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From 52teas

What can I say? I get crazy ideas. Is this one just crazy or crazy brilliant? You tell me.

Here’s our caffeine-free African rooibos blended with the essentials of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich: real peanut butter chips, freeze-dried strawberries and all natural flavors.

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At 52teas.com, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

14 Tasting Notes

902 tasting notes

Ah, I love this stuff!! I threw in a few more peanut butter chips to make it even more peanut buttery. I’m getting low on it…I’ll have to order more with my next order (hopefully there’s still some left).

I was inspired to have this after my lunch: grilled peanut butter and jelly.

Boiling 8 min or more
Geoffrey Norman

I’m surprised this isn’t in the Man Teas roster.


I really wish it were. I’m also surprised that it’s not more popular than it is. But I suppose most people don’t have the same deep, devoted love of all things peanut butter that I have.


I don’t mind peanut butter, but I can’t even fathom drinking it… so am therefore not able to purchase any of Frank’s peanut butter offerings. I just hope that there are none in the 12 days sampler.


I love peanut butter milkshakes. I’ve been craving peanut butter fudge but I’m trying not to cave and make some. I’d say there’s not any pb in the 12 days, since they’re not as popular as his other blends. I’m sad I missed the peanut butter chai.


My husband liked the peanut soup at Colonial Willimasburg. I can’t imagine it in soup or tea, but apparently it is quite good!


I do not like peanut butter fudge, it was always the one fudge that my step-mom would make that I couldn’t eat – although none of her fudge was really very good. She wasn’t a very good cook, although I didn’t realize that until after I left home and tasted real food. LOL

I don’t think I could drink peanut butter milkshakes. But, I do like peanut butter and marshmallow cream sandwiches, peanut butter smeared on my pancakes and waffles… and peanut butter cookies (especially peanut butter blossoms, the kind with the chocolate kiss in the center). But I don’t want any of these to be tea flavors. Because… that just does not sound right… just. NO.


I only learned of the awesomeness of pb and marshmallow creme sandwiches recently. They have them at Cuppa. I don’t know how I lived without them before. Peanut butter soup is also amazing…I put curry in mine when I make it. Pb fudge is one of my specialties, and my mom makes a mean pb bread. Cuppa’s pb scones are second only to their nutella scones. I’ve got 5 jars of peanut butter, two of which are flavored.

When I’m passionate about something, I’m really passionate. Can you tell?


I LOVE Chocolate and Peanut butter combo, so much so that I wanted it for my wedding cake :) But unfortunately I did not go with the choc/PB cake because I wasn’t sure if the guests would enjoy it…. BUT I really am sad I missed the choc peanut butter tea Frank had in the past! I would LOVE it if he would blend a Choc PB cake tea !!!!!


Or choc pb fudge , chocolate peanut butter egg (Like the Easter candy) That would be awesome hint hint hint :)

Southern Boy Teas

Funny timing on all of these comments about peanut butter. Either this week or next, we are going to have a new PB blend. (I decided to give LiberTeas’ wallet a rest) :)


Woo-hoo!!!! So much for getting my cupboard under control!!


Aww, thank you Frank! I appreciate it!


Like Like LOVE! Can’t wait

Southern Boy Teas

GRR. I spoke too soon. Sorry. I’m out of some supplies I would need for that. Might be a few more weeks on the PB blend.

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558 tasting notes

I was delighted when I got my mail this evening as there was a surprise package awaiting from AmazonV! A sample of PBJ Rooibos was in there among others, and the first I decided to try.

I didn’t set a timer, but I know it was over 5 minutes, but not sure by how long. I tried a few sips hot, a few after a minute or two, and several sips throughout our 1 hour tv program, but I can’t seem to taste anything other than pure red rooibos.

I’ll follow the directions more carefully and then allow myself to rate this. Maybe it needs a set 7 minute steep to get flavors out of it.


This one makes me curious… I’ve had strawberry flavored teas that had jammy qualities, so I’ve wondered if this one does since it’s supposed to.

Meghann M

I hope so…I want to get some flavor from it other than the rooibos. I probably shouldn’t have tried making any tea tonight after the lack of sleep and amount of traveling I’ve done in the last week. Finally returned home tonight! Will try again with a better head on my shoulders and a timer.


That’s where no frills bagged comes in (at least for me), cuz for me no tea is so much worse than just average tea.


Yes, steep boiling 7+ minutes….hopefully today is better!

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6770 tasting notes

Jaime spoiled me! :) Thanks again Jaime!

Here is one that received low ratings for the most part. I must say it’s pretty tasty in my honest opinion. It could be that the ratings are low because 52 Teas is cherished by many on Steepster and they come up with some really awesome offerings and most of them intensely flavored…I didn’t find an intense flavor with this one, however. The flavor was subtle. I LOVE that I saw 3 HUGE Peanut Butter Chips in my cup before infusing! I like how it’s sugary-sweet. It smells like peanuts but, again, the aroma is subtle. I can taste the strawberry and it’s yummy. I can also taste the rooibos…that’s ok. This infuses VERY dark…almost like a black tea.

I can’t say the PBJ is over the top or even strong…but overall it’s a tasty flavored Rooibos. I’m not disappointed. I’m not blown away.

Fairly good!


OH! ANDSIPDOWN!!!!! Now you see it now you don’t! :)


I adore this one and wish I could get my hands on some of the peanut butter chai that he had.


I think this one varied a lot by batch – the packet I had was very strong on the rooibos, and not much of anything else. We could barely taste the peanut or the strawberry…

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58 tasting notes

Sick today, trying to soothe a sore throat. This actually hit the spot quite nicely. I raised the water temp a bit and steeped a little longer, knowing that this is a rather light blend. I was pleasantly surprised. Even with my numbed senses I could taste the peanut butter quite distinctly, and it was the soother that I had hoped for. And perhaps it raised my spirits a little too. :)


I’m not a red rooibos fan, but I want to try my own version sometime. I even have a plan of attack: 2tsp black tea steeped in a cup of water and 2tsp each raspberry jelly and peanut butter chips stirred into the milk while simmering then added to the concentrated tea. I might even add dark and white chocolate chips too. :)

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714 tasting notes

Steep Information:
Amount: 4 tsp if I had followed directions it would have been 3
Additives: none
Water:22 ounces filtered boiling, but then sat for a little as we sniffed quizzically
Tool: Cast Iron Teapot with Mesh basket strainer
Steep Time: a little over 7 minutes
Served: Hot

Tasting Notes:
Dry Leaf Smell: It smells, just like a pbj sandwich
Steeped Tea Smell: Strawberry rooibos
Flavor: Rooibos, hint of strawberry, Militiajim found the hint of PB but it’s hiding from me still
Body: Medium
Aftertaste: Sweet
Liquor: Dark reddish-brown translucent

Perhaps I need to steep it longer?

Last night I drank a coconut custard pie, and tonight I drank a PBJ. I think I have a drinking problem (j/k) ;-)

Post-Steep Additives: none

images: http://amazonv.blogspot.com/2010/04/52teas-loose-leaf-rooibos-tea-pbj.html

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

A hint of strawberry?!?! Did Frank purchase way too many strawberries so he decided to drop a bit in this as well?


well they did come out in quick succession so i am betting he decided to place a larger order and do both at the same time?

Meghann M

I forgot that this had strawberry (the way I like my pbj) and not grape (the way my husband likes pbj). I may have to order this one!


I am currently downing in tea, want me to send some PBJ your way tomorrow morning – there still seems to be enough left, you might be able to try some before buying a whole thing?


I should clarify-there seems to be enough left at 52teas (unlike the run on strawberry matcha)

Meghann M

Thanks for sending some my way even though I seem to have missed this post!

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257 tasting notes

I like 52teas a lot; I like the concept and I like some of their wild and crazy blends that turn out to be not the least bit crazy when you drink them. I have subscribed for almost 6 months and will probably continue my subscription, although I worry that they have a silo full of rooibos someplace.

I like the classic PBJ combo and I generally like what 52teas does with peanut flavors. But this “tea,” as others have noted, was a disappointment. I could not find the flavor. I hope that 52teas will start a subscription program where one can simply opt out of rooibos. I have so many of their rooibos packets dismally waiting for the love they will never find at my house. How did rooibos get to be a tea anyhow? Would the world of wine permit cranberry juice or Kool-Aid to be counted among its vintages?

Oh, 52teas! Please lavish your love and your ingenuity on the black and green tea blends that I love so much.

Boiling 8 min or more

I love the image of them having a silo full of rooibos! And I think I know where in Wichita they’re storing it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Keeper_of_the_Plains
One must also be aware that when the article says “Arkansas Rivers” the way a Wichitan (having been one myself) pronounces the river (versus the state) is Are-Kansas River (not Arkinsaw). Believe it or not! ;)


We are looking to go to Wichita for a family gathering around 4th of July…this may bear further investigation! No doubt they’ll be closed, but maybe I can at least drive by Zoomdweebies and look longingly in the window.


I’ve been thinking of heading that way, but they’re only open on Tuesdays or some such and I’ll pretty much only ever be down that way on weekends. Sigh.

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123 tasting notes

I think this may be the first peanut-flavored tea I’ve tried, although I’ve had almond, hazelnut and chestnut teas before. The nuttiness is pleasant, but it is not strong. It balances with the rooibos flavor but doesn’t transform/transcend it into a truly peanut butter beverage.
I can’t detect the strawberries, so I think calling this “PBJ” isn’t quite right because there isn’t any jamminess. :(

I’m glad this is caffeine-free, because I need more evening teas, but I can’t help but wonder if the PBJ would taste better with a different tea base since the rooibos seems inclined to overpower it?

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283 tasting notes

I agree with everyone reviews, there’s nothing that is PB & J about this tea. There’s a small hint, it’s so faint like it’s not even there. A ghostly hint, that’s what it is. I like rooibos, but this is just rooibos to me, plain and simple.

Boiling 8 min or more

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267 tasting notes

This is SUCH a good idea for a tea blend that I think it needs to be redone. Because my bag is essentially just a plain rooibos tea. Even looking in the bag all I see is plain rooibos. When I sniff it I don’t really get anything but rooibos. And when I brew it there’s nothing else there. I LIKE plain rooibos, but as I’m fond of saying- I can buy it plain when that’s what I want. Totally bummed out that I didn’t get a peanut buttery taste out of this.

Boiling 6 min, 0 sec

That is so sad. :( No PB chips?


I found one in the bag, but it didn’t do anything for the cup it was in. I’m not sure the PB chips ever make that much of a difference for me.

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