Three Wishes Tea

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Black Green Blend
Artificial Flavouring, Chinese Black Tea, Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers, Rose Petals, Sunflower Petals
Melon, Peach, Rose, Rosehips, Flowers
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200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 15 sec 13 oz / 379 ml

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I wish, I wish, I wish
In old Arabian tales, there was always a genie around ready to grant you three wishes. In comparison, the modern world seems a bit dull. So how do you escape reality? Try this rare tea. Its exotic fragrances of jasmine and rose water will transport you to the time of Ali Baba. Enjoy it chilled, or look into the hot steam and dream of genies.

Ingredients: Chinese green tea, black tea from China, sunflower petals, jasmine blossoms, rose petals, artificial flavouring*.

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121 Tasting Notes

224 tasting notes

So normally I’m not a floral/jasmine scented tea sort of person. Too fancy when I usually just want a solid cup to sip at while killing demons in D3 or surfing Tumblr. Lol! But last time I was in DavidsTea, while I was debating on getting more Buddha’s Blend, (debating since since I was more into black tea, I wouldn’t drink it as much), the lady at the counter said that this tea was very similar, but it was a black/green blend. So I figured what the heck and bought a bit….and then it just sat in my ‘to try bin’. XD
The smell is floral, but also fruity, which I wasn’t really expecting. It’s very pleasant and if it was a perfume or a candle or something I think I’d totally wear/use it (And I’m definitely not a perfume or candle sort of girl).
Unfortunately, tastewise, if I didn’t know this was supposed to have a black tea in it, I would never know because I can’t find a black tea taste in it. It tastes like a green tea, with that weird, green plant (not particularly veggie or grass, just plant) sort of taste to it. Overlaid with a floral/fruity vibe. It’s….not exactly bad, but I really wish there was more black than green tea in this because the current ratio just isn’t doing it for me.
Kinda bummed out about this, but so it goes.

Edit: I’m also apparently allergic to something in it since now I’m all itchy/reaction-y. Ugh. /mopes off to take a pill/

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

I had my first allergic reaction to a tea a few days ago. Not fun! I hope you’re feeling better.


Yeah. I took a benadryl and it’s all gone away. Only problem is now I feel like I could take a nap. Lol! /sigh/


Drink more tea… just not this one! :)


Ugh. Awful.

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26 tasting notes

Reminds me of rose petals. The green and black tea compliment each other in a perfect harmony. One of my favourite teas to relax with

Flavors: Rose, Rosehips

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 17 OZ / 500 ML

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33 tasting notes

The green and black is an interesting combination. I thought the black would overpower the green but that wasn’t the case. The floral fragrance is light and delicate. Wouldn’t recommend steeping over 180 degrees though.

Flavors: Rose

180 °F / 82 °C 3 min, 0 sec 2 tsp 12 OZ / 354 ML

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630 tasting notes

I don’t get why DT put 98 degrees as the recommended steeping temp for this, considering the green tea. I did 92 as a compromise but probably would do closer to 85 or so next time.

I mean, if there was a next time, but I don’t think there will be.

I bet this tea would be amazing iced, or even hot for someone who likes fruity teas which apparently I no longer do.

It’s very peachy, it’s kind of hurting my teeth. I also just recently within the last hour realized that I have a mild headache, and I can’t help but associate that with drinking this.

Sooooo, another one for the pile!

Drinking lots of teas I don’t overly care for lately, and it’s sucky.

I find myself unsatisfied.


Aw :( When that happens I always go for one of my favourites so I feel better. I know what you mean. When I decide I’m getting through teas and it just seems like one icky one after another it gets tiring.


Yeah, your last review makes me think a Butiki tea is in the cards next :)


YES. Butiki is always so reliable. And the natural flavours help me out after a ton of not so natural flavoured teas. I’m so finicky when it comes to even the tiniest bit of unnaturalness, or god forbid chemical-ness. Shudder.


P.S. Butiki is here! That means your swap is ready for the post. :)


I feel like it’s the “flavoring” in this tea which gave my my headache. Now the smell of the dry leaves is making me cringe.

So you’re right, natural is so nice!

And YAY!! I know I’m going to love them, I’ve got a shopping cart all loaded up and ready to go, I’d be shocked if I decided to take anything out!


I remember trying this one when I first discovered David’s and thought I enjoyed it. It only took a few cups before the scent turned my stomach. Ooh, what else do you have in your cart? I wish I lived home or somewhere near other Steepsterites so I could participate in joint orders. One day!


I agree! Joint orders would be nice.

I loaded up a cart on the MF website and with everything it would be like $205, haha. Not including the customs fees you’re no doubt charged at the door

Somedayyyyy. Sigh.
Those heritage gourmet ones are killer.

However! My Butiki cart has these:

Caramel Vanilla Assam
Hello Sweetie
Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black
Lemon French Macaron
Hattialli Golden Paw Assam


Such excellent choices. Sadly I could never get Caramel Vanilla Assam to work for me. I did mix it half with PTA (the base tea), and I much preferred it. Have you tried White Rhino?


No, I haven’t tried that one, is it good? I could ask for a sample maybe


That one is amazing! I love it. LOVE.


Are you a white tea fan? I haven’t found them to have much flavor on their own for me!


Not at all. It’s a white tea, but it’s exactly like a black tea. It’s very sneaky. I think I have enough to send you some in our swap if you’d like?


I would love to try a cup! I was just reading the description and the reviews, it does sound exceptionally delicious for a white tea

I wish I had something to send you! Gahh


Haha, no worries! I really, really do not mind at all.


You’re the best! I’m going to work on beefing up my collection in a classy way as I figure out what I love and then I will get you back :)


Haha sounds good. I’ve been doing the same thing. It’s been ongoing for months. My tastebuds have decided I ultimately prefer higher quality teas, for the most part, which is delightful but also hard on the wallet.


White rhino = yes. Also black lotus is a nice morning tea imo


Having a certain number of higher quality teas that you KNOW you love sure beats having a crap ton of cheaper, overly flavoured blends that you’re “meh” about!!

Quality over quantity for sure


I like crappy flavoured average blends….that are not David’s tea lol for when I just want to drink tea without thinking about it. Tgn I have my higher quality flavoured and my higher quality straights…and life is good. So good.

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223 tasting notes

I’m not sure what to make of this one… I (mostly) liked it, but I don’t think it was spectacular. Maybe I’m just not as fan of floral teas as I am the fruit ones? Or maybe I steeped it for too long – I seem to do that with anything that has green tea in it. I generally like most of the other types of tea nice and strong, but I keep forgetting I don’t need to steep green as long.

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3 tasting notes

At first I didn’t love this tea, but after returning to it a few weeks later, I couldn’t get enough! The refreshingly light, flowery taste is uplifting, without taking away from the definitely present flavors the black tea is meant to give. I highly recommend this pick-me-up!

Boiling 3 min, 30 sec 1 tsp

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1351 tasting notes


For the last day or so, I haven’t been feeling well. Dizzy, coughing, my wife says I was running a fever last night. However, I do attribute part of the fact that I was feeling awful for the last few days to my lack of tea consumption. Those days were low in tea drinking and high in eating out/drinking soda/drinking booze. When I get dehydrated, my body gets pissed, so while I likely am coming down with something, the lack of hydration hasn’t helped.

Now I get to add nausea to my list because I was eating leftover ribs from Swiss Chalet and my teeth sank into a bit of cartilage. shudder Things like that really, really squick me out, to the point of it will be a few days before I can even consider eating meat again. It’s been hours and I can still “feel it”, you know? This is why I can’t eat wings on the bone.

So I am really looking for some comforting, refreshing tea. This tea is growing on me with every sip. It is certainly refreshing, and floral, which isn’t usually my bag, but hey. I keep taking sips, looking for a fruity component I know I won’t see. But it feels like it’s missing it. Something to just round out the edges a little bit, make it taste less like perfume.

Still, I don’t hate it. But I wouldn’t restock unless my wife falls in love with it. But if you’re a fan of florals, I can see how this would be a good one.


Eww! That would gross me out too. I made Pinty’s hot wings for the first time and they all had such a thick layer of fat. biting down into the first one grossed me out too! Stuff like that can ruin a person’s day.


Ugh, I totally get that meat thing. I couldn’t eat chili for years after getting a piece of fat.


Eugh, I can’t eat meat off the bone for the same reason. Fat and cartilage seriously gross me out, too. Thank god for vegetarian food.

aisling of tea

Thank goodness I’m not the only one. The good news is my sister in law is vegetarian, so I have quite a few veg dishes in my repertoire. I love ribs, but I can only eat them once or twice a year and I have to really be in the mood to pick all the meat off the bone shudder


The only way I can eat ribs is if I bake the crap out of them, making them super dry. most of the fat melts off and it’s easier to manage the cartilage too.

aisling of tea

Me too. I was a fool to do anything but pick the meat off with my hands so I could feel if there was any bone or cartilage.

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451 tasting notes

Everything about this tea is wrong today. I was going to try it without additions, which was a stupid idea ultimately because it just tasted nasty. A bit of cream thickened it up slightly, but it was still just gross. Added some sugar and it’s still gross. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do with this tea-it just tastes terrible. And what a shame, because when I made it keychange style a while back it was lovely. Oh well, lesson learned. I think that in my experiment to find tea I can enjoy without additions, I’m going to stay away from blacks—I think I’ll just always like them with stuff in them, and so be it. Maybe oolongs and greens and tisanes are the way to go re no additions.

Uggh eww uggh no eww gross. And my poor carry mug has to deal with all this crap. Poor mug.

0 OZ / 0 ML
Terri HarpLady

I hate when that happens!


Isn’t it awful? and there goes 16 oz of work tea! uggh.


I used to take at least a little sugar in all my teas….slowly weaned myself off it and now am mostly drinking everything straight. To each her own though! :)


I think black teas will always beg me to put sugar and milk in them, but that’s also the way I drank it growing up, so that’s also an influence. I just want to have a few teas I enjoy straight ot add to my rotation. Haha this clearly isn’t one of them.


I’m the opposite. I never drank tea with milk or sugar. It still feels funny to me to add anything, but there are certain teas that just beg for additions.


I like cream or milk in black teas too. :)


yeah, I just feel it nicely takes the edg off or something.


It does. And makes it yummy!

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260 tasting notes

This tea reminds me quite a lot of the China Rose Petal tea from Taylors and Harrogate, although the scent here is all peaches instead of floral perfume. Steeped, Three Wishes loses a lot of its peachy aroma. It tastes like a black tea, but without the harsh edge you get when drinking a bagged Lipton black with no additives. (Lipton bagged black was the first straight tea I tried, so it sticks in my head taste-wise. Probably a bad comparison here.)

This tea is soft and lightly floral, not really sweet but it doesn’t need anything. It’s a lot like China Rose Petal in taste. However, this is one I’d like to try it with some sweetener or maybe that creamed cinnamon honey I have in my cupboard.

This isn’t a tea I’d want in any appreciable quantity, but it might not be bad to keep a little on hand for guests who want a no-frills black tea.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec 3 tsp 16 OZ / 473 ML

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4 tasting notes

Very strong peach flavor in this tea – doesn’t taste like a black tea to me (more like a fruity green tea).

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