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The box says that this tea is best with milk in it. Usually, I’m not one to obey the box- You companies aren’t the bossa me! But I had this one again this morning, and this time I decided to add skim milk to it, just to give Taylors of Harrogate the benefit of the doubt.

Conclusion: Obey the box. The milk takes the bitter edge off of the flavor, without drowning out the nutty flavor or the richness of the tea, which surprised me.

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Oh. My. God. This is the best black tea I have ever had!

The flavor is so light, yet it has so many layers to it. I taste honey and cinnamon, and something almost fruity lingers in the aftertaste.

There’s no astringency to it, either. I think I may have oversteeped it a little bit, because there’s a slight smoky-bitter taste, too, but it doesn’t hinder my enjoyment of this cup! Every sip is a total sensory delight!

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Nooooooo! I woke up with a sore throat and congestion this morning! UGHHHH.

This was the first thing I reached for. (Along with a Tylenol caplet, of course.) I swear it works. I love this echinacea blend best because you can steep it for however long you need to, and it never gets bitter. And Vitamin C is always a good thing when battling a cold.

Not looking forward to November this year. Something tells me it’s gonna be a doozy.

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I’ve had a dry, tickly cough since last night. I am determined not to get sick! It’s not happening!

I swear by echinacea teas- I have three different blends of it. However, I only haul out the big guns (this pharmaceutical-grade Traditional Medicinal blend) when I feel that illness is eminent.

There’s a certain quality to echinacea that I love. It’s not floral, and it’s not nutty. I would say that it’s… earthy. It tastes like a really pleasant, natural medicine. This blend also tastes warm and buttery. It goes down really smoothly. I can’t say that I’m experiencing a tingling feeling on my tongue, like the box says, but I have no doubt that I’m drinking tea made with quality ingredients.

Traditional Medicinals has a way of perfectly balancing really really good taste and also honestly making you feel better. Hard to do with blends that are supposed to be medicinal. Celestial Seasonings has had to change the flavors of their Wellness Teas several times because of that.

Anyway, props to you, Traditional Medicinals. I hope this works, because I loathe being sick.

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Brrrrr! It’s freezing outside lately. Plus, I managed to piss off the guy behind me TWICE on the way back from picking up my groceries, so much so that he honked at me both times. Plus, I had already been honked at by someone else. So my nerves are a little frazzled at the moment, and I feel like an idiot. I need a mug of hot tea.

I bought a box of these sachets because:
1. I love black tea.
2. I can never not buy tea while grocery shopping.
3. I’ve heard of English breakfast and Irish breakfast, but not Scottish breakfast, and I am of Scottish descent and very proud of it, so therefore it automatically appealed to me.

So into the basket they went.

Steeping- it smells like it’s going to be a delicious black tea, and the color is a beautiful deep red.

Sipping- Mmmmm! It’s nutty and stout. It leaves a slightly bitter taste in my mouth, but I LOVE it. This is better than English breakfast for sure. Soooo much more earthy and flavorful. And I can tell already that it packs a punch in the caffeine department. Wow. Perfect pick-me-up tea on a blustery, overcast fall day like today.

And it’s also lifting my spirits, which can only give it more merit.

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I seem to be having a lot of trouble lately getting my ass out of bed in time to make a hot cup of tea in the mornings. I think my bio-clock is setting itself into Winter Mode. So to compensate for this, I have been brewing pots of tea at night, and then allowing them to cool and refrigerating them so that I can just grab my Tervis-ful of cold tea and high-tail it to whatever I’m late for.

So I brewed the last of my supply of this tea and mixed it with honey.

It’s delicious! I made it too strong, but that only helps bring the floral, sage side of it out. And the honey makes the blackberry sweet. The black tea base is there but not dominant.

I really enjoyed this today.

I realize what a novice I am- I’m only just getting ‘round to the idea of making my own iced tea from loose leaves. But whatever. This is a huge thing for me right now, so I’m going to shut up and enjoy it.

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drank Huang Shan Mao Feng by Dobra Tea
353 tasting notes

I steeped some of this tea in a glass jar with a bag of Celestial Seasoning’s Peppermint. It’s the only plain green tea I have, and I didn’t think peppermint would mix well with plain black tea.

I knew going into this endeavor that it was probably not going to work out too well, and I was mostly right- the Huang Shan Mao Feng is too light of a green tea, and I’ve had it for a long time, so it’s not fresh. Plus, the peppermint is a very dominating flavor. So mostly what I taste is the peppermint. Don’t get me wrong- it tastes good- Celestial Seasoning’s is my favorite peppermint blend. But this combo isn’t that great for what I originally wanted, which was a stronger green tea flavor.

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drank DeTox by Yogi Tea
353 tasting notes

Drank a mug of this with lunch. It’s my third cup of it, and I still love it. I feel better after I drink it at any rate, so even if it’s just a placebo effect, it still makes me happy.

I am unused to thinking of dandelions as things to be ingested. I think of them more as evil weeds that choke out lawns and gardens and proliferate at an alarming rate. However, they are yummy in this tisane! They’re present without being obnoxious, and they give it a sweet, lightly floral flavor, which balances the spice out nicely. Most importantly, it doesn’t feel like I’m drinking a ground-up pest species (which in fact, I am).

Good to know that dandelions have a more productive purpose, instead of just annoying the crap out of rural and suburban homeowners.

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drank Chamomile by Carrington Tea
353 tasting notes

The price of this tea was the most attractive thing about it to me. It was only $0.98 at Walmart! So I figured: One, it’s pretty much impossible to screw up plain chamomile; and two, it cost less than a dollar, so even if it turned out to be nasty, I wouldn’t have invested too much into it anyway, and I could always brew it with something else to cover up the ickyness.

However, this is a pretty okay tea by itself. Not particularly outstanding, but not particularly offensive either. It’s a good, cheap chamomile to have on hand whenever you or someone you live with has a stomachache or trouble calming down, or trouble going to sleep. Or if you just want some frill-free chamomile.

The box says proudly, “Microwaveable.” So clearly this company’s demographic is not people with picky tastes. However, as a broke college student, I appreciate their down-to-earth, budget-friendly attitude anyway. Also, they imitate Celestial Seasonings’ packaging style, with the stringless pouchless bags in a plastic bag inside the box, so they’re eco-friendly, too.

All in all, a pretty good find for 98 cents.

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I agree with everyone else- this tea tastes nothing like caramel. It smells and tastes a lot like apple pie to me. Is that weird? I think it’s the nutmeg, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cloves that do it. It is very tasty, but don’t expect caramel. Normally I am not a fan of rooibos, because I think it’s bland and yucky, but this blend has enough other stuff in it that lack of flavor is not a problem at all.

That being said, the list of ingredients in this tea is downright short compared to some of Yogi’s other blends. So that didn’t bug me too much. What made me hesitate was the fact that I had no idea what L-Theanine Suntheanine was, until a quick Google search revealed that it’s an amino acid. (I also discovered shortly thereafter that the box itself tells you that it’s “a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea” and that it “promotes relaxation by calming the mind.”)

So it TASTED good, but did it serve its intended purpose of making me sleepy and relaxed before bed? Yes! I’ve had plenty of Yogi’s Bedtime blend, which contains Valerian, and I gotta say, this blend worked better for me. This is nice stuff. I woke up a little groggy, but I think that’s because I slept more deeply than usual after drinking this tea.

Highly recommend this tea! Especially for fans of pie.

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Hello! I’m a recent college graduate, trying to find my way in the world. I love literature, politics, and tea.

Favorites: black, oolong, and white teas (anything with chocolate, vanilla, nutty, or spice notes!); pu- erh, yerba mate, chamomile, tulsi.

I like green teas as long as they are blended with fruit and/ or spices, and I LOVE them when they’re floral.

I have a love-hate relationship with kombucha, and I’m very picky about my chai- It has to have a high-quality black tea base for me to really enjoy it.

Dislikes: Plain green teas, rooibos, honeybush, fruity herbals, hibiscus in high quantities, plain peppermint. (Although I am not opposed to trying blends that cross into these neighborhoods if they come from reputable companies.)

I’m not a swapper, but I hope we can still be friends :)

90-100: Perfection and heaven and magic, all in one cup.

70-89: Good.

50-69: Meh.

49 and below: Blerg.


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