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From Butiki Teas

Our Organic Guranse tea originates from the Guranse Estate in Nepal and is graded FTGFOP-1 (Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe, First Flush). This light and fragrant tea has notes of tobacco and wet mahogany with light peach notes that linger. Organic Guranse is lightly malty and perfect for afternoon or early evening enjoyment as it is not as strong as some of our other black teas.

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea

Recommended Brew Time: 3 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 level teaspoon of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 212 F (boiling)

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24 Tasting Notes

8160 tasting notes

Sipdown! 176…..made a final cup of this and took it to them beach for the sunrise. Another gorgeous day filled with a bunch of dolphin pods swimming up and down the coast. I don’t wanna go home!


I bet it was just like this:


gasp I love dolphins!

Terri HarpLady

A few years ago when Tony & I went to Puerta Vallarta, we went out on a sailboat & got to see dolphins & whales all day. It was an awesome day!

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676 tasting notes

Thank you Stacy for this tea Sample

What a pleasure to have overlooked a Butiki tea sample. How on earth did that ever happen? I look forward to every little bag.
Whatever the reason, it’s been found at the right time.

Today I don’t feel good. I’m sure this will pass soon enough.
My weekend was great so I can reflect a good time with my granddaughter Schey! (I forget that I have disabilities and do more than I should at times, especially when the weather is hot. I live in a fantasy world and think I’m in my 40’s!)(or younger!)

First we went to Church Sunday morning and then stopped by the H.L. (Happy Luckys) tea shop for a pot of Puerh. This was Scheys first Puerh! I have to say the experience was like ‘Steepster Live’! We were at the bar, the shop was quiet and the servers had been tasting samples I brought in the day before. I was hearing verbal reviews. Schey was giving me her review of the Pu-erh (LOVED IT!), and I was in heaven!

I drank more tea later when I arrived back home…and then…I couldn’t sleep till 2 am! I’m trying to set up a blog. No zzzzzzzzz’s

I felt ill this morning at 7 am….burned out and not good at all.

I saw this little packet from Butiki. Hum.
What was a Guranse? Another one of those high caffeine tea’s that Stacy has?
(I had no idea!)

With a good deal of blind faith and trust that whatever was in the packet would be good because it came from Butiki, I followed the only information on the label and used boiling water then steeped for 3 minutes.

What a shock when I tasted the tea!

“Wow, this is good!” I said.

(I think in my foggy brain that I half expected an unflavored Guayusa.)

This tea was light and sweet with the essence of Freestore Peach and Assam. BUT, without being as dark or malty as an Assam. WAH?…A totally different kind of Black Tea than I’m used to!

To compare this tea to a Darjeeling would be a mistake also. There was no acidity or tannin, just smooth and juicy light and fruity tea. (Sounds like a jingle)

I let my cup cool. Sipping again and again…trying to reach deep into the soul of this tea. Always the floral sugary peach(could there be a vanilla cream with the peach I am still not committed to that idea as yet)vibrated in my mouth.

Guranse has my attention! At no time have I tasted a light Black Tea like this one. I have 4 Black Tea’s from 2 companies that are my favorites and all 4 are FULL BODIED! Very rich and unmistakably distict! My… BONNIE’S TOP BLACK TEA LIST!

This little tea slid in under the radar and slapped me awake!
I love the subtle beauty of this drippy, succulent, peachy liquor!

High Praises Stacy!!! You will hear from me!

Later that same evening…
Tonight I steeped this tea again nice and strong, cut an apple into cubes, heated the apple in the microwave and then poured the tea over the apples to infuse them for a bit. Later, I drained some of the liquid off, added a pat of butter and some brown sugar crystals and popped the apples into the oven next to a breast of chicken that was cooking in a mixture of brewed Butiki Tangerine Creamsicle Guayusa, and bacon. (Yes I’ll have some spinach greens too at the end).
Don’t know how this will turn out…going to check on it now…
Oh Wow! The Chicken is really good! Um…I think I’m going to have the apples alongside the chicken because they’re soft and mild. The apples in this tea is mild (no spice added).
Perfect with the cream citrus poultry.

If I had company over I’d turn the juices into a beautiful glaze and chiffonade some basil and mint over the top. This would be so good with rice. (no apples though) And add artichokes or asparagas.


Will Work For Tea

Butiki is becoming a fast favorite of mine – which reminds me I need to put in another order very, very soon! :)

Get some rest – sounds like your brain’s been pretty busy! :)


Oooh, this sounds good. I think I may have a sample of this from Mercuryhime! I need to try it. Teas from Nepal are pretty close to darjeeling, and I usually like them.


Thanks, Yes…and it is an effort for my brain to do the work it has to do. I drink tea to create beautiful quiet places. Scenes that are tranquil. Rest.


Let us know when the blog is up and running…. but don’t stop the wonderful real life stories on Steepster.


Can’t wait to see this blog in action! :D


No, Steepster is you guys and #1. The other is not the typical tea review thing. I am a run-on sentence! It’s more space to write about tea and life. I have a title already… Tea Traveler.
Just simple like me.


Hope you get feeling better!


Thanks/you know how it goes…I shouldn’t have mentioned it. Part of life. I feel bad for the people with no power and air conditioning. OH YES! THE FIRE IN MY BACK MOUNTAIN IS 100% CONTAINED!!!! The other ones are still not…but we are on our way! It took 1800 firefighters! About 700 homes in Colorado are gone and 3 died. It’s only July 2nd!


Oh my goodness!


Hope you feel better soon. :D


Looks like I’m feeling better! Gotta go eat!


Get well Bonnie…glad the fire situation is getting better. The Tea Traveler sounds really good, I like it!

Butiki Teas

Bonnie-I hope you feeling better today. So glad you are enjoying the Guranse. Wow, cooking with the Tangerine Creamsicle seems like such an interesting idea!

So glad to hear the fire near you is contained. That’s just terrible that so many people lost their homes and that a few have lost their life. It puts things in perspective.

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807 tasting notes

Pair this one with white chocolate and OMG the peach notes SPRING forward!
I love this tea. I choose this for my custom blend from butiki and love the blend as well.
This tea has such wonderful woodsy notes but its light and juicy!
Yes there is a darjeeling quality here yet not quite the same.
Juicy is one word that absolutely comes to mind and not just due to the peach notes but the mouthfeel is very thirst quenching, very liquid-y lol yes tea IS a liquid I know but the way it just slides on the palate like silk is lovely.
The woodys notes are like dried tree bark in flavor – or somewhat of an okay barrel flavor – sort of maple infused.
From reading other’s notes on this tea it seems this is one that remains somewhat mysterious, undecided perhaps, as everyone tends to find similar notes and everyone tends to find some of their own notes.
To me, it is a tea that everyone should have the experience of trying at least once!

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4846 tasting notes

So good! Delicious malty tone but not quite as heavy as an Assam, I’d say it was somewhere in between Darjeeling and Assam – with flavors that match. There is a woody tone to it that reminds me of a Darjeeling. It is rich and earthy without being too strong. There is a fair amount of astringency, perhaps more than might be expected from a lighter bodied tea. But it is a crisp, tangy astringency, leaving the palate feeling clean and slightly dry. The aftertaste is earthy and a little sweet.

A very pleasant afternoon cuppa.


Where is it from?


She (Stacy) gets tea from interesting places!

Butiki Teas

Somewhere between a Darjeeling and Assam describes it perfectly.

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2816 tasting notes

Thanks to Mercuryhime for this sample! I was a little confused as to what a Guranse was until I read Bonnie’s tasting note a few days ago and then I knew I needed to try it. Teas from Nepal and Darjeeling are among my favorites!

I steeped this for 3 minutes in my tetsubin — I still haven’t found anything to replace the glass teapot I broke. One thing you can say for cast iron is it’s very durable and will stand up to a spaz like me.

I’m getting a medium orange liquor which is very mellow and smooth. I can definitely sense the malt and a hint of tobacco but there is a delightful fruitiness present as well, lots of peaches! The flavor is mostly sweet with a tiny bit of astringency at the end, but nothing too bothersome. I’m sipping on this plain and it’s yummy, but it could also accommodate a pinch of sugar, if you prefer. I think milk would ruin the delicate flavor here.

I certainly wouldn’t mind having this tea around but I have quite a backlog from the region already. :)

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Yes a little sweet enhances the peach ..and yes to the no milk. I didn’t get astringency.Maybe I steeped shorter.




Not nice Scott cuz as soon as you say spaz….you’re gonna break 2 things yourself! (Thats the way it works!) Hahaha!

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148 tasting notes

Another winner from Butiki!
Today was an earlyish day for me, Doctor’s appointment in the morning, and now I’m having some lunch before work. I’m sipping on this from my thermos.

I really like teas from Nepal, and this is not an exception. It’s Darjeeling-like without being astringent, very woody and tastes slightly like honey to me. It’s a wee bit on the malty side which is quite welcome today.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 0 sec

I like this too!

Donna A

Me too!

Butiki Teas

One of the things that I now love the most about this tea is something that Azzrian had mentioned to me and that I had not noticed initially. She mentioned that it has an almost bubbly or sparkling quality to it, in almost a soda way.


hmmmm i need to get some time to sit down and try this one. It’s in my cupboard but i’ve been too focused on getting through some of my older favourites heh.


Stacy – I’ll have to look out for that next time!

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740 tasting notes

Okay you guys, I had the brilliant idea to pair my wireless keyboard with the iPad. Hello! The only thing is that my wireless keyboard is Swedish, and therefore has different keys in different places. Thank goodness for muscle memory and knowing where all my punctuation marks are. Mwuahaha.

This one was a sample I requested in my latest Butiki order. It brews up a nice medium colour and the scent has that honey sweetness that I love. However, upon my first few sips I feel as though I’m getting the subtlest hint of smoke. Eek. I’m still sipping away though, so perhaps it’s all in my imagination. I’m always thrilled to try new Butikis, but I don’t think this one will make it to my cupboard anytime in the near future.


OH you’re smart! I need a wireless keyboard!!! :D


Thanks! I thought it was pretty smart too. I find it handy when I type in Swedish because of their extra letters. :)


…..careful or the tea fairy will claim you as her Swedish chef…


What is that Sil? I’ve seen the Swedish chef come up in a few of your notes.


Yeah I didn’t get that one either LOL



oh man…. really guys? welll huh..prepare to be AMAAAAAAZED snicker

it all started when fjellrev changed her name..and i said it reminded me of the swedish chef…mostly’cause it’s swedish heh..but yeah.. it’s turned into a bit of a joke now..


Lol And now we all want swedish chefs! :)

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6770 tasting notes

Liberteas Thanks for this one! I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to try it!

I did over infuse this but it’s still sturdy and satisfying! It’s flavor is a combo of un-sweet wood and has a drier type taste and after-taste to it. There is astringency to it but it works well, here! There is a slight bitterness, too, but again, it seems to all work well with the over-all flavor!

Different but GOOD.

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1220 tasting notes

I started typing a mix of guranse and guayusa when trying to pull this up ahaha. I had this with my piece of king cake because YEAH MORE DESSERTS.

I’ve been studying instead of writing notes and I have my weekday ban on Steepster still in place so really that doesn’t end at midnight right? Right, that’s why I’m doing homework in the morning…not looking forward to this test.

I thought this had some peppery notes to it, but it really did remind me of Darjeeling minus astringency. It has a little floral note to it, and it’s kind of citrusy. There’s just a little malt like an Assam, and it kind of reminds me of the Ceylon I had Friday.

It actually ended up cooling off and I liked it even better cold! This could be an interesting iced tea. I will find out at some point.

Josie Jade

Good luck on your test!

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767 tasting notes

oh see idk what i’ve been doing, but lately every first cup tastes not thrilling to me, and the second steep tastes awesome possum!
so at first i didn’t get any excitement, but yum the second cup had it’s woody velvety peach tones. i was surprised i could even catch them but it was unmistakable. my palate is getting a crash course. i’m cramming for the test and hope i retain some knowledge come test time.
otherwise, gotta keep it fun!
go Sil! go tea!


haha i totally forgot i kind of piled on the butiki teas for you the other day.


hah yup you kinda did! high five!!


I remember thinking i wanted to send more but i didn’t have the others i wanted to send at the time lol

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