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Black Pepper, Cream, Earth, Mushrooms
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  • “sipdown 11! booyah! testing for work AGAIn tonight, and i'll be doing it AGAIN next week and the week after. best part about tonight's testing was that it was smooth sailing until i got on the...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 4653 tasting notes
  • “Ahhhh, a day off after a very busy week end... Cleaning up the house listening to The Black Keys: *Little Black Submarine* anybody? The second half of that song makes me backflip and play air...” Read full tasting note
    TheTeaFairy 340 tasting notes
  • “My first unflavoured puerh! I chronicled the whole thing in pictures, but photobucket is being uncooperative. This was the one I was most excited about with my order from butiki. It was something I...” Read full tasting note
    BoxerMama 171 tasting notes
  • “*Thank you Stacy for this Sample!* I was soooo tired last night that I woke up on the couch about midnight having snoozed...zzzzz sitting up chin cupped in my hand (not a pretty picture). This...” Read full tasting note
    bonniejohnstone 673 tasting notes

From Butiki Teas

This aged tea is pressed into mini nest shaped cakes and originates from China. Puerh has an earthy aroma and flavor. This tea will not become astringent if brewed for an extended time.

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13 Tasting Notes

4653 tasting notes

sipdown 11! booyah!

testing for work AGAIn tonight, and i’ll be doing it AGAIN next week and the week after. best part about tonight’s testing was that it was smooth sailing until i got on the line to start my testing. The whole thing broke within 30 secs lol soooo good times hahaha

Since i’ve been falling asleep for most of today, i’m trying to get a few more teas in since i’m nearing the end of my easily sipdownable teas. This is only mildy concerning since i’m contemplating 3 orders that would add about 15 more teas to my cupboard haha

I picked this one up in my last order and it’s “alright” now that i’m a little more experienced in the puerh department, and have a better sense of what i like/don’t like..this is on the end of average for me. It’s not bad, but it’s pretty much just an ok time. IE. if i need 50 cents more in an order, this will be going in! haha

Boiling 8 min or more

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340 tasting notes

Ahhhh, a day off after a very busy week end…

Cleaning up the house listening to The Black Keys: Little Black Submarine anybody? The second half of that song makes me backflip and play air drums and guitar in the tub while cleaning it! Yeah, it’s that good!


And I wont even share the silly moves Lonely Boy will have me going for… well…maybe we do know each other enough by now… Just think Cave Man having the very first dance ever on this planet:


Now, need I to specify I don’t look this way, but my moves are pretty darn close!

It is not my place to condemn any style of music, BUT, in a world of BieberMania, good solid bluesy guitar, drum & bass done in such a crafty way that this music appeals to both younger and older generations and makes these guys nothing short of greatness…

The tea to match this music must be on the robust and strong side. Perfect occasion to try that tuocha I’ve been saving for a couple of weeks now.

The mini cake is really well put together, very hard and compressed with a smooth surface. It doesn’t fall apart with manipulation as some other tuocha I have tried. It looks like a real hard candy! Since cleaning up the house doesn’t go well with Gungfu style, I choose Butiki recommended Western brew over the gaiwan today. It is said I should brew 7 min for 18oz of water, so that’s what I do in my glass pot, but I use only 14oz of water.

To my surprise after such a long brew, the tuocha has not completely broken apart. And the liquor is not as dark as I would have expected. It’s sweet and fresh tasting and not «fishy» at all!

I know you puerh lovers out there will be outraged to read this, but to this day, I have never had a puerh that really blew me away. There are some I really like, but not in an «OMG This is amazing» kind of way.

But as I’m getting more and more acquainted with it, having tried lower and higher grades, I now find a HUGE distinction between «earthy» and «fishy». To me, not that long ago, all puerhs had some level of fishiness. This one has none whatsoever. I’m happy to see that my tastings have evolved and that I can now see the difference.

I feel a thickness in my mouth, as if it turned into a beautiful tea syrup. I’ve seen reviewers using «chewy» when I read pu’erh reviews. This feels somewhat «chewy» to me, the way you get that feeling in your mouth after biting in the flesh of a raw mushroom. Oh, I can’t help gulping it down, it’s so good! But then, something in me says STOP !

However good The Black Keys may be to my ears this morning, I have to shut them down and stop everything for a moment…there’s something it this puerh, a fragrance and taste I must identify, it’s like screaming at me to get it right… It reminds me of something fresh and powerful, it has triggered a stir of emotions in me.

And I think of the place I used to spend my summers as a kid…

I know many of you have made forest parallels with the taste of puerh. Here’s mine.

My Grand parents were farmers and therefore lived in a very rural and remote environment. They owned many acres of land and forest. Up to my 14th birthday, I have been lucky to spend almost all my summers there. Me and my cousins used to go play in the dense forest and explore. (Yep, back then, people would not freak out about how dangerous everything was for a kid, so we were lucky to have some freedom, however dangerous it might have been in retrospect!).

Some magic would happen every time! Especially when it rained…we used to lay down on the damp fertile soil, it was spongy and fragrant of the earth…we would open our mouth and try to catch every bit of raindrops that could escape and reach us through the big oak and maple trees…

….it tasted like everything it had sinuously contoured before reaching our mouths, savory and nature like.

We would laugh and then pick some authorized forest food, like «Thé des bois» in french, which is really Wintergreen in english, but if you translate word for word, it is «Tea of the Forest». You can eat its rosy-red berries, they are light tasting and delicious, but if you chew on the leaves, you get a woodsy freshness that invades your mouth. See where I’m going with this? This puerh has that fresh wintergreen feel to it. I’m not saying it really tastes like it, but there’s an imprint of that taste that lingers in my mouth and my soul after every sip. It is so vivid and reminds me of such a happy and carefree stage of my life, it has me all chocked up. Oh, am I making any sense at all?

And why do I always have to write such looong reviews? What’s up with that? My intention this morning was just to have a robust uncomplicated tea while cleaning the house, then write a quick review about it… look where it got me? Let’s face it, I just can’t write short reviews…

I guess I will never be the most prolific reviewer on Steepster, but every one of my reviews leave me with a sense of wellness, so I guess I will continue my Tea-Therapy-Writing sessions in the hopes I won’t bore people to death with all the rambling :-)

As I know there are many other fantastic puehrs out there, this one is the first that totally captures my attention, that’s what I was waiting for to write my first puerh review. And I didn’t even experience it Gungfu stlyle as I know I would have gotten all the layers it has to offer. But it goes to show everyone that you can experience tea bliss in a very simple and unexpected way… For me, it is the validation I was waiting for to continue my puerh journey, Verdant is next on my list for that…

Thank you Stacy from Butiki for such a lovely moment.. I will now call my very alert and healthy 87 year old Granny to remind her of those memories, and tell her how lucky I feel to still have her around…


appreciate the great review of this!


Thank you Sil :-)


Great review, I love your descriptions and the story about lying on your back and catching the rain in your mouth!


Have to be honest, I normally skim over long reviews but I enjoyed every word. Though I am still confused how this went from cleaning the tub to running through the forest, but glad it did. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Claire… maybe not such a great idea today with the acid rain unfortunately!


Hahaha! KS, my thoughts EXACTLY, how did it happen?? This one being several miles long, I thank you for going the distance, I take it as a big compliment if you normally skip long reviews!!


Hooray for you! You stopped and listened and the tea took you back to a place that was magical. Every word you wrote was an opening for us to peek into your life. Thank you for stopping when you had almost raced on by. This is not the last of these journeys!


Thanks Bonnie! I learn from you :-)

Butiki Teas

I always really enjoy reading your reviews! :) You write in a way that I have such vivid images of the stories you tell. That brought me back to my childhood. We had woods behind our house and would always explore them and lie on the ground just talking for hours. Thanks for sharing!


Stacy, I’m so happy you can relate to this story… then you understand how special this memory is :-)

Butiki Teas

I can definitely relate but I must say I miss living in the woods.


Thanks Paul… And The Black Keys are definitely good tea companions :-)

Terri HarpLady

I love this review!


I just read this again and it makes me happy!

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171 tasting notes

My first unflavoured puerh! I chronicled the whole thing in pictures, but photobucket is being uncooperative. This was the one I was most excited about with my order from butiki. It was something I hadn’t tried before. I’ve been loving my flavoured puerh but afraid of a plain one. Butiki has never let me down, and this remains true.
The little cakes come individually wrapped in their own little papers. You can’t smell much through the paper other than a light earth scent. once you open it up it’s shaped like a little nest! It smells like sweet hay and is very dark in colour. I popped it into my steeper and poured the water over it. If it weren’t for some mild housework I needed to attend to I would have watched it break apart.
It started right away! Little piece started floating off of it preceded by tiny bubbles. After I finished my vacuuming I returned to a steeper full of a dark red/brown liquor. It smelled slightly fishy with a bit of sweet earth. It looked beautiful! The little nest cake was all gone and had been replace with free swimming leaves.
The taste did not let me down one bit. Sweet hay, thick and rich. This cup is awe inspiring!

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

Oh boy the adventure begins. Puerh is really nice. Once you get to tasting it, you don’t think of it as fishy (unless something is wrong with the puerh which I have yet to run into except with flavored stuff that is sour sometimes from the flavoring not the leaf itself.
You must have let your tuo cha steep awhile. You shouldn’t do that with every shu though. Some are good and rich at 30 seconds. Good for you! The small round puerh coins are really good too.


I followed the directions on the website. It said 7 minutes or longer. That’s good to know though! Maybe next time I’ll watch it and see how long it takes to darken. I love it though!


If that’s what it said than fine. I have others that are 30 seconds but are not as big and hard probably. Anyway, I wouldn’t want you to steep every puerh that long is what I was getting at. The Tuo Cha’s are exceptions.

Butiki Teas

Yes, you can definitely do short steeps. The directions are for 18oz of water (western style) but you could certainly do 4-6oz of water at much shorter steeps. I took a puerh class where they did one tea steeped short for maybe a minute, then 15 minutes, then 30 minutes and we did a side by side taste comparison. It was really interesting.

Butiki Teas

I definitely recommend experimenting.


I want a gaiwan. I feel like everything would be more fun. I’ve got my eye on the paisley one in our teaware section! I’m definitely going to experiment next time.

Terri HarpLady

LOL, Boxer! One of my first reviews here started with, “I need a Gaiwan”. :D


LOL! When I joined this site I had one perfect mug and a handful of teas from DT. I feel out of control right now. haha!


Butiki has some pretty Gaiwans. I have a clay one just for puerh with a handle because I’m a klutz! You can use a cup and saucer or a finum basket works well too. Lots of times that’s what I use if the steepings are short (30 seconds). mrmopar suggests 30 seconds for most his shu puerh and he has LOTS!


I only have antique china tea cups that I’m terrified to use, I am also a klutz. I’m thinking I’m going to order one.


I’m always nervous ordering breakables on ebay. I have a number of Boxer figurines, but in my head they’re always going to arrive broken. lol


I like that!

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673 tasting notes

Thank you Stacy for this Sample!

I was soooo tired last night that I woke up on the couch about midnight having snoozed…zzzzz sitting up chin cupped in my hand (not a pretty picture). This is not how I sleep ever! Taking my zombie self off to my fluffy bed, I finally had the first full night’s rest since the High Hill Fire began on Saturday.

This morning I had this nice little paper wrapped mini Tuo Cha from Butiki to look forward to. Ahhhh. Puerh!

Steeping 7 minutes (after a 20 second rinse) 18 oz would be perfect for beginning my day.

While waiting, watching the fire news, I was stunned to find out that I am only 2.5 miles from the fire.

I really am mentally anxious for tea!

I expect a nice little Tuo Cha to produce an earthy flavor…mild and comforting but a bit predictable.
I should have known better than to assume that Stacy would be predictable in her choice of a Butiki Puerh Tuo Cha!

The flavor was mild and not earthy at all. Fresh then cooling in a way that reminded me of a forest. There was plenty of juice and a heat across my tongue lighting the way for more discovery. Something elusive…a flavor that was an herb in the background. This prompted me to go onto my patio and pick some Rosemary, Sage and Greek Oregano. Rubbing a little Sage between my fingers and smelling the scent? Maybe? Rosemary? No! Greek Oregano…? Um hum…Yes!
Greek Oregano is light, sunny reminds me of playing on a hillside in the Summer smelling the light, natural wild growing herbs.

I added some sweetening…which in this case increased the herbaceous quality which I found to be so desireable and unique in this Puerh.

What a surprise and treat this Puerh was for me. So different than I assumed or expected. So worth having again and again.




No not really just a first impression forest cool that settles to the bottom and the herb lays on top.


sounds very good, whatever it is.


Nice to have a surprise!

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834 tasting notes

This is one of the more enjoyable straight puerh teas I’ve tried! I’m not a huge puerh lover but occasionally I get a craving for one. This particular one is smooth and not astringent or bitter at all. It is earthy, but not in a dank and mildewy forest floor type of way. It is more of a sunny summer’s day type of earthy. It makes me think of freshly tilled garden, or walking barefoot through the park. I am still on my first steep (I did do an initial rinse, too, which I discarded) but I am getting a note that reminds of a spice that I can’t quite put my finger on. Its like if cinnamon had a hippie cousin or something. Has anyone ever smelled Japanese aloeswood incense? Anyway, sorry this is so abstract. This is just how I have come to think about puerhs! :)


“if cinnamon had a hippy cousin” lol. You could probably turn that into a song!

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2855 tasting notes

We went to breakfast with another couple this morning. My daughter Ari is the chef at the restaurant, & although she makes a special waffle for me (due to my problems with gluten, dairy, etc), I’m wiped out. I haven’t crashed this hard after a meal in a couple of years, & can barely keep my eyes open & type. I can’t stop yawning. I’ll probably have to take a nap.
So I’m drinking this puerh. This is a sample from Stacy, so I get to claim a sipdown! This is a rich, almost coffee like cup of earthiness. It’s a little on the acidic side for me, but otherwise it’s just what I need. The taste reminds me of a really dark & rustic whole grain bread, like a pumpernickel. Near the end of the sip, there is a creamy vanilla sweetness, more a mouthfeel than a taste. Time to resteep.

Butiki Teas

Ugh, sorry. I hate that feeling of exhaustion after a heavy meal. I love this one after heavy meals. I tend to drink this to degrease.

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674 tasting notes

This has been hidden away in my sample drawer since my Butiki order from Black Friday. I generally get irritated by samples sitting in my drawer because I’m hyper organized and for some reason, these things bother me, so I have been sipping away at my samples.

This one sat in there for a while because I was a little afraid of it. But alas, it was time to face my pu’erh fears. In hindsight, I probably should just trust that Butiki will never lead me astray.

I was also so concerned with taking pictures of each moment of the pu’erh experience, I forgot to hit start on the microwave timer, but it turned out just fine, thank goodness.

There is definitely that taste that made me fear pu’erh, and in my initial sips, my first thought was to say it was ‘fishy’, but I actually think it qualifies more as ‘earthy’. Perhaps if I further my pu’erh experience I’ll know for sure. I’m just over halfway done the cup, mostly because I was chatting with my BFF for the last hour since we never get a chance to chat on the phone. I’m quite happy with this. The ‘earthy’ flavour I think could be something I could get on board with. It seems like partly an acquired taste, and partly not. The tea itself seems clean, with some depth (which, really could just be the dark colour of the liquid haha!). Ahh, Butiki. I can always count on you.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

I get annoyed by little random baggies of tea. :P I try to drink them down just to tidy them down, but I use the excuse that I’m just trying to enjoy them before they go stale. :P

Sounds interesting!


Haha thank goodness it isn’t just me. :P

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60 tasting notes

I ordered one of these little cuties a little while back & I’m definitely going to order a few more!

My tasting note for this isn’t going to be a very detailed one, sadly. I stayed up all night with my daughter Kira Monday night (literally all night- no sleeping for this lady :| ) because she was feverish (turns out she has an ear infection) :( Her fever finally broke around 4:30am and as soon as she went to sleep it seemed, Danny (my eldest) woke up for the day. I don’t often make a big pot of tea, usually opting for a mug at a time, because when I make a lot it tends to get forgotten in the shuffle of the morning. But Tuesday morning, I knew I wouldn’t forget it.

So I pulled this little nugget out of my cupboard.

The smell of the dry tuo cha wasn’t all that strong, but smelled of fish. I rinsed it for 30 seconds & as I poured off the liquid it smelled of hot muddy fish. Very earthy.

The finished pot of tea was very smooth. A good puerh for someone new to them I’d think. The aroma was lightly fishy, but reminded me more of horses after steeping than fish as it had after the brief rinse. Unfortunately I was too tired to remember to write down my notes on this tea so the more subtle observations I made have been lost, but I greatly enjoyed this tea. I will definitely be purchasing more to have on hand for those days when I have the time to sit down and enjoy a full pot (my teapot is small :P) of tea.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec

Hope you get some rest and that the kidlets are well!

Hesper June

So glad you had a tasty tea on hand after such a night!
Hope your daughter feels better soon…earaches are nasty:(

Tawny Kira

@Bonnie- Thank you so much! Thankfully Kira is beginning to feel better & has her big brother to shower her with affection & share his action figures to “fight the sick away” as he says :)

@Hesper June- Thank you :) I was definitely glad to have this on hand! I saw it trying to hide away in the cupboard and thought “Oh yes. YOU” lol. Kira seems to be on the mend which is good, though she is still feeling a little off. Hopefully she returns to her normal self soon as her 1st birthday is only 6 days away!! :)

Hesper June

So glad she is feeling better:) Oh, boy! A birthday! Give her a birthday hug from her Steepster family!


Awee love to the little ones and you!

Butiki Teas

Sorry to hear about your ordeal. Good to hear that your daughter is getting better. I hope you get some good rest.

Tawny Kira

@Hesper June- A big hug will definitely be given! :D
@Azzrian- Thank you :)
@Butiki- thank you! for the sentiments and for the awesome tea! :D

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100 tasting notes

Usually, when the term “pond scum” is mentioned, it is done derisively. But this ripe pu-erh is reminiscent of pond scum in a positive way. Unlike pu-erhs that make me think of a piney forest floor, this one has an aquatic herbalness that reminds me of swimming in the pond at my childhood home that was fed by a cool spring and was ringed with watercress.

Add to that a leathery aroma and a sweet finish and you have a satisfying tea.

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 0 sec

Interesting description…well stated.

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487 tasting notes

I requested this as a sample a long time back, but have continuously put off drinking it. Today felt like a good time to commit to a hardy puerh, as I’m stuck with a stomach ache, and watching such titles as Melancholia and Soylent Green. It’s kind of a depressing compilation for a day’s activities, except for the part where I get to watch movies for homework!

Anyways, I’m really glad this tea turned out to be so tasty and easy to drink! I was worried about the 7 minute steep, but this tea never went to that place of decaying fish-wood. the latter part of the first steep started to acquire a peppery note, but mostly it was mellow, smooth, and maybe a tad creamy. Fingers crossed that the second steep is just as good!

Flavors: Black Pepper, Cream, Earth, Mushrooms

Boiling 8 min or more 24 OZ / 709 ML

Melancholia left me speechless and haunted me several days after I saw it…the artistic direction was so beautiful, but it’s so sad…great homework! Soylent green is people!!! lol, couldn’t help it…

I love this mini tuocha, so “fresh” for a shou pu’erh.

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