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From Adagio Teas

A long time traditional Southern U.S. favorite, but a stranger to the tea world, our sweet potato pie tea is bound to become a new star. A hint of toasted marshmallow makes this tea surprisingly decadent.

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Adagio Teas has become one of the most popular destinations for tea online. Its products are available online at www.adagio.com and in many gourmet and health food stores.

54 Tasting Notes

807 tasting notes

Having a bit of this as my wake up tea today.
Its not as good as last time due to the fact I allowed it to steep a bit too long.
Bear in mind NOT too long for a black tea – but too long for an adagio tea.
I was still within the steeping instructions.
Needless to say it just became astringent and bitter but hey I wanted a WAKE UP tea and so this one is certainly doing that.
Not changing the rating any mostly because since Adagio and I don’t get along this is still enjoyable enough and I knew better than to let it steep past 3 minutes.
I just got busy with morning stuff.

Thomas Edward(Toad)

i want a sweet potato pie now, love sweet potatos


Oh I know! Me too! Sweet Potatoes and Grapefruit are my power foods! :)

Thomas Edward(Toad)

mmmmmm, i love a grapefruit too

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154 tasting notes

Taken with milk and sugar.
It smells like potato. The leaves before you brew them smell like potato and it still does after brewing. The tea even has a slightly starchy after taste…
This is a pleasant tea but it doesn’t remind me of sweet potato as much as just plain old potato.
It is definitely a pleasant savory (as advertised) tea… my hang up is what to eat it with. I think eating it with a starch would be too much. And the after taste is a strong enough flavor that it might interfere with actual food.
Maybe with a roasted Chicken instead of a potato… maybe this is a good diet tea for starch lovers?

200 °F / 93 °C 3 min, 0 sec

a burger? lasagna? pumpkin pie?

Oh Cha!

This sounds very interesting! I like the roasted chicken or lasagne ideas!


I second the pumpkin pie thought … with marshmallow creme on the pie instead of Cool Whip.


I just realized the Marshmallow – ek! I don’t eat Marshmallow’s (vegetarian) so I emailed Adagio just now to see what the deal was…if it’s real Marshmallow I will be giving it to someone as a gift. BUMMER. Sounds interesting tho…


TeaEqualsBliss, a lot of marshmallow and jello made w/ vegetarian gelatin. But if you don’t want it, send it my way:)


If it is veggie friendly – I’m golden – if not…I’ll pass…If someone here locally doesn’t want it I might send you a note. :)


UPDATE!!!! Just received this from Adagio in regards to the Vegetarian/Marshmallow concerns:

The Sweet Potato Pie does not contain any marshmallow pieces or marshmallow flavoring- this is a natural kind of flavor note that we found when tasting the tea. We hope this information helps!

Thank you for your note. Please visit us again soon,

Adagio Teas


yeah didn’t figure they’d put any real flavoring it it lol.


Just wanted to “be sure” ya know!? :) YAY Adagio!


So cool! Glad you checked up re: the marshmallow, TeaEqualsBliss!


Eh not really. They should put the real stuff in.

Madison Bartholemew

Yea… I agree that they should put the real stuff in… no offense TeaEqualsBliss. Their description of marshmallows made me think it would be more of a savory dessert tea… that’s actually why I was fixated on the fact it just tasted like potato…
I wasn’t expecting that.


None taken, Madison. :)


Madison, I totally agree. It can still be vegetarian but enough w/ fake flavorings.


I’m not really sure where you’d get a marshmallow flavor note from sweet potato. Sweet potatoes don’t taste like marshmallow! It’s a bit bizarre for Adagio to include that, I’d think.


dang, I was hoping for more “pie” flavor…not straight up potato. still trying all of my other teas before I crack open the savory sampler.


teaplz, sweet potato pie is often served w/ toasted marshmallows on the top. That’s why it’s added.


Maybe if you steep it the full 5 min that’s recommended you’ll get more the “sweet” potato taste.


If you steep it for the full 5 min and add just a touch of milk or cream and melted butter (some eastern countries really do add butter and even salt to their tea), maybe it would taste like mashed potatoes? Especially if you blend it w/ just a bit of their cream tea.


Cofftea, I understand, but none of the ingredients in the tea scream out as marshmallow. So I don’t know why they’d include it in the tasting notes. Especially when they just emailed TeaEqualsBliss and told her that there isn’t any actual marshmallow in the blend.


Because the sweetness is supposed to echo the marshmallow I suppose. I’m not sure what marshmallow tea would taste like, but maybe their right because to me the sweetness does not taste like sugar, honey, or cream or vanilla flavored teas to me.

Madison Bartholemew

Cofftea, I agree there is a hint of sweet there… but it’s not the orangy sweet that comes with orange vegies…. I think it’s more of the sweet that just comes with starches…. being that starch is carbs is complex sugars…
I’m gonna have to brew another pot of this to verify my memories.
And I have never heard of putting marshmallows on pie! I’ve heard of pineapple though.


if you bump the temp up 12 degrees and steep it 2 min longer you’ll get something different.

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1448 tasting notes

Another tea from the travelling box!
I’m glad I picked this one, it’s quite nice. I see other people rating it low, but you know what, I find it much tastier than expected. The sweet potato really comes through. Not sure if it’s “pie” per se, as I’ve never had it before but whatever it is, I’m enjoying the cup. Half a teaspoon of sugar really brought it up to “that” place.
The malt and potato rolls up together really nicely, with a slightly astringent finish.
Given the rep of Adagio, I’m pleasantly surprised!


Yeah it was better than I expected as well.


I’d actually recommend it if I knew someone who loved Sweet potato! heh

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911 tasting notes

Anybody have any idea what the tea base of this is? Adagio’s site doesn’t say but I know typically they use Ceylon, yes? But this tastes more like an Assam. Bake-y and a little malty. Or maybe I’m on crack. Either or.

Smell-wise, I get a lot of bake-y smell then followed with sweet potato – a not fully cooked sweet potato casserole maybe. DH got the bake-y, too, but he thought of some sort of rich biscotti.

Taste-wise, it’s a mix of sweet potato casserole, raw sweet potato and pumpkin pie for me. I could taste a faint marshmallow after the sip but had to look for it – only got it on the inhale after a large sip. The first was a bake-y taste that made me think of pie crust. Then the mid-taste which hit me as very much potato-y and alternated between cooked and raw (there was a sort of crispness to the smell that made me think raw). (DH is going with a predominately pumpkin pie taste).

So yeah, weird to have a tea taste like sweet potato but I kind of love it. Some of the notes (particularly the bake-y) reminded me of the much loved Thomas Sampson which is why I wonder if this has an Assam base. I do think I will love this tea.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

By default I’d say ceylon. But shoot them an email or click on “Chat with our tea expert” to ask:)


now THAT’S what I’m talking about. now I’m eager to try it!


I think that’s the default base of most flavored teas… I just get such a crust smell and taste from it… Will try the chat thing.


Never used the chat thing but it works well – yay for instant gratification! Yes, it is Ceylon and (in case anyone needs this information) all of their new savory teas are gluten-free.


@Lena: I kind of love it. It’s weird at first but the potato flavor seems very natural and not too strong or out of place. If the rest of the sample tin works out like this first cup did, I will be getting more.


Sounds awesome. I was wondering about this tea cuz I LOVE sweet potatoes, thanks for the review!


Auggy: I emailed Adagio to ask them what tea they used in this, and they replied back that it is a Ceylon. I wrote to them to ask because it does taste like Assam to me too – maybe not entirely Assam, but it does have a malt note to it, so I thought that maybe it was a blend of Assam and Ceylon.

I really like this tea too.


Yeah, it has that starchy taste to it that makes me think Assam. So I suppose that must come from… the flavoring?


I don’t know… I suppose so. It’s a tasty tea, though.

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470 tasting notes

I’ve realized that if I drink 3 teas a day I might be able to finish all the teas that I own before I die. Maybe. So, 3rd tea of the day… night, really. I shouldn’t drink blacks this late, but to hell with it! I am spending my first night EVER in an empty apartment (which seems kind of odd, 23 and no nights spent in an empty house). The bf has a doctor’s appointment and has to go go philly, which means I am all alone for nearly 24 hours. Not exactly a big dramatic problem, but I was in the mood for comfort food. Pie! I actually have pie (blueberry) but I wanted something starchy so I am drinking this tea while eating rice pudding.

It’s kind of scary to realize that I placed my Adagio order a month ago and it was relatively small (maybe medium-sized, my tea perspective on “small” is terrible) and I still have one untouched pouch and 2 samples to try! Argh! Well, this is the last full-sized one that I bought… I have regretted some of my decisions so far (1.5 oz of White Cucumber but only a sample of White Blueberry? WHY?), so I was hoping Sweet Potato Pie wouldn’t be an instant regret.

Well, it kind of smells like pie—toasty and starchy. I’m not getting the signature sweet and earthy aspect of sweet potatoes though, it’s kind of just… potato. There’s a toasty hint of something (marshmallow? crust?) and a nice roundness to the black base. I did brew it at a slightly lower temperature though and there’s still a hint of bitterness—I am not a big fan of Adagio’s Ceylon base, it’s not very forgiving and is surprisingly overpowering for a Ceylon. I’m also getting a tiny hint of cinnamon (but that might be from the rice pudding!). I do like this tea though: it gives off a definite pie vibe. Just not, you know, sweet potato pie.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Sice you are drinking a lot of tea, you will probably live a really long time, so maybe you should buy some more tea!


haha oh ashmanra, that’s naughty o:


I am totally going to use this as my tea-buying excuse now. “But it will help me live longer! I NEED it!”

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3181 tasting notes

Sil probably thinks I’ve been sleeping, but actually I took a shower, fixed breakfast, had a student, AND drank a few sipdowns all the while.
This one is from the Here’s Hoping TTB. I sampled it while the box was here, & thought I liked it, and since there was only a cupsworth left, I kept it. Today it’s really not my things, but that’s ok, cuz now it’s gone, baby! Gone, I say!

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1854 tasting notes

Felt a little adventurous and alchemist this morning … sweetened this with a little blop of marshmallow cream. Oh, my, pie!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 45 sec
Sarah Ruthven

This just made you my hero!


Well, THAT just made my day. Try some on your pumpkin pie tomorrow, too (my husband got me hooked on that little nutritional habit).

Meghann M

This may be the way I try this tea when I break open the sample! Yum, sounds delicious.

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1612 tasting notes

I haven’t drank this in a long time! I decided to give it a go today since it is autumn and it was the first black tea I picked that wasn’t chai. I bumped up the rating since I really enjoyed this tea. There is a sweet potato aftertaste, which is interesting and nice. I love sweet potatoes. I added sugar and milk to this, so it gave a nice creamy taste to it. Yummy and Good Morning!

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

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1212 tasting notes

Tea telephone! Pass it along, pass it along. Thanks for this, TeaEqualsBliss but I am passing it on to Azzrian.

I will never stop giving Adagio flavored teas second and third and fourth and fifth chances. We are apparently never going to be friends.

Knowing the stuff gets astringent quick, I brewed for 3 minutes rather than the 5 on the tin, and let the water cool a bit after it boiled.

No luck.

All I taste is bitter, astringent black tea. No sweet potato, no marshmallow, nothing but blah black tea. Maybe I should have saved some to try again before rashly packaging it up but it left such a bad taste in my mouth. (I was saved though, I got Silk’s coconut milk for something different and it is SWEET. The one I usually get is unsweetened so this one is mindblowing.)

I’m sad because steeped it did smell like sweet potatoes and cinnamon and it was not tasty.



hahahaha perfect!


I only got along with hazelnut honeybush and vanilla honeybush. So I stopped ordering from Adagio. I’m sorry you didn’t get along with the tea better. Hopefully your next cup will be yummy :D

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867 tasting notes

Having a pot of this. Totally forgot I had it. It’s enjoyable but yet again I’m left craving sweet potatoes with marshmallows.

Lariel of Lórien

It’s better if you add cinnamon and vanilla.


Ooo that sounds good. I’ll have to try it! Thanks :)

Lariel of Lórien

Either vanilla tea or vanilla extract.

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