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drank Darjeeling by Twinings
398 tasting notes


I liked this one. I think I will order the loose leaf version someday soon (perhaps once I get my tax return).

It’s like a white tea pretending to be a black tea. I dig the wine/ grape notes and the floral finish. Delicate and soothing. A great introduction to darjeelings!

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Snowed in for the umpteenth time this winter! Thank goodness I have a job which permits me to work from home on days like this, because traveling is not an option.

This tea is easy to make and apt for the current environment. I taste the orange zest and vanilla most prominently today.

Some people think this one doesn’t taste like much, but hey, then again, plain sugar cookies don’t actually taste like much unless you add frosting to them anyway.

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drank Minty Igloo by Nourish Tea
398 tasting notes

I finally got the amount for this one right. I normally detest pure peppermint, but I think that’s only because I hadn’t had it in loose form prior to this tea.

Now I can’t get enough of it! It’s ideal for winter, and the natural chemical properties of the mint is helping with the Seasonal Affect Disorder, big-time. Soothing, smooth, with a slightly sweet finish. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Flavors: Mint

Boiling 5 min, 45 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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Trying to adhere to some principles of the Paleo diet (I still eat Special K for breakfast and I will never, ever give up cheese or kefir). It’s hard enough, giving up bread and my favorite salty processed foods! I honestly don’t know how people do this full-time. Weight gain is ridiculously easy; weight loss is the hardest thing.

Anyway, this is still one of my very favorite bagged nighttime blends. It’s the ultimate comfort tea and it makes me feel full instead of snacking.

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Ordered a Paleo cookbook online and accidentally had it shipped to my old college address. I’m going to have to call the mailroom there tomorrow morning and make sure it at least gets sent back to Amazon so I can get a refund.

Stupid, stupid STUPID.

Speaking of stupid purchases I made on Amazon, I made this unpleasant and semi-stressful discovery whilst sipping on a mug of this chamomile tea, of which I bought a whole pound off of Amazon.

I may delete my Amazon account.

Not that this tea is terrible. It really isn’t. It’s your average, very soothing, sweet, apple-y chamomile. I just have too bloody much of it. I need to make better life choices.



Haha, do you happen to have lighter hair? If so, maybe you can brew some once in a while for a hair rinse to keep it golden and/or shiny.

I accidentally had shoes I ordered off eBay sent to an old campus address and ended up going there and leaving a note under the new tenant’s door sheepishly explaining. Luckily it ended up at the nearest post office anyway. Now I obsessively triple check every time I order to make sure the right address is submitted/selected. Ugh.


Ohhhhh that’s a great idea for using up some of this chamomile! Lol yes now I’m going to make double sure the address is right before I hit “confirm.” Luckily the mailroom at my college was cool about it.

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drank Jade Citrus Mint by Teavana
398 tasting notes

I’m on a serious mint kick lately.

This is a nice, mild, pleasant blend. The best I’ve had from Teavana. It’s a good one to drink for comfort.


I remember liking this one quite a bit too. Maybe it will be my go-to mint/citrus green when I finish off the Crazy Mint from RiverTea (sob).


Oh, that will probably be a sad day! But yes. I think Jade Citrus Mint will make a good transition tea until you find a new citrus/mint green love. :D

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drank Minty Igloo by Nourish Tea
398 tasting notes

The dry leaf of this tea is deceptively mild… I dumped a bunch of it into my brewer, thinking that it was gonna be a weak tea. I waited the prescribed 4 minutes, then popped the top of the brewer for a sniff…

And then got WHACKED in the face by the scent of the steeped liquor. It brought tears to my eyes! VERY strong!!

I’m getting mint, mint, more mint, and a dash of earth. Which is then swallowed up by mint.

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A coworker gave me this today.

I cold-steeped it and MAN is it sweet and refreshing! Like mint ice cream.

Love it!

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drank Meng Ding Huang Ya by Dobra Tea
398 tasting notes

I let this one go stale, unfortunately… I overleafed to compensate, but I didn’t really get much flavor until it cooled considerably. It’s not a super flavorful and complex tea to begin with, so I guess it doesn’t bother me too much that it’s past its prime. It’s earthy and familiar and vegetal, light and beautiful to watch steep. Chinese teas have a mysterious, quiet, artistic presence. Tea with a purpose other than to caffeinate the drinker. They evoke and awaken certain feelings.

Drinking this particular one makes me sad, although I am 100% certain that that wasn’t the intent of the blendmaster.

I got it on my very last weekend in college, so just opening the bag and inhaling the dry leaf transported me right back to that day, the sadness, fear, and also strange exhilaration of graduating looming over my head as I made the purchase. Maybe that’s why I went so long without drinking it— I didn’t want to be reminded of the cozy little tearoom where I bought it, or of the friend I was with, whom I haven’t seen for a while.

I think my memories associated with this tea flavored my cup today more than the leaves themselves.

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drank Vanilla by Adagio Teas
398 tasting notes

Managed to get 25 minutes of cardio in this morning! I hated every minute of it, but MAN do I feel good now.

No need for coffee this morning, thanks to the happy endorphins, so I’m jumping right in with this creamy, nutty, and oddly robust blend. It’s the total package in terms of a morning wakeup tea.


Yay congrats on the cardio!

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Hello! I’m a recent college graduate, trying to find my way in the world. I love literature, politics, and tea. I work in the Information Technology field.

Favorites: black, oolong, rooibos, and white teas, pu- erh, mate, and chamomile. Blends that are vanilla, chocolate, nutty, or dessert-like are especially appealing to me.

I like green teas as long as they are blended with fruit and/ or spices, and I LOVE them when they’re floral.

I have a love-hate relationship with kombucha, and I’m very picky about my chai- It has to have a high-quality black tea base and be heavy on the cinnamon and light on the nutmeg.

Dislikes: Plain green teas, honeybush, fruity herbals, hibiscus in high quantities, plain peppermint. (Although I am not opposed to trying blends that cross into these neighborhoods if they come from reputable companies.)

I’m not a swapper, but I hope we can still be friends :)

90-100: Perfection and heaven and magic, all in one cup.

70-89: Good.

50-69: Meh.

49 and below: Blerg.


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