch on this, there, Frank! LOL – Still a goodie tho!!! Both hot and cold! Tasty!

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Did the job this morning…see my other notes…

Michelle Butler Hallett

I’m curious: what’s the difference between Black Needle and Golden Needle?


From what I have seen the only difference appears to be marketing. Black being used to tell people “this is a black tea” while the “golden” needles I’ve had are quite similar. I am interested in what anyone else has to say on this…

Michelle Butler Hallett

I’ve been wondering, as there’s plenty of gold bits in my black needles. Thanks, Muiriddin.

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2nd infusion…
More of a stronger black tea taste and a bit peppery – still very good! :)

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