Amande Amaretti

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Almond, Marzipan, Smooth
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  • “another delightful sample from dinosara :) This one reminds me of amarettoe in dry form and scent. Steeped, it’s a delicious almond, marzipan sort of tea. I am really enjoying this on this...” Read full tasting note
    Silaena 8162 tasting notes
  • “okay, i really need to review my personal standpoint on stubbornness. i did this tea SUCH a disservice yesterday. overleafed, oversteeped…… i wonder if...” Read full tasting note
    JustJames 390 tasting notes
  • “This tea is likely going on my shopping list. have no idea how on earth Canadians acquire DF teas, but in the event that I have the opportunity to acquire this without paying insane shipping...” Read full tasting note
    keychange 513 tasting notes
  • “It seems I am the very first to review this tea, damned…had to create the tea in the database as well. I was curious about this tea especially because I like very much nutty teas. Of course I...” Read full tasting note
    Ysaurella 408 tasting notes

From Dammann Freres

Blend of teas from China and Ceylon flavored with almond and decorated with yellow petals of flower. A subtle fragrance that reminds us of the wild almond trees orchards in spring.
Recommended infusion time: 4 to 5 minutes

Mélange de thés de Chine et de Ceylan aromatisé à l’amande et agrémenté de pétales de fleur. Un parfum subtil qui nous rappelle celui des vergers d’amandiers sauvages au printemps. Temps d’infusion recommandé : 4 à 5 minutes

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27 Tasting Notes

8162 tasting notes

another delightful sample from dinosara :) This one reminds me of amarettoe in dry form and scent. Steeped, it’s a delicious almond, marzipan sort of tea. I am really enjoying this on this super cold day!

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390 tasting notes

okay, i really need to review my personal standpoint on stubbornness. i did this tea SUCH a disservice yesterday. overleafed, oversteeped…… i wonder if admitting that and having the brilliant new fancy kettle permits me to buy teas i might have muddled….? lol. ah, life is full of justifications for loose leafers!

WHEN IT’S DONE RIGHT and you aren’t being a know-it-all-jerk (that would be me i’m talking about)this tea is: light and sweet. almonds, but not marzipan. reminds me very much of amaretto the alcohol. if you OVERLEAF it it will come across much more like amaretto but with a harsh acrid bitter kick. which i totally deserved. …. ……. …….. i might have put in 2 tbsp. …. ……… and left it for 6 minutes. possibly. lol.

light, sweet. very smooth! i’m not used to ceylons (heh heh, the sci-fi dork in me wants to say cylons) being so agreeable! the tea base is warm and round on its own, separate from the flavour level. it gives me a light amber flavour, though a darker colour steep.

very nice.

back to lab 5. we’ll see how up to date my human geography professor is with sex ed is in sub saharan africa. i think my analysis may catch him a tad offguard, lol. but i always get good marks. partly because i citation him to death.

Boiling 4 min, 30 sec

Yes! Cite everything! One of my friends is marking for a first year class, and it’s an automatic D if they don’t cite. You wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would) how many students don’t cite their sources. :/


we have three pages of citations. for a lab. it makes it much harder to argue with us. our information is rock solid…. if he disagrees with our opinions or my somewhat shocking analysis then that’s a different thing, but our numbers and our data are BACKED UP.

(hmmmm….) we’re evaluating the 5 best and 5 worst countries for child under 5 mortality and i stumbled onto a fascinating piece of information…… not sure i should reveal it here, but i don’t think he’s expecting it.

my lab partner and i like to be bullet proof. =0)


Awesome. :)


nothin’ like a PAIR of bullet proof smarta…. well you know how that word ends. =0)

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513 tasting notes

This tea is likely going on my shopping list. have no idea how on earth Canadians acquire DF teas, but in the event that I have the opportunity to acquire this without paying insane shipping costs, I’ll do it. Either that or wait until I go to France and get some myself! ha. I like it a lot, but thankfully am not dying to get my hands on some this instant.

I was really cautious with the steep time here, because somehow I’ve been getting a lot more base than I’d like recently. I set the timer for four minutes, but lifted the basket out at about three and a half. I was greeted with the smell of cherried almonds, with a backscent of a really creamy, milky base. It reminded me of the tea my mother used to make chai with when i was little.

The taste is fairly similar to the scent, although the cherried note makes a more understated appearance at the end of the sip, giving the taste a very slight and pleasant tang. I’d started out with only a bit of sugar, and added a bit more for the second half of the cup. I’d say this tea was fine either way, although the sugar helped bring out the marzipan flavours a bit more, I think.

Thanks again, JustJames, for sending this along. Three dash-shaped stickers along the left side of the packaging let me know that this was the tea for the afternoon!!


Keychange you can order Dammann teas for reasonable shipping from


I sent that a little early that’s the link to this tea. Here is the site

Shipping at last check was 9 €. If you would prefer to buy from shipping is still quite reasonable starting at 12€.


Speaking of French tea companies, where can you order Fauchon? I’ve checked numerous Winners near me, with no luck.


At the moment I don’t know. There is a ghost add on for autumn. Whether they had it and are no longer carrying it or are addind it I don’t know. I heard of two stores that have carried fauchon in TO one only has Maxims right now and another does not have an e-store and according to other sources is very expensive but if you’d like to see if they have anything and are willing to ship the address is . in the past holts has sold fauchon. The fauchon site has addresses of resellers mostly in Europe on their site. You may want to do a search using a tea you might want . That’s how I found alternate DF sellers. Fauchon been tricky so far any listing I’ve found doesn’t ship to _Canada. Having said that you may want to email fauchon and see if they are willing to ship tea. I think they have disabled sales to North America due to the large amount of products they have that might cause problems through customs.


Thanks for all the info yyz! I’ve checked 3 Winners here now, and I’ve found La Naissance, but not L’Automne. I checked the Holt website to no avail, but I suppose I could drive down there hah. I was on their website and I considered emailing them, but just their shipping prices within France are steep, I can’t imagine what they would be to Canada. I may just go ahead and email them anyway to ask about Canadian retailers. This is exactly why I can’t try inaccessible teas! :P


That might be a good idea. They may be able to send you a list of retailors in Canada. I don’t think any of the holts here jhad any this year, but if they still have any relationship with fauchon they might be able to help you. There are some very famous customer service stories here in TO. This is the Amazon add


yyz, thanks! You’re such a wealth of information! You’ve got some mad hookups. ;)


You are such a wealth of information haha! I was just going to check Amazon, thanks for sending the link. I’m in AB so perhaps I’ll call Holt and see what they say. I plan to keep checking Winners as well. The city is so spread out, it’s an inconvenience to get to them unless I’m in the area, but I’m determined to find this tea.


Your welcome! If you do look at the cadeau Deco site there are some more teas under the Christmas heading as well!


Courtney. Red Tree in Calgary has carried Fauchon Teas http://www.redtreecatering.comu


yyz, you know ALL THE THINGS!


cadeau is pretty damn good. I picked up a few teas from them over christmas…

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408 tasting notes

It seems I am the very first to review this tea, damned…had to create the tea in the database as well.
I was curious about this tea especially because I like very much nutty teas.
Of course I wasn’t searching something similar to Pleine Lune as Amande Amaretti is a simpler tea, with a single flavour : almond and even bitter almond.

The dry leaf scent is really strong bitter almond, like the amaretto cocktail. It reminds me childhood as well as we got in France a glue with this scent, the glue Cleopatre.The problem was some children were eating it !!! Anyway it was inoffensive :)

So no worries, my tea has not a glue taste ;)
The way the almond comes on the tea base is lovely, they perfectly pair together.The balance is really perfect.

For sure it won’t replace my dear Pleine Lune but this a tea I will drink again with pleasure.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Hm. I love amaretto cocktails… Might have to check this one out.


i do love almond and marzipan flavour….


I wish their delivery wasn’t the equivalent of $20something, they have some teas I wouldn’t mind trying. Maybe I’ll order from Romania when I’m there. I wish I could drop by.


Haha you are trying all the teas that are on my list for Paris! Glad to hear your thoughts about these before I go. :D


Well Dinosara, as you I never had a bad Dammann Frères tea, there are just some I prefer to others.I still have 7 other Dammann teas to taste and as you are coming in Paris in July, you’ll get all my reviews before :)

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2185 tasting notes

Almond is one of my absolute favorite flavors. Marzipan is perhaps my favorite candy, and I love amaretto. And although I have been able to find a number of good teas with almond as one component of it, I have yet to find my perfect almond black tea. I’ve actually pretty much given up on finding one. I think part of my problems has been the base teas… they’re never any good. But I really enjoy Dammann’s standard black base, so this one has obviously been on my list for a while, and now I finally get to try it out.

Dry this smells a lot like some of the other marzipan/almond teas I’ve tried. Which is to say, not unlike amaretto. Steeped, the base tea really comes out more, although thankfully the almond is still a prominent note. And, unlike many almond teas, the almond is a sweet, prominent note in the flavor as well. For some reason in a lot of almond black teas the almond flavor doesn’t come through strongly, but that is not the case here. But it’s also go enough of the base to remind you that yes, you are drinking black tea here. For whatever reason the standard Dammann black base seems thinner to me in this one, and I would love it to be a bit more robust, but otherwise its quite lovely. Very smooth, no bitterness, nice almond.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

oh you bought it finally ! I do agree it is an enjoyable tea


Yes, I ended up with a lot of the same teas as you when I ordered from Instant Thé!

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1863 tasting notes

Mmm. Almond. I do love you, almond.
This smells lovely, once brewed up. Light, with that warm scent of almonds wafting gently from my cup.
It sips like this too, light and sweet and vaugly nutty. Not the most almond intense tea I’ve ever drunk, but there is something undeniably French about it (which fits, after all, its French tea) and as a Francophile, this is great news.
Thank you to JustJames, who continues to make my day with the tasty teas.

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286 tasting notes

A tasty treat sent to me from JustJames – thank you! If not for you, I probably would never have tried the Dammann Freres tea’s.

This tastes mostly of marzipan. There is a little bit of amaretto lurking in the background, but up front is the marzipan. I haven’t had marzipan in ages, and this makes me want to get some. Yum.


=0) glad you enjoyed my friend!

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767 tasting notes

i also ordered 100g of this one completely blind.
how can almond NOT go well. no matter what direction it takes.
figured it was a safe bet and i was right.
my sister and i live together but we still text even when we are in the same house.
modern times!
and i woke up to a text of “amande amaretti is so good!” :) yays
dammann is sexy stuff.

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103 tasting notes

Aww, this is the last of the Amande Amaretti. Guess we’ll have to go back to France…

Actually, I’m planning a trip to Montreal… goes to look at tea shops in Montreal… Yup, France it is. Though I’m sure I could bring back some Chinese tea and Gauloises.

I have extreme Spring fever today. I’m just staring at the computer screen but nothing’s getting through. That Hardywood beer right after work is going to taste AMAZING.


montreal! yay odree! there are lots of nice tea shops in montreal :)


The quick google search I did agrees :) Some place called Second Cup seems to be ubiquitous, and there’s David’s Tea, and fancy places for high tea, but I’m probably going alone and I’ve made the mistake of having to eat high tea for 2 by myself before – soooo many macaroons and tiny things add up! I’m not going until September, so I’ll have lots of ideas by then so I’ll get back to you :)


second cup is just a coffee shop – maybe a little classier than uh dunkin’s donuts without the donuts… a step down from starbucks sort of?
teafairy/variaTEA and a few others could give you a bunch of places to visit and peruse :)

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424 tasting notes

I love this tea. I’m a big fan of marzipan (surprise?) and almond flavoring in general. Loved Butiki’s Almond Indulgence and this tea reminds me a lot of that, which is great since I can’t get the Butiki one anymore. This is all delicious almond flavor with a tea base that doesn’t overpower it.

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