Organic Daba Mountain Jade

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From Butiki Teas

This gorgeous organic green tea originates from Daba Mountain in the Sichuan Province of China. Organic Daba Mountain Jade is expertly crafted by Tea Masters Mei and Cia Yuan. The soft sweet aroma of this tea resembles fresh cut grass. Sweet, buttery, and vegetal notes are present with light pear notes and a pleasant lingering astringency. We recommend using a clear brewing vessel to observe the tea leaves hanging down and standing up. Please note that we have a limited supply of this tea.

Ingredients: Organic Green Tea

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoons of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 175 F

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6 Tasting Notes

364 tasting notes

Stacy I hate you. No, I love you. Hate you. Love you. My wallet hates you…but that doesn’t count for anything so only love for you then!

Thank you so much for allowing me to try this oh! sooo very special and unique tea!

BUT! The consequence to that is that I will now have to brake my tea fast ( I « pretend» I’m fasting on tea orders until december, that gives me a false sense of self control, which is truly non sense and pure lie)

I don’t know much about this tea but I was immediately drawn to it when I last visited Butiki’s virtual shelves.

First the shape: surprisingly hard and rigid little green needles. They are shiny, which is odd for me, can’t think of another tea in my cupboard with shiny leaves… Can you?

They almost feel like plastic between my fingers, as if they have a carapace of some kind! The fact that they are so hard makes me wonder how they will ever soften up when brewed.

In the Gaiwan they go!

First steep renders a very light yellow colour. The smell is sweet, almost corn on a cub type of sweetness. The taste is buttery yummy… sweet corn indeed, but strangely, that sweetness collides with some tangling sparks of citrus juiciness. What a pleasant yet very strange feeling that creates in my mouth.

Not to be mistaken with bitterness, it’s more of a tang biting back at you, with refreshing notes, the sharpness of pink ruby red grapefruit comes to mind.

Saltiness emerges out of the second steep. Corn, snap peas, and that tang still very present.

4th steep was pretty much the same…

I forgot 5th steep, left it for more than 4 minutes… That seemed an awful lot considering my tiny gaiwan! Did someone mentioned PEAR? Yes, it’s in Stacy’s description. Well goodbye grapefruit, hello pear! After 4 minutes, of course it’s astringent (which I personaly don’t mind when the taste is so complex and delightful). But the pear is striking! More minerals have also emerged, that makes it «salty pear seaweed» like!

At this stage, the leaves are very soft and plump, they look exactly like Lilliputian snap peas or green beens, if I ever saw some! Could it be that Stacy really got this strange little tea from one of Gulliver’s travel, or did she go pick it up herself in Liliput? Let’s just keep the mystery alive…

You can have a look here: (yeah, that’s my new thing, experimenting with tea photos…As if my life is lacking of tea surroundings!)

This morning, I fainted when I got up… no big deal, I have a history of that. But I banged my head a little and felt dizzy throughout the day. (Ahh!! I hear you say, that explains the Lilliputian hallucinations!)

It’s a little scary when this situation occurs while I’m alone in the house. But Doberman Dexter came to the rescue and helped me get back on my feet :-) To help me regain my equilibrium, I needed something with special energy, a positive boost that I often find in green teas. Having read some of the reviews (Bonnie’s comment about tea-buzz) I decided it was the right moment to try it.

It gave me just what I needed. It energized me and made the worries and fears go away… I self medicated in an all natural way!

I must order this in a hurry, tea fasting is officialy over! (It never really started anyway)


Good luck with your self control! :)


Self what??? I don’t know the meaning of such words… :-)


You write with such a sense of delight and adventure, I love reading what’s next…except the fainting and bump. I’ve passed out now and then too. The scariest was alone in the middle of the Mexico City Airport. Nobody came to my rescue either. Fast forward about 40 years and I found out why. The migraines and environmental triggers. I hope you are ok.


thanks bonnie, I’m ok :-)


Love the picture! It really helped to see how unique this tea really is!


oh dear, I’ve fainted a few times before as well and it is not fun. So glad you had a faithful pet to help you and that you’re ok.


Ouch! I hope your head feels better.
I love your description of the Lilliputian snap peas or green beans.

Butiki Teas

Oh geez, the fainting business sounds scary. Love the picture! I love this tea. I like to put it in my tall skinny glass thermos and watch the needles hang down in the water and one by one sink slowly to the bottom. So fun to watch.


@Ashmanra, Canadianadia, Indigobloom, Butiki: : I took the picture cause I had only a sample of this wonderful tea and thought it looked like artwork in the white gaiwan, glad you liked it! (I know I have no skills in photo shooting, but it amuses me!)
I read Guliver’s Travel when I was only 8, obviously I was too young to fully understand all its subtleties, but Lilliputians made a great impression on me!
The fainting is something I’m used to…The only real danger is to hurt yourself by falling. I usually feel it coming and have time to sit, but sometimes it happens too fast! Somehow, most of the time my dog feels it before I do, that’s why he’s always next to me when I wake up:-)


what a good puppy!


Yes helena, he is!


Paul, Butiki is probably my favorite vendor at the moment. Stacy is very close to her clientele and as you may have noticed, she is very present on Steepster, interracting with us. Her teas might be a little pricey, but good example of quality over quantity. So many of them are unique, as if she’s on a constant quest to find unusual little treasures :-) And no, I’m not getting paid to say all this, I really mean it !
The dog is amazing, I’m lucky to have found such a protector…sorry you lost one of yours, judging by the name, Bubble must be a little sunshine, loving it :-)

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807 tasting notes

This is a sweet juicy light tea. It is quite pretty to watch the leaves dance in a clear tea pot!
The flavor is almost candy like but not that sweet.
There is definitely a sweetened vegetable flavor.
Sugar snap peas perhaps.
What a difficult note to name.
I am very much enjoying it although probably not for a morning wake up cup. This is more a mid day or evening relaxation – mediation cup.
There is a sparkling sensation in the mouthfeel.
A green bean flavor peeks out now and then.
Slightly buttery but not too much.
Although you can’t get TOO buttery in my opinion :)
Very thirst quenching!
I normally like teas that are a bit stronger, more robust yet I can absolutely appreciate the delicate nature of this tea.
A “feminine” tea in my book.
One you may share at a tea party with some cookies or biscuits.
Dainty and delicate yet the flavors are there!

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676 tasting notes

Thank you again Stacy for this Sample tea

How does Stacy find such unusual tea’s? So far I’ve had coin shaped Pu-erh, hand wrapped little cigars of green tea, tea from small farms in Africa. Now a tea with dancing needles!
The handwritten note on my latest order instructed me to brew this Daba in a clear glass vessel because the needles stand up in the water! Oh really?!

I was having company this afternoon and thought it would be fun to share this special tea. The needles at first went to the top of the glass…then the tails dropped like little sea horses and danced in the pale liquor. Little green legs…dangling down…waiting for a wave or current to carry them further out to sea. How fun to watch!

First sip…the flavor was somewhat bitter. Maybe I had oversteeped in my excitement. The taste is very subtle and not very vegital. There is a bit of hay and tannin. The presentation was keen but the flavor was not that good.

Later in the evening, I thought I would give the tea a second chance. First steepings are often not the best. I should have known better (duh) and immediately steeped again.

I’m so glad I resteeped this tea! There is a sweetness that I did not expect! The tannin is there but gentle, there is juice and a light spinach flavor which is delightful.

Other aspects of this tea:
This tea created a nice tea buzz! Really! This was noticed by both me and my guest. You could feel the little electricity that tea can bring to the center of your body…then to the brain and back in such an interesting way. I know we’ve all felt this before…but this tea was a really good conductor! Just say’in….

Thanks Stacy!


Interesting, you also found that the second steeping was better. Maybe my brewing of the two teas I tried tonight wasn’t as off as I thought?


Have you tried glitter and gold yet? it sparkles in the glass infuser! ;P

Butiki Teas

I noticed the tea buzz in this tea too! I love how you describe the leaves as sea horses. Hmmm, the first infusion shouldn’t have been bitter. Perhaps I added too much tea in the sample pouch. I’ve noticed this tea is a tad on the fussy side. Glad the second infusion turned out better.


I shared this so the water was about 6oz. but maybe a tad too long the first infusion. (Had been tasting lots of tea earlier and rushed to find my strainer!) All my fault probably Stacy!

Butiki Teas

I tend to go a little heavy on the samples in case some tea spills or not all of it makes it out of the baggie. I probably added too much tea to the sample.


Stop! You can never add too much! I’m greedy!

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998 tasting notes

I’m not sure what I did to deserve TheTeaFairy sending me a sample of “my most prized green no longer available”. I feel like I don’t deserve to be drinking this tea, and especially since greens aren’t really my thing. I understand that the fun in swapping is to try things that you normally wouldn’t buy for yourself – but to send me your favorite discontinued tea – wow the pressure. ;))

I’m drinking my third cup of it right now. I’m sure I don’t have the palate or vocabulary to articulate how I feel about it. This is different than most greens I’ve tried, it’s not floral, it’s not grassy, it’s not bitter, it’s not astringent – to what is it….? I don’t know. It’s light, refreshing, juicy (can I say that a liquid is juicy?), not really fruity but heading in that direction.
This is definitely interesting and I’m happy to have tried it. Will this tea pull me away from the dark side, probably not, but the fact that I had a pleasant 3 cups of it means that there might be a glimmer of hope for me yet.
Thanks TheTeaFairy lots of your teas have been an interesting journey outside my comfort zone.

eta: Upon further pondering, I’ve decided that this is a cross between a white and a green tea. This has some white tea characteristics to it – maybe a bit like a “dark” silver needle or something like that. Interesting though whatever it is….


You could have hated it and it would have still been ok, you know? But the fact you saw something special in it makes me happy. Not many people have had the pleasure of trying this tea, and its unfortunate, so I,m very pleased I got to share it :-)
You,re right, a cross between a white and a green, it actually reminds me of the yellow tea I own.

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