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  • “Finally had this on its own instead of in milk. Yeah nope. It was much improved when I added a splash of toasted caramel liquor but not by much. Tis is for sure a milk type latte tea!” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 5723 tasting notes
  • “Against my better judgment, I am steeping according to the directions on the sample packet. Five minutes. I suspect in subsequent tastings I’ll back down to four. I like the...” Read full tasting note
    __Morgana__ 953 tasting notes
  • “My new Roy Kirkham china has arrived! There's a picture of it here along with the old cracked one. You can see the crack if you look closely. I haven't cleaned it yet, obviously, and it appears,...” Read full tasting note
    Angrboda 1317 tasting notes
  • “I was so impressed by the flavor and the quality of other teas that I got from American Tea Room (plus their speedy delivery) that I wanted to try this. I am not disappointed. It is a sweet, rich...” Read full tasting note
    Doulton 255 tasting notes

From American Tea Room

In Caramel, you will find a delightfully sweet and sophisticated treat for adults. It’s blend of kohl-colored leaves peppered with aromatic bits of real caramel. It produces a deep garnet, cloudy liquor with bold aromas of caramel sweetness and black tea tannins. The flavor is strong and malty, with intoxicating undertones of rich, dense, sweet caramel. In the aftertaste, sweet and tannic notes interplay for over a minute.

Caramel is great on its own. It also makes a knockout latte.

For consistent flavor across infusions, always shake the package before you measure your tea to brew.

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13 Tasting Notes

5723 tasting notes

Finally had this on its own instead of in milk. Yeah nope. It was much improved when I added a splash of toasted caramel liquor but not by much. Tis is for sure a milk type latte tea!


Toasted caramel liqueur sounds wicked awesome. I think I saw Cavo posting about a gingerbread Kahlua the other day too. You ladies are making me want to make a trip to the liquor store. :p


I use that liquor for whiskey caramel milkshakes heh


This one disapppointed me too :(


Yeah, won’t be a re order for me but at least in latte form it’s alright


toasted caramel liquor?? u know how to party!


Haha it’s delicious :)

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953 tasting notes

Against my better judgment, I am steeping according to the directions on the sample packet. Five minutes. I suspect in subsequent tastings I’ll back down to four.

I like the addition of the little caramel bits to the mix. Gives it some visual interest. As I’m reading about this tea in the description here on Steepster, I realize I’ve already had a preparation fail. I did not shake the packet to assure consistent flavor across infusions. I suppose that may mean I’ll be writing an entirely different note in the days to come…

There’s definitely a caramel aroma coming from the dry leaves in the packet. Not so much after steeping, though. I mostly smell a sweet “tea” smell. The liquor does have a bit of cloud to it. I didn’t quite get garnet in color, more like a chestnut.

I’ve had other caramel teas and I tend to like caramel flavored teas as a category in general-even in teas such as oolong. I haven’t had another recently to compare this to, but it has an interesting quality that I’m not sure I’ve experienced in other caramels. There’s sort of a milky flavor to the caramel, like milk chocolate, only milk caramel if that makes sense. I get little pops of caramel flavor from time to time which must be from the little caramel bits saturating their immediate vicinity in the tea with their flavor.

I agree with others that this is a rather gentle caramel as they go. It doesn’t have that roasty carmelized sugar flavor that I expect in a caramel flavored tea; it’s more of a plain white sugar sweetness with flashes of caramel intensity from the caramel bits. It has a nice, sweet aftertaste with a hint of caramel to it.

I have to try it after shaking the packet though, before I reach any firm conclusions. Not rating for now.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

i LOVE caramel flavor in tea!! this sounds amazing… even if it’s a gentle caramel, that still sounds exciting lol…granted, something packed with caramel punch would also be welcome by me, i’m such a gourmand tea lover! u are single-handedly responsible for me putting this on my shopping list.

also: preparation fail…lol


Two caramels I really love are the Kusmi and the Dammann Freres caramel toffee.

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1317 tasting notes

My new Roy Kirkham china has arrived! There’s a picture of it here along with the old cracked one. You can see the crack if you look closely. I haven’t cleaned it yet, obviously, and it appears, now that I look closer at it, that the crack has actually been leaking some, or there wouldn’t be dribbles down the side like that. 1

What better time to try the caramel tea that Auggy sent me? I am even using the cup that goes with it, rather than a mug like a usually do. I tend to prefer the mug because I can empty the whole pot in one go. This way the last half will keep on steeping. But, new china is new china! I couldn’t use a mug for it this very first time. Oh the joys of not having to pour over the sink!

It’s very sweet smelling, but not necessarily caramel sweet at first. It’s more like it’s just a fairly generic, mild black tea with a hefty amount of cane sugar in it. Hm. That’s not really the sort of aroma I want to find in a caramel tea…

I’m afraid the flavour is the same as the aroma. It’s just sweetened tea with a mild base. Ceylon, possibly. It reminds me of Ceylon. The sweetness even comes across more like a naturally occurring sweetness rather than an added flavouring and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s really cool that it’s possible to flavour a tea and have it taste like it’s not flavoured at all. On the other hand, I was looking for something caramel flavoured here, and currently this cup is not living up to the expectations I had when I saw the label on the tin. Not even a little bit.

If you are someone who normally sweetens your tea, then I think you would find it unnecessary to do so here. For someone like me who would never dream of adding any sort of sweetening agent ever, it’s coming across as something almost cloying. I haven’t sweetened my tea at all since I was a young child, save for the occasional experiment which usually didn’t work anyway, and right now this cup is reminding me of why I don’t want to start again.

I won’t say I dislike it, because it certainly is drinkable, and perhaps I was supposed to steep it longer than I did, but this is not what I understand a caramel flavoured anything to be. This? This is black tea with sugar in it. That’s it. I’m not even sure I would say it tastes like something that has anything to do with caramel as such. It’s no where near the likes of Kusmi’s caramel or the LPdT Toffee.

The Imperial Breakfast Summer blend from Verdant tea that I enjoyed this morning was more caramel-y than this. And that one wasn’t even flavoured with anything.

1 https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/MbjM_x5Os07M4xcvtjtsqDt0rtk7VScRcTAqR2hWR8Q?feat=directlink


I don’t know how long you steeped it, but the package suggests 5 minutes. For me, that’s much too tannic so I’ve been hanging out at 4 minutes. I did try it at 3 minutes once but it was… bland to say the least. So maybe up the steep time to get more oomph? That being said, I think we are in the same boat – this will never be my go to Caramel tea.


In this size pot I never do more than two on a first steep. I’d never do five on a first steep in any pot! O.o I do four in the large pot. I could probably press myself to try three minutes, but I’m not sure I’d be able to do a four minute first steep in the RK without wincing. A lot.


Beautiful tea ware!


I know! People can have their yixing clay and little gaiwans in peace for my sake, so long as I can have my RK fine bone china. :)


Yay! Absolutely beautiful.

Terri HarpLady

Beautiful! I love butterflies & birds, & there’s something almost irreverent where those piggies are concerned! Love it!


Terri, yes, that’s my Please Shut The Gate pot. I’ve got seven mugs in that series as well. I saw it in a window of a small shop some three or four years ago and immediately decided to give it to myself as a birthday present. Best pot I ever owned. So cute and it pours really well, with hardly any spilling from the spout at all. Therefore I didn’t have to consider it for even a split second before deciding to replace it with new pots of the same brand. :)

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255 tasting notes

I was so impressed by the flavor and the quality of other teas that I got from American Tea Room (plus their speedy delivery) that I wanted to try this. I am not disappointed. It is a sweet, rich caramel with a full body and a full taste. I added a bit of sugar mid-way through my first mug, plus some milk. I don’t think that the sugar is needed—it’s naturally sweet on its own. The milk seemed nice. I think that there is a natural milkiness in caramel candies, so it belongs.

All in all, I am not in the least bit disappointed. I keep evolving as a tea drinker and just a few days ago when I ordered this I was all about the sweet, candied teas and have since evolved into a purist. BUT I know that in the course of human events, I will naturally return to a love of the sweet, candied tea.

I came across a tea reference in a poem by WH Auden (Letter to Lord Byron, part III):

“For now we’ve learnt we mustn’t be so bumptious
We find the stars are one big family,
And send out invitations for a scrumptious
Simple, old-fashioned, jolly romp with tea
To any natural objects we can see. "

I like the idea of a “jolly romp with tea”. That’s what my life has been like lately!


Love Auden!


A lovely sentiment! And I can’t help smiling at the amazingly rapid evolution of your tea sensibilities.:)


Poetry is my “thing”—very much so.

I ♥ NewYorkCiTEA

What I’ve read of Auden, I’ve loved. And I love caramel tea tealogs.

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911 tasting notes

I am finally sling-free so typing isn’t so difficult for me. Rejoice! Things are still a it uncomfortable so I will (attempt to) be brief.

This is a rather interesting take on caramel tea. It’s not really very sweet though it is obviously caramel. There are only two chunks of actual caramel in my entire bag of tea, neither which I have put in while steeping, so that could influence the “not sweet” bit, but I tend to think that the intention is to keep this tea interesting with caramel and tannic tea notes as the balance of the two is mentioned several time in the description. Also, they suggest the tea be steeped for five minutes, which really does lead to a lot of tannic sharpness.

I prefer this at four minutes where the sweet and tannic seem more evenly balanced. Of all the caramel teas I’ve tried, it’s not really my favorite. (Kusmi’s Caramel or Le Palais de Thes’ Toffee are currently battling for that honor.) Yet, while I don’t love this tea, I respect it. It always manages to keep my attention as I sip on it. I find it similar to Lupica’s English Caramel, which is on the bittersweet side of things, but I found English Caramel a bit too bitter/tannic to be enjoyable. This, however, seems to strike a perfect balance (at four minutes, that it).

But I’m not so much into caramel for the balance or for the bitter. I’m in it for the sweet. So I tend to prefer this when it has cooled greatly, bringing out more caramel and relegating the tannic playfulness to the aftertaste. Still, a well done tea, especially for those that prefer their richer dessert teas to be balanced by some punch.

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749 tasting notes

a fine enough caramel tea. simple.
not really a strong flavor at all. and not very sweet.
i bet it would benefit from some agave and milk.

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25 tasting notes

Like most teas blends that are sweetened with candies, chocolate, etc, the aroma was a plenty satisfying dessert substitute—the caramel scent was divine. Yet if ever I sweeten tea, it’s with honey (I like the acidity), never sucrose; the latter is too sweet for me. The caramel chunks left a coating of sugar in my mouth, which would probably please most dessert tea drinkers. So if you like sweet dessert teas (I’m finding I do not), this is a good quality caramel black.

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338 tasting notes

For a caramel tea, this wasn’t very … caramelly.

This wasn’t a bad tea, but it was not what I expected at all. This tastes like black tea that has been slightly sweetened. It wasn’t unpleasant, and I enjoyed my cup, but I was disappointed that it did not taste like caramel.

3 min, 0 sec

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