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Custard, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, Eggnog, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Baked Bread
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From 52teas

Look ma: No mango this week! Instead, be prepared to be blown away by this new black tea blend. If you love our Pancake Breakfast blend, you’re going to LOVE this. It’s similar to Pancake breakfast, but a little sweeter with some cinnamon, brown sugar, maple syrup and yes, even a touch of butter flavors.

This is like French toast in a cup without the 600 calories you’d expect from some hot French toast drowning in maple syrup and butter. This is a brand new comfort tea and I imagine it’s going to go FAST.

Get yours today at!
Just $8.99 including shipping to the US!

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May 27, 2013

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At, you will find unique, hand-blended artisan loose leaf teas: a new limited edition creation every week of the year. We pride ourselves on offering truly unique, one-of-a-kind tea blends that you won’t find anywhere else.

75 Tasting Notes

863 tasting notes

ugh – so behind on my tasting notes!

I had this yesterday prepped at the parameters I normally use for Frank’s black teas. It was slightly better this time – I think because I added some milk and that brought out the eggy bready notes. I need to get up the courage to use maple syrup instead of sugar and I think that will get it the rest of the way….and I bet it will be at least as good as Pancake Breakfast then!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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1723 tasting notes

First cup of the morning, from my freshly opened sachet from the 12 Teas of Christmas box. I finished off my full pouch not so long ago, so I can safely say that this is as good as I remember it. Maybe slightly better. Today I got a slightly toasty, bready note that I’m not sure I’ve picked up previously. It sits beautifully alongside the cinnamon, and puts me in mind of actual French toast. I think this one might always be a winner with me. It’s just spectacular.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp

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3186 tasting notes

First off, thank god I am alone in my home because I am pretty sure I look like a psycho. I literally cannot stop smiling as I go through all the surprise teas MissB sent my way. There are so many ones I have been DYING to try! It is like she knows…I think she might be inside my head :P. Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH MISSB!!! I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough for your generosity.

On to this tea…

This has been in my sample box for a few weeks now and today when I opened it up to send some to Josie Jade, I decided to give it a try myself. The smell of the dry leaf was wonderfully cinnamon and maple. The taste is very similar. It is like having a thick slice of French Toast (that got a good dash of cinnamon in the batter) with maple syrup. Frank really does know how to blend a delicious breakfast tea.

Actually, I worried this would be the exact same as Pancake Breakfast but it is quite different. This has less maple and the mouthfeel is not as thick. Plus the cinnamon really sets the two apart. As much as I love Pancake Breakfast, I think this is a tea I could drink more often as it still captures the breakfast taste without being as dense (which of course is part of the charm of Pancake Breakfast but hard to drink everyday).

Oh and for anyone wondering, I used 2 tsps for 16 oz of water and brewed the tea for two minutes in water that was slightly below boiling. Came out quite well!

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 15 sec

LOL re the psycho smile. ;-)


I have an unopened sample of this that came in the 12 days of Christmas package, if you’d like it!


That is very sweet but I actually have the 2 oz package. That should keep me satisfied for a while.


Oh good! glad you scooped it up while it was available!


I’ve been wanting to try this flavour in the worst way!

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998 tasting notes

OK, here’s my – man Dex are you ever strange – thought for the day.

I don’t understand most peoples thoughts on French Toast. I don’t get the powered sugar, syrup, heaven forbid whipped cream toppings on French toast. French toast – in my world is eggs and bread (yeah I know beat in a little milk it makes it “fluffier”). If you were eating scrambled eggs and toast (bread and eggs) would you cover it in sugar and syrup? If you were eating poached eggs on toast….? So why when you dip bread in eggs and fry does it suddenly become a dessert? I will never understand this. In my world French Toast is savory to be eaten with bacon and ketchup – thank you very much.

Having said all that, this is not French Toast tea (at least not in my world) this is pancake tea. It’s really subtle on the maple, really heavy on the sweet, and just a hint of cakey. I don’t really like it, those aren’t my favorite flavors, but is ok. Will play with the rest of the sample – am thinking of adding hazelnut. Thanks ifjuly for the sample.

ETA: 1 1/2tsp French Toast, 1/2 tsp Adagio Hazelnut, 16 oz water, wait 3 minutes, pour into travel mug, add 1/2 tsp splenda and a splash of milk. All is right in my world….


=0) i’d do bacon and thyme…. no ketchup for me. i save that for grilled cheese, but that’s just me.


LOL bacon and thyme make sense to me…. you add thyme to omelets so why not french toast… will try that some day. :))


It really depends on how you want your eggs that day ;). We’ll often do a slighty sweetened cream cheese and fruit filling in an omlette as a weekend breakfast treat.


Maybe I was a little harsh – of course to each their own, and I understand that I am really in the minority, it’s just one of those things that everyone does that I don’t understand. If you like sweet and fruity with your eggs – that’s awesome ;))


Yes… yes, I would put maple syrup on poached eggs on toast, especially if there was sausage in there somewhere too. Salty-sweet. :)


you know… bread, squishiness, fried…. it’s all a win really……


Cora’s does a cinnamon brioche French toast that I used to be addicted to, but outside of that I usually go the savoury route for French toast also. Though I suppose it is like tarts and crêpes. It can go both ways.


Dexter, felt good to get it off your chest, didn’t it?
James, ketchup with grilled cheese??? Uh, no thank you. But that’s just me :-)


I’m working on expressing my uniqueness….


Grilled cheese with ketchup? Oh yes! Dessert French toast? Nah… although I’d be willing to try… Pancake tea? Maybe! I love pancakes but never had them in a form of a tea… :P


But Dexter, people put jam on toast and that is adding sweetness to breakfast. Although I do see where you are coming from. I personally love syrup or cinnamon sugar on french toast but then again, I have put syrup on eggs, bacon and hash browns before :P However savory french toast also sounds tasty.


ViriaTEA – ok I get the jam on toast part – but I don’t want it with eggs. I think it’s the eggs and sweet that messes with my head. Or maybe I’m just not that big of syrup fan. Dunno…

Kamyria – 52 teas also does a Pancake Breakfast tea. I think this is really similar to that.
Butiki also does a Potato Pancake and applesauce tea.


there is nothing better than grilled cheese and ketchup unless is grilled cheeseS made with havarti…. oh, and you’re dipping in ketchup btw.

@Kamyria pancake tea rocks!


Dex, I’m totally with you. My mom’s french toast was always very savory, bright yolky yellow with toasty brown marks, super eggy, not sweet until/unless you put maple syrup over it. The pillowy-fat-fluffy sugarbombed type you usually get in restaurants is alien to me (not a judgment, my husband loves that kind and so do most of my friends who brunch out with us, just noting you’re not alone!).


JustJames, you have made me hungry. boo! (:


I want to try this tea so badly it hurts.

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3134 tasting notes

Thanks Cavocorax!

Is it just me, or does the spicing of this tea taste an awful lot like Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake?? (It’s not just me.) In fact, I could probably have been convinced that they were the same tea. I don’t have any CPC left to compare, though.

Anyhow, basically, this is a nice spiced blend – a lot more spicy than I usually make my French toast, not that I do it often. I’m not really tasting any eggy/breadiness, just spices. And I do like this spicing. Just a little disappointed that it doesn’t taste more unique.

So, points for deliciousness, but minus points for not being different (or really to me, tasting like French toast). Also – 2 min infusion = no astringency, so if you have problems with that, I’d recommend it.

ETA: I happened to chill the second infusion of this one, and omg, I got major frosting flavours with it. Literally like a frosted cinnamon roll. It was delicious.

Boiling 2 min, 0 sec

i’ll get cavo to send me some of this and do a comparison withe the caramel pumpkin cheesecake..which is coincidentally what i pulled out to put in my travel mug today haha


I’d say it’s missing the more buttery maple taste that it needs to make it taste more like french toast.


Yesss – I’ll set some aside for you Sil!


Try using 185 degrees and adding a splash of milk…I find the bread flavor pops more. :)


Oh, darn! I bought one of these and have yet to try it. I personally didn’t enjoy caramel pumpkin cheesecake.. a bit too much spice. I will definitely give this one a try iced, though.. you made it sound delicious!

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1230 tasting notes

Latte mode with dark agave syrup!

Very delicious! Buttery, lightly cinnamon, quite mapley! Though, I needed to add more leaf and syrup. I was too tired this morning to figure out what was going on, and unsure why I decided to tackle making a tea latte.

Last night was exhausting. Jiujitsu was insanely stuffy and my husband lost a front tooth eating beef jerky. Luckily, it was a temp crown, but he looks scary!

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Wow! on beef jerky? yikes!

Oolong Owl

he went to tear a piece and the tooth snapped complete off and fell on his lap! He’s got a dentist appt tonight, hopefully it’ll be fixed then.


Oh geez. Better beef jerky than pavement though. Here’s hoping the dentist is reasonable and mostly pain free. :)

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871 tasting notes

Day 5 of the 52 teas 12 days of Christmas.

I have had a whole package of this one before. It is not too bad. I think in comparison to the pancake breakfast, the pancake breakfast if better. But this one is still quite a good blend.

I brought this to work today. I normally add some rock sugar to this when drinking it at home but forgot to bring some to work today. I have some maple candies at work so I thought I would try adding one of those to the tea to see if it would add some sweet maple syrup taste. It did not dissolve very good and left a melted sticky mess on the bottom of my cup, but it did add some sweetness.

Today this tea tastes quite bread-y and egg-y. There is a sweetness from the maple candy. There is definitely a cinnamon and icing sugar taste. I have never had that egg taste before so I am wondering if the maple candy brought that out. This is still good, even if the flavour profile is a bit different today.

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

Crazy that you can taste the eggs!


I know , it was weird. I never tasted that with this tea before. I am wondering if it was something in the maple candy I was tasting. I am going to try this one with maple syrup to see if I get the same flavours, I don’t think I have tried it like that yet.


I’m sure that would be fabulous. I’ve been meaning to pick some maple syrup up so I can do many Steepsterites have been doing and using that as a sweetener. Genius.

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1220 tasting notes

Someone texted me around 1pm about switching shifts at work tomorrow so now I don’t have to open 5 days in a row! I think maybe people felt bad for me. I really was scheduled for 3 in a row but took on two more to help people out so they could go visit family.

Also it just got randomly cold here, like I had to wear a hoodie to work (and should have yesterday) and just now when I went outside again. I took a nap in a fuzzy blanket and didn’t get all sweaty. It’s crazy. So now I can have tea to warm myself up early!

I’ve been wanting to give this one another shot and I finally did. A lower temperature REALLY helped out here. I heated my water to 190 and steeped for 3 minutes. It was supposed to be 2 1/2 but I got distracted, but 3 has worked perfectly.

I mostly taste maple syrup, cinnamon, and butter. I know I was missing butter last time. Not really getting too much toast still but I definitely like it how it is! If this one hasn’t worked for you, try a lower temp!


It was chilly the past couple of days here too!


The high today was 21 degrees below normal o_o

Josie Jade

It’s pretty cold in NC right now too. Or at least compared to normal.

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880 tasting notes

Oh man. I was so excited for this tea and it’s finally here! I added some honey to this and now that I’m sipping on it… I should have put a touch of maple syrup in it instead. It’s definitely French toast. It’s sweet and the cinnamon is present but not overpowering. It’s a nice touch. It even has a rich buttery flavor at the end. The honey I added kind of masks the maple syrup flavor. Well I learned my lesson and next time I’ll add syrup. Now I’m craving the real thing D:


glad you love it!


Mmmmm it’s absolutely delicious :)


mine is on the way – I can’t wait to try it. It sounds so tasty


Try it with a touch of maple syrup! It brings out more flavors :)

BrewTEAlly Sweet

Do you have enough to sample out??!!! I am so intrigued!


I have enough for maybe two cups if you’d like?

BrewTEAlly Sweet

That would be perfect!!!

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8155 tasting notes

full blown panic mode right now over wedding planning… just had a long conversation with my parents and now i may need to plan more than i thought i would, but for the right reasons..but now i’m like WHAT! only a year and a half! ZOMG! AAAAAH!

had a cup of this…which let me tell you, isn’t nearly as nice if it gets cold lol


Oh parents. So well-meaning but can really get you wound up inadvertently. Let me guess—you need to plan for out of town family and stuff?


well the trouble with E and I….everyone is out of town except for us and our friends here. I was just hoping to keep it say..50 ppl small, and now it looks like we’re either need to do 200 ppl small and/or do a couple receptions in Edmonton and possibly Vancouver.


Receptions! You can travel. Plus, more food. :)


Ahhh but feeding people several times…and flights…uggh. I know. It all gets out of control so quickly. and suddenly it can feel like it isn’t about you guys anymore so much as it’s accommodating everyone.

Sil’s allowing the community to show their support…. aaaand on the upside it sounds like mom and dad will pay for a lot of it to help do what’s right. the beauty of the internet… it’s not just the village’s the world lol


I vote for travel, and maybe see if there are restaurants that can do a buffet instead of renting a hall. Downside: less dancing.


I’m sure it’s going to turn out beautiful and that everyone will have an amazing time – I’m sure everyone reading this is looking forward to seeing how tea will be incorporated into the wedding, hehe.

(We eloped, by the way.)


Anna… sounds great! hahahaha
OMG – E would be fine with less dancing. haha


on a random side note.. E totally wants to have it in chicago at the museum…apparently you can have your reception in with the dinosaurs and sleep there over night hahaha


The Field Museum is AWESOME, I so love that E’d be down with that – I’ve seen them prep for receptions and it’s really something. (I also got married in Chicago, at the Hancock!)


I recently went to a wedding in Chicago at the Shedd Aquarium… best wedding ever! Having cocktail hour with the dolphins and eating next to a huge coral reef was amazing.


ooh fun!


OMG… with dinosaurs and sleeping there???? What event can I have…


hahaha a tea party nicole!


That settles it. Once I win the lottery there will be a tea party with dinosaurs.



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