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From Custom-Adagio Teas, Cara McGee

Only time will heal your broken heart. Maybe this tea will at least bring a little comfort until Sherlock reappears.

This is purely indulgent. My favorite tea for a while has been Earl Grey bravo, with a dash of hazelnut syrup (it’s what I order at coffee shops when I go with my friends, since I don’t drink coffee). It’s a very comforting taste to me, and the flavors all go surprisingly well together. It’s a bit like fresh baked cookies.

Ingredients: Earl Grey Bravo, Hazelnut, Caramel, blended with black tea, orange peels, natural bergamot flavor, blue cornflowers, natural hazelnut flavor, natural caramel flavor.

Steep at 212° for 2 mins.

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30 Tasting Notes

119 tasting notes

I would like to apologize for my lack of reviews in the past couple of days/weeks. I’ve been super busy but come the end of April I’ll have more time to write on here. Trust me, I’ve still been drinking tea. Lots of it. But, I’m not going to kill your feeds with my backlogs as that wouldn’t be that fun now, would it?

Anyways, I got a generous amount of this tea from Emilie in our swap. I’ve been reallllllllly wanting to try the Sherlock and Hunger Games blends from Adagio as I’m a fan of both series and I think that not only are the blends a fun way to celebrate your fandom, but they also look super tasty!

The dry leaf smells oddly like Captain Crunch. That’s not actually bad, because I really like Captain Crunch! In fact, it smells quite enticing! One thing I don’t like about Adagio’s custom blends is that they don’t include any brewing instructions, so it’s up to you to kind of guess what to do. I knew that this was an all black blend, and those are more forgiving, but I also know that Adagio’s blacks are easily embittered, so I decided to go with a safe 195 (next time I will do 185 to 190 as this still did have just a hint of bitterness) for 4 minutes.

The result is amazing. I added milk and sugar (it seemed fitting as it is British, afterall :P) and it’s very good and I really hope all the blends by this “author” are as good! The earl grey is definitely the forefront flavor and the hazelnut and caramel add a nice extra creamy sweetness in the background! I really like this one a lot.

Thanks again Emilie for this and your other sample, they will both be enjoyed! Also, I know that you stated that you were having problems with this tea and I would recommend going with a lower temp for 4 minutes-it really creates a nice flavor.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

I will definitely try that out! I’d been playing with different times at the same temperature, so it only makes sense now to move to the lower one. I’m glad you enjoyed it, too! :)


Captain Crunch, milk, and sugar are British? I thought they were breakfast!


Captain Crunch! Oh wow that sounds really good!


@KS: Lol I meant that Sherlock was British :P Although I’m sure they eat Captain Crunch in the UK too :)

@Azzrian: I know! Captain Crunch has always been my favorite cereal so this was a really nice treat!


Who remembers Quisp? It was pretty much Captain Crunch in a different shape. Every once in a while they bring it back. The kids love it in the summertime when it gets to hot to cook OR eat. I buy some Captain Crunch and we have Jethro bowls of it for supper.


lolol I’m glad I’m not the only person buying fandom teas!

Daniel Scott

“Fandom teas”? That sounds intriguing.

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4420 tasting notes

Sipdown (211/214)!

Time for the daily backlog of teas now that Tre’s gone to bed and left me with his computer. Not much eventful today, no new listing for me to apply for which was sad though I did fill out a survey for the local University for an ongoing research study on the “transition to adulthood” so that was something.

Also, grocery shopping (which was painful financially but necessary) and I briefly had a friend over but she was ill and left a little early. So, I’m gonna call in a semi-successful day. At least I did something.

This blend was good. It steeped up nicely today, and had a happy departure from my cupboard. It was odd though, I really tasted the orange in this cup and the caramel/hazelnut was doing this odd thing where it sort of tasted like licorice? If I didn’t have the blend’s description and my first cup to go on I don’t think I’d have had any idea this was an Earl.

EDIT: Also, I guess this was tasting note 650. And also, I should really thank the lovely MissB for the sample.

Still yummy, though.

Flavors: Caramel, Licorice, Orange Zest


Congrats on 650!! Also, I started this morning at 190 and now have 177 teas. I said I could not buy “The Woman” until I at least hit 175 so I am so close. However, now I am debating a DAVIDs order. I think I have a problem.


In other news, I am now on episode 12 of the first season of Bones. Not much work was done today but it was nice and relaxing so w.e.


Yay 650! :)

Roswell Strange

Are you loving it?! I should really go back and watch from the start – I miss some of the characters that are in the earlier seasons. Isn’t Zack super awesome! Also Hodgins. Much love for Hodgins and Zack – the Kings of the lab. You now have significantly less blends than I do – and probably less grams worth too :P We both have a problem. Actually, many of us on Steepster possess this problem – and we’re all bad for feeding it.


Haha. I made a cart on DAVIDs. It included 50 g of The Glow, Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait, and Cranberry Pear; a mason jar; the 12 oz green sweater perfect mug; and 100 filters. Then I got stressed and closed the page. I think the mason jar would be pretty great for getting through teas though given it is basically 3 servings at a time.

Roswell Strange

It is definitely great for getting through teas :) I’m actually a little worried I might be going through my herbals/fruit teas too quickly.


I am quickly running out of my caffeine free options which is part of the reason I want to place the DAVIDs order. I am also waiting for Stacy to get Nutmeg Cream and Eggnog & Pralines in stock so I can place a Butiki order and grab some more Peppermint Patty, Root Beer Float, and hopefully Birthday Cake.

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1433 tasting notes

Oddly, I thought I’d tried this one out already. It seems I’ve just parsed out some to the lot of you. ;)

This smells a lot like the TARDIS blends. It’s definitely got an EG feel to it, plus some caramel and perhaps a nut of some sorts for good measure. It’s creamy, bright yet full, and I like it, even if there’s something in it that’s missing for me. Perhaps it’s that I just love TARDIS so much.

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 15 sec

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390 tasting notes

i do not…. understand.

i got not licorice.
i got no orange.
i got caramel? caramel…. is that you? where have you been? have you been hiding out with adagio playing favourites with MissB? if so, i will admit my feelings are moderately hurt… but really i’m just glad you came back for a quick stop by!

i didn’t smell caramel either…. i have to conclude it really was taste. i had a sense of nuts (nonspecific) and caramel.

maybe MissB put some sort of voodoo over it? lol. sadly i was so distracted by amazement that my entire review consists of ‘I COULD TASTE IT!!!! WOW!’. not much else. (sorry….. but it was very good!)

it also had a warmth that was not generated from heat or spice. riddles upon riddles!

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML



agreed. and also strange. lol.


Yes and no. Flavour and scent can be an interesting alchemy and at times are perceived uniquely by each individual. It would be interesting to know what unique combo results in caramel.


yes and true. if i had read the description i may have had misgivings: caramel, licorice and orange does not sound right to me… but somehow it wound up being a genuine, well balanced caramel to my palate? though i tend to be a bit odd, lol.


Maybe the liquorice added just enough sweetness and thickness to the tea to make the caramel jump out? Not sure about the orange unless it tempers some of the notes that licorice can sometimes have?


On my Reichenbach Recovery package I have notes that say it’s hazelnut, caramel and earl grey bravo making it up, not liquorice or orange though she might have changed the blend since then.


i was just reading what was in the description on steepster…. yes, i would guess the blend has changed. it was a very surprising experience!


ah! but I loved the earl and hazelnut!

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3177 tasting notes


Every time I see Adagio’s fandom blends I want them. Instinctively I press shopping list just because I like the show/movie/cake/etc. that inspired it. Then I need to rethink my choice and actually look at the tea and ponder if it is something I would actually drink. Unfortunately most of the Sherlock blends, as much as I want them, don’t see like something I would actually enjoy. This was the one exception and of course MissB was right there to satisfy my curiosity.

I am actually very glad I got to try this because it is a really good cup. The bergamot is not overpowering because it is balanced by the caramel and the hazelnut. Moreover, the hazelnut lends a nuttiness to the aftertaste while the caramel incorporates and burnt sugar sweetness. Tasty indeed! Unfortunately, I used the whole sample in one 16 oz cup. So long wonderful Sherlock tea! Our relationship was brief but pleasant while it lasted. Perhaps we will meet again soon. And thank you MissB for introducing us :)

Boiling 2 min, 30 sec

I have three ounces of this – you’re more than welcome to have more!


Thank you MissB but I think I am starting to get stressed with my surplus of tea. I think I have to drink a lot of it down before I am going to get anymore.

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634 tasting notes

Sipdown #58

I decided to give this tea another chance before passing the rest of it along to a friend. This time I used only 1 tsp and steeped it for 2 minutes. I enjoyed it sooooo much better! I added a splash of skim milk but no sweetener, and it is delicious! The hazelnut is much lighter and more authentic tasting this go-around. Now I understand what everyone has been raving about. Upping the rating from 44 to 76. Thanks again for the sample, Shmiracles!!

205 °F / 96 °C 2 min, 0 sec

all these fandom blends don’t tend to blow my mind, but definitely grow on me. also yes, i learned that for me less steeping does do better. yay glad you tried it :)

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318 tasting notes

Right. So. I officially hate the “Undo” button on my tablet keyboard. Also, I REALLY miss having an actual keyboard. Something about typing essays on a piece of glass leaves a lot to be desired. I haven’t hit that button in almost the whole year I’ve owned this tablet, and I’ve hit it three times while typing this review.

So. I’m SO flat that Sherlock season 2 is currently airing in the US. I’m currently without a computer, stuck using this tablet, and while it’s a cool toy, it’s not really meant for typing essays on. It also means that I can’t watch anything stored on my computer that isn’t in in iTunes. I watched Reichenbach when it aired on PBS earlier this evening, and of COURSE my dad comes in at the MOST dramatic moment and talks / theorizes all the way through. Not that he’s ever seen the show before! Fortunately, it’s airing again right after… Sooo… Three hour Sherlock marathon. Right.


I have to admit, I’m not actually drinking this tea. BUT. I have the components and I know the ratios so I’ve blended up an approximation of it, using Earl Grey Cream from DAVIDs instead of the Earl Grey Bravo. It really is good. It’s warm and full-bodied, nutty in just the right places and the caramel gives it a sort of sweetness that flows over it without overpowering it. Next time I order from Adagio, I’m definitely adding some of this.

God, Benedict Cumberbatch just looks like a little boy and I just want to hug him.

Boiling 2 min, 15 sec

What’s worse (or maybe not) is that I fell asleep halfway through, and woke up just to see the last 20 minutes. I HATE when that happens. So, I know how it ends, but not why it ends the way it does. ://


Noooo! I watched it twice and I have to admit… Still not entirely sure why it ends the way it does! Although I tend to miss a lot of minor details,especially when I’m not paying full attention.


Now I have to watch it again…….I’m sure they’ll replay it sometime.


I think Masterpiece Theater has really produced some good series and mysteries the last couple years.

Dylan Oxford

Long typing sessions on my tablet kind of get annoying too. Browsing the web, buying stuff, reading news… oh man, these things are brilliant. But like nose to the grindstone work? Sheesh. Typing real words is bad enough, I can’t imagine coding or something like that.

Dylan Oxford

Long typing sessions on my tablet kind of get annoying too. Browsing the web, buying stuff, reading news… oh man, these things are brilliant. But like nose to the grindstone work? Sheesh. Typing real words is bad enough, I can’t imagine coding or something like that.


@Scott – I LOVE PBS. That and BBC America. The only shows I watch regularly are BBC, but PBS’s Great Performances are some of my favorites to put on in the background while I’m drawing or something like that!
@Dylan – basically. I have no idea where my laptop charger is. So I’m sort of grateful for the tablet and sort of thinking that if I didn’t have one, I’d probably have found the charger by now… Haha, I’m just lazy,

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336 tasting notes

Wow! The last time I had this was 5 months ago, when I still thought the flowers in this were making it bitter. A lost has changed since then. Someone recommended I try a lower temperature and longer steep time to help with the flavor. Unfortunately even with their recommendations, it’s still too strong. Once I add milk and sugar, it’s good. But I don’t like the fact that I HAVE to add things. Good teas should be able to hold up on their own and just be enhanced by additions.

With milk and sugar, this is creamy and comforting. The hazelnut and caramel are both there. It seems like the milk subdues the bergamot and lets the tea taste more like it should anyway. This tea is almost perfect for me, and the fact that it is so close just makes me sad.

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec

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2238 tasting notes

That drawing of Watson just breaks my heart. Poor Watson.

If Watson only knew that somehow Sherlock was around to stop the beheading of Irene Adler, if he only knew about that debacle at all, he might have an idea that Sherlock can somehow fake his own death. And does anyone else think that if Sherlock can fake his own death by jumping off a building then somehow Moriarty faked his own death with that super creepy grin on his face, supposedly after death?

thank you Starfevre for sending me a sample of this one! I love tea and I love fandom so I love Adagio’s fandom blends. I haven’t yet had an Adagio tea that wasn’t delicious. I haven’t had many, but I’ve had a few. Somehow I thought they’d put more emphasis on letting people create their own blends and less emphasis on the tea quality itself. But the flavor is always there! This one definitely seems like it should be comforting with earl grey, hazelnut and caramel. Those seem like the most comforting options they might have at Adagio. I’d say the most prominent flavor is the hazelnut. It’s definitely hazelnut! It seems like that wouldn’t work with earl grey, but somehow it does. I didn’t really taste much caramel though. This was definitely delicious. This would be a good one for Watson… or one to have while I’m thinking of how long it will be for season three of Sherlock to finally be on TV!


i know right! i figured the fandom blends would be a gimmick to sell tea, but the fans who make the blends really do a good job and the tea quality IS good too! i haven’t been disappointed by a single one of my 10 adagio fandoms i’ve gotten so far. and i love this one too.
(cute how the watson & bilbo (irish bfast) blends mirror each other while the sherlock & smaug (lapsang) blends also mirror each other)


I LOVED Moriarty’s character and I do hope he comes back. I’m always a sucker for a well played crazy villain especially one with a sense of humor.


man, he WAS superb. i LOVED his character too. the show is wonderfully acted all around. and he’s the funnest villain i’ve seen in years.
i’ve been watching the Jeremy Brett Sherlocks on netflix while i wait for more modern episodes. it’s quaint, and it’s definitely grown on me. season one ends at richenbach falls and is entirely told by Watson.

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599 tasting notes

I keep thinking I’ve reviewed these teas that I have and have drunk but I don’t see the reviews on the pages. Oh well, here it is. Not a sipdown, but significantly closer.

The Earl Grey in this really overwhelms the other flavours for me and I’m not a huge fan of bergamot anymore so this makes the taste somewhat unpleasant for me. Not undrinkable but if it were available (I haven’t looked) I certainly won’t be buying any more. I drank it today because all of the teas that I’ve had today contained caramel flavouring and I wanted to continue the trend. Unfortunately, this one does not at all stand up to the others.

190 °F / 87 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Hm. I too swear I’d tried this one already in my stash. Thanks for the reminder!

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