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6770 Tasting Notes


I have a dog who’s name is Riley but we sometimes call him Schmog – which, when said outloud, is much like Smaug. So everytime I see or hear this about the Hobbit Series I giggle. I had to try this! It’s VERY unique. It has a strong Caravan or Lapsang souchoung type flavor upfront followed by a mint or candy cane whaff to it. At times I can taste something reminiscent to Cotton Candy and other times something near a cough drop. Perhaps even a watermelon type hint. This is one bizarre flavored tea but I think that is why I kind of like it. It also fits my dogs personality so it continues with the theme as to why I had to try it.


i’m so glad you tried this one - and didn’t hate it!! yay hah! i have a big fondness for this tea. a mega mushy soft spot. it’s incredibly unique. and it’s bizarreness makes it beautiful.

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This is much better than I thought it would be. It has a nice tang of blood orange but the level of tang is perfect…no more, no less! The pu-erh is nicely done but not overly ‘stinky’ or stereotypically pu-erh. A nice start pu-erh, probably! The aftertaste is woodsy, earthy, and citrusy…all nicely done!

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This doesn’t have an aroma while dry. As it infuses it slightly starts to open up a flavor-scent of a cross between a floral oolong and a milky oolong. The scents is very subtle, tho. Post-infusion liquor is quite clear and doesn’t have a color or tint to it. It looks like water.

Once I start sipping this – everything turns around! The flavor is gentle but mouthwatering-sweet. It’s floral but fresh. It has a semi-woodsy but a sweeter-woody type after taste that is pleasing as well!

This is delightful!


ooo you are picking all my faves and bests. probably cuz i coated the top layer of the box with them hah.


Yuppers! I’m trying to dig deeper now but it’s hard because of all the teas! NOT that I’m complaining…I totally LOVE that!


i took the whole box to my room and just dumped it out on my bed hah. one big whopping pile of tea bags. (it smelled strange. the box as a whole smelled strange hah)

Michelle Butler Hallett

Ooooh. Stash carried an osmanthus tea years ago. I got it in a sampler and thought it was HEAVEN. Osmanthus is hard to find.


@Michelle, I think this tea tastes more like an oolong with a naturally occurring osmanthus note. It doesn’t taste like it’s flavored with osmanthus.

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drank Sun and Cloud Mist by 52teas
6770 tasting notes

After a hiatus from steepster – as well as other things – I am BACK! I have been drinking teas all thru my hiatus but no new teas, really, because I wanted to make sure I logged them here. SO now that I am back…I have LOTS and LOTS to sample and log. Here is the first of many.

I really thought I already logged this one but apparently I didn’t. It smells lovely. Creamy, sweet, lemony. After it infuses it fades away and smells more ‘green’. The flavor is green and floral with hints of creaminess and lemon. The Marshmallow root is present and pleasant. The end sip lingers nicely.


Welcome back!


Thanks so much! Means a lot :)

adagio breeze

I wondered what happened to you! Hope things are well.


Yes welcome back, I have missed your posts.


welcome back :)


Thanks everyone :)

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I grabbed a small cup of this and will pass on the rest to Liberteas and Azzrian

I do like the Hojicha in this! It’s it’s woodsy yet green tasting. It’s nutty and toasty. The popped rice is wonderful too! Larger than most popped rice I have seen in genmai.

This is much like soup! Quite brothy! I really REALLY like it!

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Another one from SIL
I must say I am really in LOVE with Shanti’s Maple offerings but this is darned tasty, too! It’s not as strong with the maple but the Russian Caravan likeness – the Souchong – is pretty delightful! It’s done RIGHT. It has a good amount of smoke without it being obnoxious! YAY! Probably one of my faves from Tealuxe so far!


pretty sure this is the one i didn’t like as much until i added a small spoon of maple syrup to it and then it was delicious! lol


Agave isn’t too bad, either…and I don’t usually add anything to my teas :)


neither do i…but in this case… i did lol


That sounds like an interesting combination!

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Thanks SIL
This is a nicely flavored Black Tea with Blueberry! This is NOT overly astringent, it’s NOT bitter (at least at about 3 minutes infusion time it isn’t), it’s NOT soapy or artificial tasting…it’s just a nice blueberry flavored black. Not too strong but not too weak – just right!

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Another one from SIL – thanks!
This is cake-E, Bake-E, Crusty, Lusty, Croissant-E!
Out of ALL of that you only saw the word lusty, didn’t you?

Anyhow…this has a deep blueberry flavor in addition to it being muffin-like, which is GOOD because it’s all part of the muffin, right? YUM!

This is a fairly intensely flavored Rooibos and the Rooibos itself even taste deeper than most Rooibos’s – or should I say Rooibos-EYE? Not real sure…perhaps Rooibos is like Deer – it’s Deer – if there is one or 100 of them – is it the same for Rooibos? Or is more than one Rooibos known as Rooibos’s? LOL – teehee! Just jabbering!

This is a nice tisane, tho! Clever! I like it!

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Thanks SIL
Oh! Clove! Hello!
And then there was FIG – yay!
The black tea base is nice – about medium strength – but I didn’t really know there was Oolong in here, too, until I read the description. I like that it’s a black/oolong blend but there isn’t much of an oolong flavor that is noticeable. The Apple notes are nice, too! This pairs well with the Almond Butter & Cranberry Power Chews I am currently eating! YUM!

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Thanks for this one, too, SIL
I LOVE the name of this one!

It’s a tad bitter but not bad! The fruity combo is good upfront but a little wonky on the aftertaste. I’m thinking this would be better cold. I had it hot. It was ‘ok’ – smelled pretty awesome, tho!


it’s a little hit or miss. When i had it IN store it was amazing…at home, less so lol

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