Forever Nuts

Tea type
Fruit Herbal Blend
Almond, Apple, Artificial Flavouring, Beet Root, Cinnamon
Apple, Cinnamon, Creamy, Nutmeg, Nutty, Spices, Almond, Cake, Caramel, Cookie, Nuts, Sweet, Fruity, Smooth, Cream, Popcorn, Vanilla, Roasted nuts, Pecan, Toffee, Artificial, Baked Bread, Apple Candy, Hay, Overripe Cherries, Pastries, Brown Sugar, Peanut, Honey, Berry, Spicy, Oats, Butter, Hibiscus, Tangy, Walnut, Anise, Clove, Cranberry, Rhubarb, Roast nuts, Rose, Sugar, Coconut, Honeydew, Stewed Fruits, Berries, Earth
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Loose Leaf, Sachet
Caffeine Free
Not available
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205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 0 sec 6 g 34 oz / 1017 ml

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For almond lovers

It looks all normal when it’s loose. But steep it and you’ll see that it’s nuts. Within seconds, this tempting jumble of almond slices and chunks, apple bits and cinnamon bark starts turning a crazy shade of pink. Why? Because it contains a hint of beetroot. That’s what gives this rich almond tea its earthy depth and its all-natural signature colour. Deliciously nutty, decidedly addictive. Caffeine-free.

Ingredients: Apple, almonds, cinnamon, beetroot and artificial flavouring*.

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606 Tasting Notes

28 tasting notes

Makes a good latte. This is an incredibly popular tea and I understand why. However in my opinion there are much better options. The fact that this turns pink when steeped is nice though.

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3 tasting notes

The blend of Apples and Almonds in this tea is delicious… I love that it’s just as good iced as it is warm and that it doesn’t need any extra sweetener.

180 °F / 82 °C 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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2 tasting notes

After hearing several rave reviews over this tea, I had been very excited to give it a go. A few weeks back I ordered 50g, and I find myself reaching for it more often than my black teas. That alone is a testament to how much I adore Forever Nuts.

To me, the most striking feature of this tea is the brilliant shade of pink it becomes while steeping, thanks to the beet root. Be sure to steep this in a white mug to get the full effect! While I originally found the pink colour a bit gimmicky, it does cheer me up on those colder winter days.

While steeping, the predominant scent I get from this tea is a sweet cinnamon with just a hint of apple. The taste, in contrast, is predominantly apple, helped along with an earthy, almond base and a touch of cinnamon. Definitely a treat, in my opinion, and best sipped after dinner on its own or with dessert.

Boiling 7 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 10 OZ / 300 ML

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513 tasting notes

Ok so I’ve seriously been extremely ragey, pretty much all week, and for absolutely no good reason. But I’m talking like, rage that’s so big and disproportionate. I feel like one of those people in an anger management movie: panting, nostrils flaring, nearly foaming at the mouth at the most minor indiscretion. Like someone could be a bit too chatty at work today, and although I’d ordinarily happily participate, I was wanting to yell and throw things and tell everyone to eff off immediately, and then to go perform very vulgar acts to top it all off just because it feels good to say those kinds of things when you’re mad.

So anyway, I got this tea because of some promotion on Valentine’s day, and decided to drink it straight tonight. rage doesn’t allow for additions, so it was just a six minute steep and me. And it was actually pretty decent, given there was nothing added. Many a steepsterite before me have described this tea with careful attention to detail and nuance, so I won’t bore you, but I’ll just say that it does taste vaguely of apple crisp with almonds, and while i don’t know that I’ll rush out to restock, I’d say I’m happy enough to keep a small supply on hand because it’s a caffeine free option that I actually don’t hate.

Ok, off to get needlessly mad about more things. It’s actually kind of hilarious, because i’m typically very calm and even-tempered, so it’s kind of fascinating in a messed up way. The solution is to drink more tea.
Is there any particular tea you guys like to drink when you’re angry?


Umm, good luck? Tea can be really meditative, especially those that take many short steeps. Would that work for you?


OMG I almost fell out of my chair laughing. “Rage doesn’t allow for additons”. I totally have those days! I have an extreme low tolerance for stupidity and some days I’m ready to fly right off the handle. I always go for my most comforting teas. Or an Ativan. :P


Yes! you get it! all week I’ve been wanting to yell “Why the f*ck are you guys all such incompetent effing fools?!?!!?!?!!?!?! You’re stupid, and so are you, and you, and you…aaahhhh!”. LOL. And yes, I’m keenly aware of how ridiculous this all sounds, because I’m no uniquely intelligent specemine myself, but you know rage…it has no logic sometimes. And omgsrsly, I don’t think I can do multiple steeps of anything. If there’s even the slightest chance I’ll lose potency, I don’t bother. I’m one of those weird people who enjoys one cup of tea every few hours haha. Also, I promise my rage is mostly contained within me. And we don’t have guns in Canada…only caribou and hockey.


What about the moose? ;) (I totally get the rage, AND the tea thing. :) Some teas though… I like seeing how they change, like puerh or oolongs.)


Haha! Don’t worry I completely understand. I have those days all the time. All the time. I actually found an e-card just the other day that said “I live in fear that today will be the day I accidentally scream SHUT THE F*CK UP out loud, rather than say it in my head”. It could maybe apply here. I do hope you’re able to find a tea that helps. I really do spoil myself on the worst of those days. My favourite teas and my favourite shows. And my onesie.


I am with you 100% on the rage front. I’m having one of those weeks too. I hope that we shall be heading into calm and happy times.


aw man, i had a similar vibe a week or so ago and it felt awful, like even though i behaved just fine inside i felt so out of control! i hope you feel better soon. it’s the worst, impotent rage.


I know how you feel, and when it is over I wonder what the heck happened. I guess it is hormones? And life. Jasmine from Teavivre is my peaceful, centering tea.


+1 with ashmanra on Teavivre Jasmine (and hormones!!)
(Your description of anger management is pretty darn accurate and hilarious, lol!)


I hear ya on the unexplainable rage-monster moods. Most of the time when I’m like that, it usually demands to be fed EVERYTHING, and then there is the crying at everything, and then I realize I’m pms-ing, lol. oops.
but omg Courtney! I’ve seen that e-card, and today was one of those days lol (ahh, the joys of working retail)
Whatever the reason keychange, hang in there!


That’s totally been my week too! I just get so pissed at the littlest things! (Of course, all that for me is due to PMS so…yeah. I hate when hormones turn me into a complete mean old troll.) I usually drink raspberry leaf tea during this horrible time of the month, as it supposedly helps balance hormones and help the female system (sorry if this is TMI!) and it doesn’t contain caffeine, which is probably helpful when I’m in an angry mood. Otherwise, I did have my lovely, soothing Cherry Blossom green tea (a Japanese sencha with dried cherries)one afternoon on s particularly bad day (my son was teething and cranky, and I was about ready to lose it he was driving me absolutely nuts)so I gave myself a tea “time out”, steeped the cherry blossom, took a hot shower, and immediately came out calmer and more refreshed. Thank you tea for coming to the rescue and saving my sanity! :-) Anyway, good luck, I hope you get back to feeling your old self soon!


And yes, I was drinking tea IN the shower. Is that weird?


It is never, ever weird to drink tea, as far as I’m concerned. Whatever your state: showering, dying, giving birth—all good reasons to drink tea. And I’m glad so many of you can relate to this needless rage. Courtney, that greeting card sounds like it should be our life mantra! also, I had a onesie once, but then I woke up in the middle of the night having to pee, and I sat there, pretty much completely naked and peeing while my onesie lay in a pile on the floor around my feet. They need to come up with better peeing mechanisms! and raspberry tea sounds divine!


And yes, my rage does make me feel so out of control on the inside, despite being able to at least keep it together for the sake of appearances/not getting fired/deported.


In my job I have to put up with a lot of people and very frequently feel rage like yours. I just have no patience for idiots. Grrrrrr.
Hope you found a tea to soothe your rage!


Oh rage!…glad it afflicts everyone, I guess. LOL.

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13 tasting notes

Before I brewed it up, I was skeptical. Dry, it looks like a bunch of dried up fruit, and smells really nutty. Brewed it up, added some white sugar, and to my shock & surprise, IT IS DELICIOUS. A huge plus? I can use far less sugar than usual and it still tastes fantastic. I’m going to try it with some cream later on…I think that would work really well.

If you’re a fan of apple pie, or apple & cinnamon oatmeal, this is definitely the tea for you!
Boiling 5 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 236 ML

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26 tasting notes

If you want to drink a cookie try this tea.

Flavors: Nuts

4 min, 0 sec

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6 tasting notes

Wow, I was honestly expecting to hate this. I was given the 6 sachet tin as part of a gift and decided to give it a whirl, even though I usually dislike apple-based teas. This one, however, seemed to do it right. Almond and apple goes together like peanut butter and jam. I’m actually planning on going out tomorrow to get a full tin of it (and to take advantage of the Valentine’s day sale!).

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20 tasting notes

This was the second tea I ever tried from DavidsTea. That first time tasted absoloutly delicious, with a bit of 2% milk added to it. But since then I have never been able to replicate that wonderful flavor, and as a result find the tea a bit boring. It sure smells nice, though, and is very tasty on yogurt.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 1 tsp 8 OZ / 250 ML

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27 tasting notes

Steepster seems to have eaten my notes on this one (probably because they sounded so delicious). I wasn’t sure about this tea at first, to be honest, but it’s grown on me. I’ve actually only got a couple servings left before the bottom of the tin. This was one of my first David’s Tea purchases and even though it’s only been a month since I bought it, I’ve already got eight others. At this rate, I may as well just open my own shop! I’ll drink this one any way it can be made. Plain, with brown sugar (it does have to be brown sugar, though, not honey or white sugar or any other sweetener), with a bit of milk, steeped in milk as a latte…you name it, I’ve tried it, and it’s been delicious. I can see why this is touted as a customer favourite. If I’m drinking it plain, I prefer to steep it for as long as possible. Even in milk, I’ll usually let it go for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. You get a bit of a berry flavour in this one…someone in another review said “Strawberry Quik” and it definitely gets close when done as a latte. I can’t wait for my next one to arrive!

Flavors: Baked Bread, Berries, Cinnamon, Cream, Earth, Nuts

Boiling 8 min or more 1 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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6 tasting notes

This tea comes out pink so of course I love it. It smells heavenly too, like apple crumble and almonds. One of my favourite herbal teas and it tastes great straight or with a little honey, haven’t tried with cream though,if anything I’ll be using almond milk.

190 °F / 87 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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