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From 52teas

Prepare to be seriously WOWed.

Seriously, how can you go wrong with Chai, organic cacao nibs AND the essence of New York Cheesecake?

This is one ridiculously decadent tea!  Add a little cream and sugar and I’m betting you will think this blend is too good to be legal.  And get this—if you don’t like chocolate, sit tight.  I’m about to post a separate, mid-week blend (a bit early)—our vanilla bean cheesecake chai!

Who’s the man?  Yeah, you know it.  Enjoy!

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

29 Tasting Notes

6770 tasting notes

Thanks so much for sending this to me!

I LOVE Cheesecake…

This smells like chocolate and chai and a creaminess which I will take as the cheesecake.

Post-infusion it’s like chocolate chai scented.

Taste is a bit mellower than I expected. It tastes like chai with a very little bit of chocolate-likeness. At first I was like “Where’s the cheesecake”??? But it gets you right at the end and more into the aftertaste.

If this makes sense…I like the end of the sip better than the beginning of the sip! Tastes more like Cheesecake and less like chai. BUT…I can’t complain because it IS actually Chocolate Cheesecake Chai! LOL – I’d LOVE to have a Chocolate Cheesecake Black Flavored Tea with out the Chai – but because this is a Chai…I will say I like it!


That sounds yummy!

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558 tasting notes

I’m a tea failure today. I attempted to make stovetop chai per samovars stovetop recipe. I brought filtered water to a roiling boil, added chai, rock sugar and black tea leaves. It boiled beautifully and made my apartment smell wonderful. I grabbed my milk from the fridge and poured out a huge glob of milk. Looked at the expiration date and it was only two days past. Sigh. Dumped it all started again. Got the leaves and sugar mix out and le it boil five minutes and figure I’ll pour in some chocolate soy I picked up. Checked the expiration date and it is goo until December as it had not been opened. Added some soy and simmered while stirring. Everything smelled so good my mouth was watering. I strained my tea into my 16oz glass mug, rinsed out the strainer and watched the milk as it curdled.

Atvthis point I give up and am enjoying a can of diet coke:-(


I won’t “like” this because that is so terrible! Have you ever been able to make stovetop chai before? There’s a thread on the forums here that has several different recipes for making stovetop chai. I believe it is just called “Chai” or something like that.


OH NO! I’ve never had more than 1 milk disaster in one day. When things like this happen I go for something non tea as well. A.) Cuz I’m too frazzled and know I will screw up again and B.) to punish myself lol.

Meghann M

I felt so bad for wasting so many tablespoons of leaves. And to top it off we just bought groceries tonight and I didn’t’t get milk because I thought I had another weeks worth. I think I’ll be drinking my chai and teas plain for the next week to punish myself. I think this makes my case for needing the breville tea maker:-). Although I’m still not sure I can convince my husband.

RachanaC (Rachel)-iHeartTeas

A sad day indeed. Hope tomorrow brings you better luck.


YES! Breville! And maybe a cow so you always have fresh milk LOL!

Meghann M

LOL @Coftea, well I do live in IL farm country so a cow isn’t too far out of the picture. I just wouldn’t know what to do with one as I’m quite the city girl. Hopefully I can find Breville at a local Bed,Bath and Beyond or Williams Sonoma. I want to see it in person.


A ‘glob of milk’. Ew. D:


That is the saddest tea story I’ve heard in awhile :(


Oh, honey. That’s just so sad. You definitely need the Breville.

You could always do a cost/benefit analysis for your hubby. “See, sweetie, I mess up my tea and waste $XX dollars a week. In XX weeks, this would pay for itself in the cost of saved tea.”

Or you could tell him what my mom tells my dad: “It makes me happy, and anything that makes me happy helps keep me from annoying you.”


That is a sad. sad tea story :(


LOL Jaime, you rationalize as good as I do!:)


I’ve got skills like that. I’m also the queen of “well, if you don’t get it now, then it might not be there when you come back for it” and the “donate and upgrade.”

Meghann M

Jaime-thanks for giving me another good line, I love the “it makes me happy” line your mother uses.

Today is a better day, cranberry matcha smoothy made with only the tools of a scoop, vanilla yogurt and some mixed berries in my magic bullet. Had to go the easiest route possible, short of stopping at starbucks.


Yay for matcha smoothies!

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4833 tasting notes

My Order arrived today! I was shocked at how quickly it arrived… I hadn’t expected to receive this until sometime next week, because I figured his orders from Memorial Day were probably CRAZY

But then, Frank is always surprising me – and this Chocolate Cheesecake Chai is surprisingly GOOD!

I was about to get the frother out and go latte with this, but I tried it first, and found that I really like it the way it is! It has a nice, creamy flavor going on with the cheesecake essence. The chocolate adds some sweetness to it – yummy, rich chocolate! Together with the cheesecake, this chai becomes seriously indulgent.

But it IS a chai. The peppery kick from the ginger stands out most to me. The spices really give this a delightful depth of flavor. YUM!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Ohmygosh I want mine NOW. lol. My luck it’ll come next Fri- the same day I leave for an extended weekend in Seattle. :(


I would LOVE to try this someday!!!!


TEB- there’s 1 regular 2oz pouch left. But it isn’t listed under the “in stock” listings.


TeaEqualsBliss – I’ve already put some in your box. :)


Woot!!! Thx…u spoil me!


Crap, I tried to order it. Went into my shopping cart just fine, and apparently someone nabbed it before I could check out. Cry!


Morgana, same thing happened to me :( – Maybe we can constantly request a reblend and Frank will set it up :)


I’m kinda jealous because the vanilla cheesecake chai just tastes like chai to me! Boo!

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902 tasting notes

The last of my sample from Meghann. This is just a delicious tea. I think I like the vanilla one better, but this one is good, too.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

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176 tasting notes

This was wonderful, as expected. I have MeghannM to thank for this one. The chocolate flavor isn’t too obvious, but that doesn’t stop it from being delicious!


Ohhhhh I like the vanilla cheesecake chai. Curious about this one.

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1118 tasting notes

Trying this today using the Samovar stovetop method with Kusmi Chocolate as the extra black tea.

This is a creamy, chocolatey, spicy, comforting drink. The spice is just enough to make it known this is chai, and I’m getting a lot of chocolate taste (the use of the Kusmi as the extra black tea with chocolate chais has been extremely successful, and I heartily recommend using a chocolate flavored black tea for the extra black if you’re following the Samovar method with a chocolate chai).

Cheesecake, not so much, and I would have thought perhaps that was because I’d added the Kusmi, but then I read the notes here and it seems to be a common observation about this tea. There is a sort of creaminess to the flavor that accentuates the normal milky creaminess with chais prepared this way, and I’m taking that to be the cheesecake flavor. There’s not a piquancy to it that actual cheesecake has. It’s more creamy than cheesy.

I have one more 52 teas chocolate chai in my stash and I’ll be interested to see what the difference is in flavor between that one and this. I can say now that I prefer the spicy yet not blisteringly spiciness of this mixture to the Mayan Chocolate Chai for most purposes, though there are times when the Mayan seems like it would be the only thing that would hit the spot.

Boiling 8 min or more

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865 tasting notes

Ok. What the heck. My order is here ALREADY- only 3 days after being shipped! Why do my orders from KS take either 3 days or 3 weeks…? lol. Anyway. Time to dig in!

I’m a little disappointed I don’t see any huge, gorgeous, green cardamom pods when I open my tin- that’s one of the many reasons I love their Mayan Chocolate Chai. It smells smooth and chocolatey, but I’m not getting the cheesecake. Which is fine, I don’t know what the heck cheesecake smells like anyway lol.

1 heaping tsp (3.75g)/6oz just below boiling water.

The liquor is quite dark in shade and a reddish brown in color. It’s not completely translucent do to the chocolate and spices.

The aroma is rather chocolatey, although not CHOCOLATE! like a baking cake would be. There’s a hint of spice. No cheesecake (again- all good).

hmmm… chocolate, check.- Although I wish it was as chocolatey as the Mayan Chocolate Chai. It’s not. Spice- a bit. I’ve had stronger. No cheesecake, but there is a smoothness to it. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the cheesecake, so it could very well be in there. I think I need to taste Zoomdweebie’s cream cheese flavored black so I know exactly what I’m looking for. This reminds me of a lighter version of Numi’s Organic Chocolate Pu Erh. All flavors (especially the cheesecake) need to be stronger. Oh yeah, it needs cayenne too:)

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I hope they make this one again, I’d really like to try it. Can’t believe the last package was snatched right out from under my nose. :-)


this sounds delicious! i have got to try it…

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149 tasting notes

First, let me express my intense dislike for all things Chai. Given the choice between drinking a good Chai or a crappy Lipton bagged tea made with pond water, I would choose the Lipton. But, something possessed me to try this tea. (It probably has a lot to do with the fact that it also has Chocolate and Cheesecake in the title.) When I tried this tea, I was shocked – it is actually really good! The taste is quite chocolaty. I can really taste the cheesecake flavor, especially at the end of the sip. The chai spices are pretty gentle, and remind me more of the spices in baked goods. This is truly an awesome chai, and that is a huge compliment coming from me. Prepared with stevia and a bit of half and half.

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1774 tasting notes

Hmm, this actually smells a great deal like the Mayan Chocolate Chili Chai – it’s the ginger and cocoa bits, I think. I like that Frank add ginger to all of his chais – it gives the teas a little bit of a zing that not many other chais have. The chocolate is also nice, it’s quite distinct while still being balanced with the other strong flavour in the tea. I’m not getting a huge amount of cheesecake flavour, though that might be because I steeped this cup a little on the light side. I’ll make the next one stronger and then we’ll see.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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255 tasting notes

This is the first tea I’ve tried with chocolate, and I was pleasantly surprised! I put off trying this for a while, unsure if I’d like it, love it, or hate it. I think I fall into the first camp. The chai elements were mild, and like the other cheesecake flavored teas I’ve tried, I just can’t pick out the cheesecake elements. I’m starting to think it’s me! Thank you, Short Sorceress, for the opportunity to try this one out!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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