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Whaaaat? You know I’ve been embarrassed to say that “All Oolongs taste alike to me.” Well never mind. Because THIS oolong is niiiice. Oh darling, I’m so happy now. Sweet like a flower, no sharp edges, bursting round flavor! I can tell it’s an oolong, but it sings a little more vibrantly than your average oolong-joe. Me likey.

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Y’know how they (yes, “they”) say that Darjeeling can be more like a green tea than a black tea? Well, THIS particular Darjeeling has gotta be why. Truthfully, I think they kinda missed the mark there, too. Not seaweedy enough to be green, not heavy enough to be black, it tastes like itself! Just exactly like itself. Flowery, sweet, darjeelingy. The first flush leaves show winter what it feels like to be spring! I adore it. Absolutely adore.

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Dudes, this is my number one favorite tea of all time. All time, I say. ALL TIME! Love the heaviness, love the round edges, love it steamy hot with milk and sugar, love that it tastes like nothing else on the planet. Keemun is my one and only true love.

Boiling 8 min or more

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Shoulda made the note right as I was tasting. I remember liking it fine—slightly more than in previous oolongs. Not blown away, necessarily, but perfectly happy with it.

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Average nothing special black tea. I’d say it’s on the milder end of the Assam spectrum—easy to drink for a wide array of peeps just getting to know teas. Maybe not too dazzling for the connoisseur.

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Pretty little pearls! Gorgeous yellow-amber liquor. I don’t love the flavor, but y’know, my tastes don’t swing this way. And of COURSE I oversteeped it. Cause that’s how I roll. Accidentally. Whoops.

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I adore the little bird nests, and GREEN is so true in this case. Happy little green bird nests. I did two steeps. First one better than the second, which is pretty normal, right? EASY to oversteep, so watch yo self. Not my favorite puerh, probably wouldn’t drink it again if given the choice of a puerh lineup. But it wasn’t disgusting by any means.

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My expectations were this: Lotsa matcha, notsomuch genmaicha. I was completely and totally wrong. It’s got a strong genmai flavor and only a hint of the matcha. I steeped this guy for so damn long, too—because I subconsciously ignored the timer—and it didn’t ruin it. Gotta like that.

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