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The Black Lotus

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Black Tea
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Malt, Nuts, Flowers
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From Butiki Teas

This English Breakfast blend combines the best of three worlds, including some of our favorite teas from three different regions. Our Premium Taiwanese Assam adds chocolate and raisin notes and delivers a delicious malty flavor, while the Giddapahar Darjeeling Extra Special conveys almond, jasmine, and citrus notes. Finally, the Congou Keemun adds a touch of earthiness and mushroom notes. These premium teas blend well together to create a complex malty yet smooth breakfast tea that merits the name The Black Lotus.

Ingredients: Premium Taiwanese Assam, Giddapahar Darjeeling Extra Special, Congou Keemun

Recommended Brew Time: 4 minutes
Recommended Amount: 1 1/2 teaspoon of tea for 8oz of water
Recommended Temperature: 212 F degrees

For more information, please visit: http://www.butikiteas.com

About Butiki Teas View company

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46 Tasting Notes

2480 tasting notes

My Breakfast Blend tea of the day, which was enjoyed as an after breakfast cup. Today this is feeling very bright, but otherwise tasty. :)
(yes, I’m still a grumpus)

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43 tasting notes

So, lately I have been thinking about making a Philippino tea. Our company name is a Tagalog word and it seems weird that we haven’t come up with a Philippino inspired tea yet. I decided on coming up with a dessert tea based on the Philippino dessert Palitao. Palitao is a vegan and gluten-free dessert that is essentially a boiled rice cake that is chewy and warm and is then dredged through coconut, toasted sesame seeds, and sugar. It’s freaking pretty delicious. I spent a day at my in-laws and I cooked a batch of them with my mother-in-law and father-in-law. Since I can’t have sugar, I made mine sugar-free though I did sneak a bite of a sugar one just so I knew what it tastes like. Here’s a pic of our creation: http://instagram.com/p/dnswvelfIi/# . The tea will mostly be just a brown sugar, coconut, and toasted sesame flavored tea though it will not have any sugar added. I’m very excited about this. We will also be doing a blog with the recipe to make these treats at home. It’s super easy to make and so delicious. Also, we are very close to having our limited edition Carrot Cake tea complete. Excited about that one too. It’s very fall-y.

I’m very happy with how The Black Lotus blend turned out. I tried about 20 different combinations looking for the very best English Breakfast blend, something that would completely obliterate our previous English Breakfast and something that would stand out among other EBs. Once I was down to the final 5, I let my mother-in-law choose. She works with me a lot and helps out and is a big tea fan. She chose this blend. I said to her, that’s the most expensive one, are you sure that’s the one you like best. She replied “it tastes expensive, I want this one”. So, this is the one we went with. I really love this, I wouldn’t exactly say that it tastes like other typical English Breakfasts. I’ve noticed that most are pretty citrusy or astringent, but this one is very malty and smooth. Both the Premium Taiwanese Assam and the Congou Keemun add that lovely malt to it. I prefer drinking this cooled. There is a lot going on and you can taste all the notes at a warmer temp. I can taste the earthiness, the chocolate, raisins, almonds, as well as a gentle citrus and lingering floral, mainly jasmine. There is a wonderful sweetness too. It works really well and I have been drinking it quite a bit. The directions we set are strictly for drinking it plain, however, it does work well with additions if the leaf requirements are upped a little bit.

Also, this tea is 29% off now until the end of September.


Ooooh! Drooling over the sesame!

Butiki Teas

Fuzzy_Peachkin-Me too! I’m real excited about this one! crosses fingers that it turns out right. The sesame won’t be very strong since the coconut and sugar are the most apparent flavors in Palitao.


Drooling over the dessert and the thought of it as a tea! I’d love a recipe for the dessert itself, ha! Sounds unbelievable :)

Now I want to try Black Lotus as well. An English Breakfast with PTA in it, now that sounds like something I need! Was it in the store already? I can’t believe I missed it when I placed my order in earlier. I would’ve jumped on it if I noticed. I guess I just zoomed down to the ones I wanted too quickly and didn’t take the time to browse.

Butiki Teas

Chizakura-We will definitely be adding the recipe to the blog. Its really good. I brought some home to my hubby and he has been asking if we can make more.

It has been on the website for about an hour. Message me, if you would like to add it to your order. We can always invoice you.


I am “Filipino” and yes, that’s how it’s properly spelled :) and when I first saw your company name, I told my husband what it means in Tagalog. I thought it has another meaning in another language :) It would be really nice to try something like Palitao/Palitaw flavored tea. Looking forward to it :)

That black lotus is sounding really good too.

Butiki Teas

RogersCK-I’ve had a few debates over the spelling. My in-laws spell it Philippino, so that’s generally what I go with though it seems like Filipino is so much more common spelling these days. I used to see Philippino a lot more a decade ago but I’m stuck in my ways. Yep, we are “Lizard Teas” though there is a bit more meaning behind it. We even have our logo of a butiki holding a tea leaf with its tail admiring the leaf. I’m crossing my fingers that Palitao comes out good. Sometimes I have these awesome ideas and they just don’t translate well into tea.


Wow, shows how much I pay attention to logos, lol! Well, I hope that works out well too. And for Filipino desserts, you might want to check out “maja blanca” (if you haven’t tried it yet), it’s a corn and coconut pudding. Tastes pretty good too.

I still need to try more of your teas, only one I’ve had so far was Good Morning Sunshine, and that tea is really good!

Butiki Teas

RogersCK-Next to my name, my avatar for this site is our logo. My friend painted that lizard for us. I don’t think I’ve had that dessert before. It sounds amazing! I don’t eat desserts anymore, since I can’t digest sugar but I used to love these bright different colored balls (like pink and green) that I got from street vendors. I can’t remember what they were called. Also, watermelon seeds are amazing! Every time a relative comes to visit I request bags of them. Glad you enjoyed the Good Morning Sunshine! :)


Yep, I definitely see a butiki and a tea leaf :) I think you’re talking about “puto” and if you are, they are pretty good. Sad to hear that you can’t digest sugar :( Filipinos sure love their sugar and their salt and pepper. But hey, at least you can still enjoy watermelon seeds! :)

Well, will definitely make sure I try more of your teas. Been reading a lot of good reviews about them :)

Butiki Teas

RogersCK-Yes, puto! I loved that treat so much! I’m fine with the sugar thing. After being off sugar for a while, it is actually pretty awesome. I feel a lot better. Mmmm, watermelon seeds. Might have to make my way to a Philippino store soon. Glad to hear you have seen some good reviews about our teas!


Oh man! My fiance is Filipino and he’s going to LOVE the palitao one. And wow I am so excited to hear you’re coming out with a Carrot Cake tea! I’ve tried many different ones, and they are never quite right. I’m sure you probably blew them away.

Butiki Teas

Andie-The carrot cake will be a limited edition but so far, I’m really liking this one.


Totally excited for that palitao tea! I’ve never had it, but asked my husband, who’s Filipino, and he knew it. It sounds delicious!

Butiki Teas

Tealizzy-I’m glad that the palitao sounds good! :)


That sounds very good!

Butiki Teas

Thanks Nicole! :)

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357 tasting notes

Quick recount of the last two weeks…
1) New puppy
2) Toddler gets sick
3) Preschooler gets sick
4) I get walking pneumonia over spring break (luckily at home, but no school for kids and a mom with pneumonia is a bad combo for all participants…)

Things are finally calming down a bit. I’m over the bulk of the crud, but the cough is driving me nuts. Throughout the the last two weeks I’ve lived off mostly Laoshan Black, Wild Mountain Black, and Tawainese assams.

It was time to change it up a bit today, but not by much. This is still my favorite English Breakfast tea, and Verdants Imperial Breakfast Blend is my other favorite breakfast blend. Probably because they each have a base of my two favorite teas. Laoshan Black and the Taiwanese Assam.

I have a million teas, I’m too afraid to count the actual number, but over the past few months since life has gotten so busy, I really only drink about 10 of them. Not sure what to do about that, but it is what it is. I don’t want to get rid of any that I like, but I don’t drink them very often. What to do?

I believe this is what they call a first world problem…. :-)


Glad that you are doing better. That sounds like a crazy couple of weeks.


send them all to terri and meeeee hahahaha

Terri HarpLady

Sorry to hear you’ve been sick! Luckily, at least you had excellent teas to drink, right?

Regarding the ‘problem’, I totally understand! :D
That’s why I print out a list every month, & check the teas off as I drink them (with cute little symbols, this week it’s a little flower). Theoretically, I only drink each tea once a month, but I’m allowed to cheat occasionally (whenever I want), & there are many teas that I never get around to drinking. I’m trying to remedy that, but I have way too many teas to drink in a month, & many of them require gongfu sessions to really be appreciated…sigh…the problems of being a tea lover…


Yikes, that’s awful!

And Terri – I love that you print off your list and add stickers. :D Sounds like fun!


I have the same first world problem! Never thought to make a chart though. Something to consider!!

Hope you are feeling better!

Terri HarpLady

Not really stickers, cavo, just me drawing little tiny symbols with a colored pen :)


I hope your household is feeling much better!
I think most of us on this board have the same “first world prob” lol

Butiki Teas

Everything always seems to happen at once. Glad to hear that things are getting better.

Life is too short to drink tea that is meh. At home I end up making tea I don’t want for my husband since he is pretty much a tea garbage disposal that will drink anything or I end up tossing it. At work, there is a much bigger problem. We have boxes and boxes full of samples. Every now and then I try to make it through the samples but usually they end up in the garbage. I’m hoping to find a place I can donate samples to but since they are already open, probably not.


stacy… cough i like opened samples LOL

Butiki Teas

Hahaha. Maybe I should do an educational traveling box or something. Like putting a bunch of Darjeelings together or Assams together or something.


OH.MY.GOD.YES! Seriously… that would be awesome

Butiki Teas

Only issue is, we wouldn’t have them labeled. So, it would be like Assam 1 through 15 or something but it would give a good idea of what makes an Assam an Assam.


Stacy, I do that to Husband too! Or rather, I used to do it. He’s beginning to learn to tell me if I’ve given him one he doesn’t like and he’s lost interest in most flavoured things. Otherwise though he’s after effect rather than taste when drinking tea. If you give him a cup he’s never had before and ask him what he thought immediately after he finished it, more often than not he doesn’t know. He’s learning to pay attention without being told though. I think he’s realised that it’s in his own interest to do so.

Butiki Teas

Angrboda-I get the I don’t know from my husband too. Hahaha. Or I get ‘tastes like every other green tea I’ve ever had’. Um, ok hun but that’s a white tea. Flavored teas are ones he enjoys more. I bring all of the samples of teas I’m working on for him. I worked on an espresso cupcake with strawberry cream flavor for my friend and brought the 8 different attempts home for him. He liked them all, even the gross ones.


Thanks everyone for the well wishes! Seems like we’re all on the mend and the puppy has kept us quite entertained and busy :-)

Stacy & Angriboda -Ha ha! I do the same thing my husband too, and my mom! They enjoy tea and my worst tea is better than anything they’ve ever had so everyone wins!

Terri- I like your system but I don’t think I’m disciplined enough to only let myself drink my favorites only a few times a month. I should create a favorites list that I can pick from every day and then make a list of the others and start working through them. If I find a meh one, then I’ll throw it my donate box.
Sil — I’d send you all my spares, but i’m pretty sure you’ve had ALL OF THEM! I don’t think I have many teas that you haven’t tried at this point.

And Stacy — I’d be sooooooooo into a traveling open samples box! Not that I need any more tea in my life right now. I was actually happy that hello sweetie was sold out so it would keep me from ordering. It just sounds so good (minus the banana, but I think I can get over that)


stacy – that would still be awesome.

Butiki Teas

TastyBrew-Glad your mom & hubby can help with that. On the plus side with an educational box, you could sit and taste the teas you want in a sitting and send the rest on without adding any to your collection. Sorry for hijacking your note.

Sil-I think I will do it. I’ll put something together and see if I can solicit a curator who can take care of all the logistics.

Terri HarpLady

Stacy, I’m totally open for the samples as well. Why don’t you divide them up, & sell a Spring Sampler Box. When those are all gone, or when you have enough for another round, do a Summer Sampler Box, etc. Supplies will be limited, so they will sellout fast, you could price them to include the postage plus a few bucks for your efforts, & it would be lots of fun! Put me down for one, please. I don’t want to miss out. :)

Butiki Teas

Terri-I initially thought about doing something like that but then thought the amount of work involved wouldn’t be worth it plus I don’t know how old all of these teas are so I would feel bad if someone got a lot that isn’t great. I did start the box though (sort of): http://steepster.com/discuss/7310-traveling-butiki-educational-box

Terri HarpLady

Put me on the list, please!!

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342 tasting notes

every 500 years there is an eclipse… the world is dark but for certain iridescent flowers. only upon the most still lakes and ponds does it gleam… the black lotus; invisible by sunlight, black light, flashlight… the only way to see this bloom is during the mere moments it exists as it floats silently by in the impossible light of the eclipse.

don’t blink.

don’t close your eyes for an instant.

the black lotus exists only for that singular drift, which stacy lim knows all too well. the secret of the black lotus has been handed down from mother to daughter within her family since time out of mind.

brown sugar flowers drifting across the water, drifting tendrils of roots trace patterns along the water, contemplating the brief existence and amber legacy it would leave at stacy’s persuasive coaxing.

such a rare existence, such a rare privilege.

thank you ifjuly. such a beautiful experience you shared…

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

James, thanks for sharing poetry tonight. At this point it reminds me of Marquez ( or the English translator of, I’ve only read one of his books in Spanish) lyrical and beautiful.


i was published for poetry a long time ago…. under very special circumstances i make a return trip. you have made me blush… thank you for your kindness.


Yay! I am thrilled you enjoyed it so much you wrote a beautiful review like this. It is a great feeling to share a favorite tea, one that moves me, and discover the person you send it to understands and shares that feeling. Thank you so much for that, I treasure it. Swaps are the best. :D


they are indeed…. i am going to start nagging about whether mine has arrived yet, lol. so… has it?


not yet, but i don’t see how it could’ve given the holiday weekend and all that (if it passed into the US around then that is). i like being excited knowing it’s coming soon. :D


i could call customs…. start leaving messages and whatnot. =0)


is my number for them right? 1-800-is-it-there-yet?

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765 tasting notes

It’s my Steepster birthday! I’ve been hanging around here for a good 3 years now!

I had another hard night at work – our floor is full of such heavy acuity kids right now I feel like I’m running all night long. Luckily I’ve got a night to recuperate before signing on for 2 more. Plus, it is SO COLD outside. Supposed to flurry later tonight/tomorrow morning, even, though it would be better if it didn’t. Georgians simply don’t know what to do with snow or ice.

So I couldn’t just go off to sleep without getting a cup of tea to warm/relax me. I wanted a black tea, no added flavors but strong. This one I got from Stacy’s Black Friday sale, and since I know most of the flavor profiles of these teas separately, I was excited to see what happened when they blended together.

Followed the steep parameters recommended by Stacy, 3 tsp. leaf to 500 ml. water in the Breville.

This brews up a lighter brown color than I usually expect for a breakfast tea. It’s very smooth and doesn’t need any additives, either, which makes it seem even less of a breakfast tea to me.

Interesting…I think this tea has the lighter texture and mouthfeel of the Darjeeling, while maintaining the chocolate/malt/earthiness of the assam and keemun. It’s kind of throwing me for a loop, actually, that it has such a rich flavor without as much of a body to it.

I will say that I went into this very hesitantly knowing the Keemun was in this blend – I was leery of the smoke. This Keemun is really not smoky at all (phew!) and that was the biggest thing I was worried about so this makes me very happy. I do think its more of an afternoon tea than a breakfast tea, and I also think the chocolate/raisin notes come out a LOT more as the tea itself cools.

Pretty good, but not my absolute favorite blend from Butiki. Still, it was great to try it!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Happy Steepster birthday – to many more!


Hah, I saw this and then checked my Steepster birthday – also three years today! Cheers to us and all the rest!


Happy steepster birthday to you both! :-)


Happy Steepster birthday!


Yay, happy Steepster birthday to you!


Happy steepster-versary! :)


woot! happy anniversary you two!


Happy Steepster birthday!


this tea is better than any cake for a celebration IMO. =0)


@Thanks guys!
@ Uniquity – awesome- happy steepster birthday to you too! Steepster twins!

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578 tasting notes

Another great tea from ifjuly.
This is a great black blend. I think it’s well balanced, and stands up to the random steep parameters that I’m putting it through at work today.
I don’t know if bold is the right word, it has a ton of flavor, but they aren’t in your face. It’s just nice and smooth, comforting.
There are some leaves in here that are really green, that seems odd to me, but whatever it is – it works. Thanks ifjuly this is a really nice tea.

Butiki Teas

The green leaves are from the Giddapahar Darjeeling. It is a more greenish First Flush black tea.


I need to try this one!


aw, i’m glad you don’t hate this one! i knew i was taking a big chance/leap of faith, and i’m touched you didn’t mind trying one you must’ve figured you wouldn’t like.

i am dying to log more of the teas you sent, crossing my fingers i FINALLY can tonight after dinner. you are speedy!


ifjuly – I’m just home and have some things to do – but I am having issues with a different one you sent me – if you don’t mind – I’m going to PM you with some questions.
I’m game to try almost anything, but I was surprised how much I liked this one….


i still need to try this…and couldn’t even tell you if i ordered it this time around…i think i did.. lol


yeah, sure Dex. curious!


Oh! I think I ordered some! :O I know I added it to my shopping list after seeing a few enthusiastic reviews.

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4026 tasting notes

another tea from earlier today. Mostly a whole lot of sleeping and watching tv on the ipad this morning until the power came back. Better notes later, but this is a happy tea for me. It’s sorta just what i needed this afternoon as one of my first cups of teas in forever! stupid ice storms. give me 40 below with nice powder any day! I miss alberta!

Whispering Pines Tea Company

Still missing the snow out here! :(


is this NOT a happy tea for all???? this tea and i are friends….. we will always be friends. i may have a crush (shhhhhh).


I had it today but I think I underleafed it:(. I used a diff spoon.

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606 tasting notes

5/5, the best “evokes the traditional versions but betterx10000” breakfast blend ever and one of the best teas I’ve had, period

Ohhhh this is so goooood. It’s so beautiful for a breakfast blend—long, gorgeous leaves of different shades of silvery green, brown, and black—such a far cry from the CTC boxed stuff one associates with them growing up as to be comical. Smells great dry too. And then steeped it looks, smells, and tastes purrrrrfect, bold with deep rich bready and earthy and even slight chocolate-y flavor, unbelievably smooth and satisfying. It’s so easy to drink, but so deep down rich and satisfying and complex too (the earthy mushroom note in particular sets this apart—might sound weird but it’s delicious). There’s a sweetness and smoothness that rounds out the bold malty assam, and the darjeeling qualities I love float lightly but ever present like a specter, just right. A tea I would use to convince a coffee drinker that tea is just as good, no better, first thing in the morning (and all throughout rest of the day!). The flavor strongly lasts for an impressively long time in the mouth too; I’ve been sitting here just basking in the yummy earthy glow lingering on my palate for like half an hour now.

This is the best “straight” tasting (nothing but tea leaves) breakfast blend I’ve ever had, no question. So delicious. Will definitely have to order more, a lot more.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I need to try/order this soooooon! It needs to be November faster lol


i’m insta-obsessed now! it reminds me a little of the qualities i like in Double Knit Blend (that perfect balance of true tea taste and boldness with easydrinking smoothness, and how it automatically picks me up mood-wise), but much more complex (that earthy mushroom note is awesome).


(well, added to shopping list)


I hope you end up loving it too, Cavocorax!


I loved this one too! :) It’s so unique too! I find all English Breakfast teas taste pretty much the same, but this was SO different and so good! :)


yay, good to know it’s not just in my head. (: the second time i made a cup, i was a little nervous it wouldn’t be as amazing because of my expectations, but it was! and it continues to be! definitely one of my favorites now.

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2163 tasting notes

thanks Terri for a sample of this tea!
I’m always excited to try darjeeling blends and this just sounded super tasty and appealing.

This is a mellow tea with some nice floral aromas. I am not picking up on any keemun in here but the darjeeling is lending a bright and fruity note while the assam is malty and a bit winey. In contrast to the tea I had this morning, this is an easy one to sip on plain but I bet it would also take (soy) milk very well. I don’t think it needs sugar at all.

Even though Stacy describes this as a breakfast blend, it’s something I would probably drink in the afternoon. A very interesting and unique blending but I’m not sure it’s really calling out to me.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

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424 tasting notes

This is simply exceptional. Smooth, deeply malty, chewy, earthy and bright at the same time. Just simply exceptional.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

Chewy? That made me giggle picturing myself trying to chew my tea. Sorry, I’m in a weird mood!

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