Puerh Tuo Cha

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Pu-erh Tea
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Black Pepper, Forest Floor, Marshmallow, Vanilla, Cream, Earth, Mushrooms
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Boiling 6 min, 30 sec 22 oz / 655 ml

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From Butiki Teas

This aged tea is pressed into mini nest shaped cakes and originates from China. Puerh has an earthy aroma and flavor. This tea will not become astringent if brewed for an extended time.

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18 Tasting Notes

234 tasting notes

I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered this, but I enjoy it. For some reason I’ve been buying up mini tuo chas but I’m not sure if I’ve actually used any yet other than this. I usually go for the loose stuff. But with my brand new little white gaiwan, I decided to take a go at gongfu brewing. My first time! I’m sure I messed up a little somewhere… but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of practice sessions down the road. Along with the little gaiwan I’m using a teacup that holds twice as much as my gaiwan… a thermos for the water, and a cookie tray for lack of a tea tray.

I’m sure it was not that much tea (only a bit over three tumblers worth) but it felt like a lot of tea! It also felt very LONG and alot of work. I’m not completely sure I enjoy the method, but it’s different and the change in the flavor as the steeps went by were interesting to document.

The first few steeps were lighter and kind of sweet and leathery. Around the fifth steep thing got darker and definitely a bit smokey. I’m not the biggest fan of smokey teas, but I’m sure that the flavor is still developing, as now around the 15th steep the taste is more earthy and like mushrooms- yet the little tuo cha hasn’t broken completely apart yet.

The leaves are small! Very small. I wish I had a small fine strainer to deal with it, but I ’m mind the sediment as much if I let it settle. That results in kind of a wait between cups though.

The flavor keeps developing, it’s definitely keeps me interested. Now if only I weren’t practically vibrating and the front of my tongue didn’t feel kind of numb…

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98 tasting notes

So, Puerh #2 on my list… After a pretty good start with the lovely Canton Loose Puerh, I thought I’d give this a go! It’s pretty chilly here today, so there was a definite appeal to an entire teapot of rich, dark-ish tea.

The little tuo, on unwrapping, didn’t smell terribly strong – it was certainly milder than the loose leaves of the other one I’ve tried. Still, there was no fishiness, a complaint I often read levelled against mini tuo cha, so that was a good sign.

After a quick rinse in my little cup (total volume ~100ml or so), I drained the cup and transferred the still largely intact tuo into my 600ml tea pot (I did, of course, give them a good smell beforehand – a lovely, quite sweet aroma. Kinda wet-forest-y, like some others have said, and also somewhat vanilla like. Lovely!) I filled to near the top and left it to steep, as suggested.

I gave it a try after 7 mins; it was lovely and smooth, with a pleasant sweetness, but still a little mild – I finished the cup that I’d poured and then just left it for a little longer. After ~10 mins, the liquor was nice and dark and delightful to drink – sweet, smooth and pretty full-bodied. I got plenty of sweet notes, along with (amazingly) the Black Pepper note that someone else mentioned – it’s true! That’s also what the aroma of the leaves kinda reminds me of. It was also somewhat creamy. There was no bitterness or astringency.

As I was only taking small cup fulls, the tea in the pot continued to brew – it just became really tasty and nice and strong, but the end. It left a lingering after-taste that was kind of sweet – almost like a roasted marshmallow sweetness!

Anyway, that’s two puerhs tried, now, and both have been delicious. I still won’t score this (not yet, anyway) as it is still a tea I’m not very familiar with. But I’d definitely recommend it. This tea, I imagine, would also be great to drink grandpa style – I resteeped my leaves, and they were totally fine (though obviously, with the nest fully opened, it got stronger faster) and still produced lovely tea. And the leaves, though quite short (presumably these mini-tuo were made up of the smaller bits of leaf, as I think is common), sat nicely at the bottom of the cup when they escaped, so there was no risk of me drinking them.

Flavors: Black Pepper, Forest Floor, Marshmallow, Vanilla

Boiling 8 min or more 20 OZ / 600 ML

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1297 tasting notes

Right, today is officially Shu Puerh day and this is my third type of the day. Looking forward to trying this beauty. I adore opening tuo cha wrappers, it’s like opening tiny tea gifts.

Flavour is mild, nice warm earthy tones with a hint of pepper and spice in the after taste. No fish or damp flavours/smells. Also getting wood and malt tones and a hint of smoke which becomes apparent after a few steeps.

Nice and smooth for the most part, enjoying this very much. A standard shu tuo cha that guarantees satisfaction, my only gripe is that it’s not unique or memorable. Though certainly for a daily Pu Erh this is perfect.

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578 tasting notes

I requested this as a sample a long time back, but have continuously put off drinking it. Today felt like a good time to commit to a hardy puerh, as I’m stuck with a stomach ache, and watching such titles as Melancholia and Soylent Green. It’s kind of a depressing compilation for a day’s activities, except for the part where I get to watch movies for homework!

Anyways, I’m really glad this tea turned out to be so tasty and easy to drink! I was worried about the 7 minute steep, but this tea never went to that place of decaying fish-wood. the latter part of the first steep started to acquire a peppery note, but mostly it was mellow, smooth, and maybe a tad creamy. Fingers crossed that the second steep is just as good!

Flavors: Black Pepper, Cream, Earth, Mushrooms

Boiling 8 min or more 24 OZ / 709 ML

Melancholia left me speechless and haunted me several days after I saw it…the artistic direction was so beautiful, but it’s so sad…great homework! Soylent green is people!!! lol, couldn’t help it…

I love this mini tuocha, so “fresh” for a shou pu’erh.

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921 tasting notes

This was another toucha that the wonderful TheTeaFairy sent me.

I was drinking both this one and the Teavivre one today. I’ve been looking to find “leather” in pu’erh. Lots of people say that they taste “leather”. I don’t understand what the leather is. TheTeaFairy said that this one doesn’t have leather but the Teavivre one does. So I was drinking them side by side trying to see if I could pick out what was different.
Shrug – I’m no further ahead. This doesn’t taste like pu’erh to me – did you steep it long enough was the question – shrug dunno – second steep I let it go forever. Still not what I what I think of as pu’erh. I’m not saying this was undrinkable of anything like that. This just seemed like more of a black tea than a pu’erh to me.
This didn’t really help me find the leather. Oh well – thanks TheTeaFairy for the opportunity.


I find leather and prunes notes in Haiwan factory


Thanks boychik – I have Haiwan factory pu’erh here – will have to take notice the next time I drink it. :))


Is it mini tuo cha? Maybe not accurate.

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