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From 52teas

Premium Indian CTC black teas blended with organic flavoring. Amazing tea with a great Neapolitan ice cream finish.

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Southern Boy Teas is a brand of Zoomdweebie’s, LLC, home of

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

33 Tasting Notes

2372 tasting notes

Sipdown!! (233)

Finally a sipdown! Not that I want this tea gone but rather I am trying to try all the SBTs I bought so I know what I need to restock and it is just such hard work to get through a pitcher alone in the middle of winter.

I don’t have anything new to say about this tea that I have not already said in my other tasting notes. Basically this is a delicious tea that captures the neapolitan flavor well. It will definitely be a restock.

Iced 8 min or more

What an interesting premise for a tea!

Roswell Strange

I always just scoop the Strawberry out of Neapolitan…


^ That’s exactly what I used to do, too. Strawberry rules.


The flavor is predominantly strawberry and vanilla in this which is amazing because I never liked chocolate anyways :P


Ohh… Might have to pout this one on my shopping list for the summer. I always used to eat the chocolate first to get it out of the wah so that I could enjoy the vanilla & strawberry. :). Ice cream is a fav of mine… Going on shopping list.

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1162 tasting notes

Is this my last Neapolitan tea bag? I think it may be, and it’s from last year. Still would have traded it in for a Rainbow Sherbet. This one is mostly sweetened black tea. Maybe a little chocolate, maybe a little strawberry, but I wouldn’t have noticed if no one told me this was supposed to be Neapolitan ice cream in an iced tea jug.

But it’s still a delightful refreshment to come home to after spending the sunny afternoon waiting for busses.


You’re so lucky you have sun. It’s so muggy here that walking out of work was like walking into the Rain Forest exhibit at the aquarium. :) Tonight is All Iced Tea, All The Time.


I can only imagine. I’ve only been to Vancouver once, last summer, and was it ever humid. Mixed in with the pollution around the hotel and it started getting to me after a while.


This is way worse than usual. Way. Worse. I mean, one of my jobs is in a tropical room, so I’m used to the humidity, and this is just bad. :/


It’s still pretty muggy here too. Not as bad as Florida muggy. That’s way worse. It’s like it is now, only it’s 40C (or hotter). And muggier.


Part of the problem was that I wore pants and a cotton tee today even though I knew I’d be spending the morning in the warm room. Ugh. Shorts/skirts and wicking fabrics are the way to go.


Oh man, I LOVE this one! Whereas Rainbow Sherbet is just okay. I never cease to be amazed how people’s tastes differ. I think it’s human nature to think that everyone will think like you do. Wow, that was a lot of “thinks”, LOL!


Do you also like Cotton Candy? I thought that was just sweetened black tea too, so it would be really interesting if you also like that one.


Florida isn’t even muggy. It is an outdoor sauna. >__>


I LOVE the Cotton Candy one!! LOL! I have a major sweet tooth, so maybe that’s part of it?

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4833 tasting notes


I cold-brewed this overnight, and am finding that this gets better and better as I continue to drink it. The first couple of sips were very strawberry-ish, with hints of a creamy background note. Now, as I’m nearly finished with my second glass, the chocolate and vanilla notes have developed, although the strawberry still seems to reign over the other flavors. It’s a really delicious iced tea though. Do I like this better than the original honeybush version? I don’t know! It’s been a while since I last had that … so its difficult to compare. But, I do really enjoy this. Very refreshing.

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984 tasting notes

Iced tea of the day……

Yum! I mostly smell strawberries and creaminess. Once I get a taste of the brew, it definitely has all three flavors going on, Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I am sure the flavors would come out even more if I sweetened it, but this is good as it is, and that is how I usually drink iced tea. Definitely a winner. Not sure which one I like better….this or Rainbow Sherbet, but I am glad I have some of both. Bubblegum and Cotton Candy are still in the bag to try.

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807 tasting notes

This stuff is DA BOMB tastes just like the ice cream people I really mean it I want MOAR NAOW!
Can’t wait to try the whole line up of these teas! WOOT excited yes I am!
Made them ICED no less hahaha yes I know they ARE iced teas … ANY way … very much worth getting! Made two HUGE iced tea travel containers of this stuff – one for me one for my daughter.
I even re-stepped the bag and it was still great!
Getting more!
Thanks Frank for making good stuff!

Daniel Scott

Adding to my shopping list now.


You will enjoy it.


ee love your review! Can’t wait for the mail to come :D
Also – I swear I was following you, but I found this review and it said I wasn’t following you! What?! So now I am again haha! All is right with the world.


oo this sounds great and your enthusiasm definitely sold it for me haha. thanks for the review!


Thanks Teawade
Daisy that is so weird – I am pretty sure we were following each other before – glitch probably. Glad you we are back together lol


I’ve had several people drop off of my list of followed. I try to remember them all and make sure I pick them up again if they go MIA. I’m getting old and losing the battle with memory though, lol.


Me too Missy – I feel ya!

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1212 tasting notes

I’ve been meaning to write this since Monday since it was my National Iced Tea Day iced tea! In fact, I wanted to do it last night but right before 8pm the power went out after a massive storm blew through. I only got power back at 4:50am, and I only know this because my smoke detector’s first power source is electricity and it beeped twice when it came back on, scared me half to death. There are trees down all over the place, I can’t even get to my garden and I’m worried about one of my tomato plants since it already looked like it had too much water D:

So yes this tea, it is hard to pick a favorite SBT because they are all so good. This one though I’d say isn’t up there, but it’s still good. This time around, it seemed more chocolatey than the other flavors, but the strawberry and vanilla were still there. I love that it’s sweet enough I don’t have to add extras, and it tastes creamy even though it’s just water and tea.

I guess the other bag I had, I made at the Dragon. I don’t even remember that, oops!

I haven’t made any iced tea since I came back home to my apartment so I feel like today and right now might be the time to do that. I could have done it by flashlight last night but then I would have taken my bird’s only light source. Once I set up the flashlight by him like a lantern, he ate dinner haha.

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514 tasting notes

This was my least favourite of the 4 SBTs I tried, but I think it was because Bubblegum & Cotton Candy were SO flavourful by comparison!

That said, in this one, the black base really shone – just didn’t get enough of that icecreamy goodness that I get from the original honeybush blend. Not bad, just not my favourite! That is all.

OH – and this does end on a happy note – with the return of Earl Grey Cheesecake it gave me a chance to order some more SBTs! So… yeah!

Oh ALSO I got a job! It’s a PR/Customer Service desk at a mall. A mall job which gives me a discount on DavidsTea AND Lush! So for now, I’m a happy retail camper


Score for job with discounts!!! Congratulations. :D


Thanks! I figure since it’s kind of a PR job, it can count towards some sort of “You need 3+ years of experience to apply for this job” stuff. Then I can get a legit PR job! Or something. Something good will come of this!

Will Work For Tea

Congrats on the job! Just don’t go spending your paychecks at the mall! J/K – lol!


haha it’ll be hard, but I’ll try! ;)


Congrats! I worked at Lush for two years and will try to get a job at one of the stores here now. It’s always lovely to have a discount there. :)

Hesper June

Yeah! Glad to hear that you got a job and also that there is “benefits” ;)


yay! congrats! now you will always smell like a bath bomb :P


Congrats! Wow, 2 great stores!!


Congrats on the job! ^^


Congratualtions on the job! I’m happy you do get benefits :D

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382 tasting notes

wow, WOW! this was an excellent bad idea. you know when you’re decently sure you’re executing a bad idea, but it makes you happy so just too-damn-bad? yup. that’s this.

it is 2:22 am, i haven’t had much sleep the last week…. we have new tenants moving in, i start school next tuesday and regular old life stress. it was a gonzo day, this is the first time i’ve had any time to myself and i wanted to try this awesome smelling iced tea!

the sensible part warred with the rebelious side of me:

-but it’s so late at night that it’s morning, james.
-your point?
-sleep is a good thing… this tea is a black base.
-iced cream in liquid form is a good thing, quit lecturing!
-i’m the one that listens to the griping when you make bad decisions like this….
-then stop up your ears!

it was the very best bad decision i’ve made this week. all three flavours are clear without being muddy. a simple syrup… 1/2 a cup of a 50/50 mix added to the 8 cups of tea. i’m convinced.

my compliments to frank and crew! and now to sleep…. ;0P

Iced 8 min or more

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603 tasting notes

I made this yesterday and ended up drinking half the pitcher! Hahaha! So, I think that probably speaks volumes about how good it is. I try to make myself a cup of tea in the mornings before heading off to work. But today was a little too hectic, so I just poured a glass of this into my tea tumbler and headed out the door.

I don’t know how, but I had almost forgotten what it tasted like overnight. So, when I got to work and had a sip of this tea, my jaw hit the floor! This stuff is soo good! Sooo incredibly yummy!!!

It tastes like all three flavors equally: strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I don’t get much in the way of ice cream, but honestly that’s one of those things that I don’t think can be replicated in tea form. The black tea base is smooth and assertive. It blends perfectly with the added flavorings. Not a hint of bitterness or astringency in sight.

Truly, this is a fantastic iced tea!! And I’m not a huge iced tea drinker. I almost always prefer to drink teas hot. But this, this was made to be iced and it’s just to die for! I could drink this everyday, and I bet I’d wake up each morning and still be surprised that it tastes this good! ;)


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464 tasting notes

I brewed up a bunch of iced teas for a friend’s birthday bbq today. This ice tea was just ok. The base was nice, bright, and even malty, bit I didn’t love the flavors. I did taste chocolate and strawberry, but the chocolate was not the kind I like and the strawberry was a little week.


this came in the mail this week… hmmm. will keep you posted!


I’ll watch for it!

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