Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble

Tea type
White Tea
Cinnamon, Flavouring, Freeze Dried Strawberries, Hibiscus Flowers, Orange Peel, Rose Hips, Sugar, White Tea
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Loose Leaf
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190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 30 sec 17 oz / 500 ml

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Ease your transition into fall with this perfect combination of tart rhubarb and sweet strawberries. Like a delicious fruit crumble, it captures the last flavours of summer in a warm autumnal blend. With white tea, real berries and a delicate seasoning of cinnamon, hibiscus and orange peel, it’s like comfort food in a mug. Add some brown sugar and get ready to feel all warm and cozy. Isn’t fall just lovely sometimes?

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92 Tasting Notes

3134 tasting notes

Travel mug #3. Almost gone :( I wish I could justify picking up more of this one, because it’s one of my favourite strawberry teas. Hopefully they’ll bring it back one day. I’m probably going to hoard my last cup until it is flavourless D: Perfect strawberry crisp flavour. Never really did pick up the rhubarb, but also never really cared.

ETA: So glad this one resists a second-infusion oversteep. Mmmm.

195 °F / 90 °C 3 min, 0 sec

Kittenna,, I agree that this one really captures the taste of strawberries, I find that other strawberry teas just turn out to taste like mixed berries most of the time…


Yeah, and the crisp flavour in here, the light cinnamon, toasty oatmeal… is perfect.


How does this one compare to Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait (that they are currently selling)?


I just did some more digging and it looks like you can still buy it…


Kittenna…you think i’d like this one? haha


You know, you might. Unfortunately I’m nearly out and rather protective… I’d love to order more but there’s the whole huge stash thing…


haha reason i was mostly asking was that imighthavebeenthinkingaboutplacingadavidsteaorder


Sil, you know… we have you on record now :P


I’m saving the email!!! Also, what else were you thinking of getting?


lime gelato/strawberry rhubarb?


Yes, I see that now, haha. Btw you can buy gift cards to hit free shipping.


hmmm…. well crap that’s good to know. Or i could try and get it from the stores…


Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble is not available in any store to my knowledge, and hasn’t been for quite some time. Lime Gelato should be. If you need to pick up a gift card to hit free shipping, I can buy it off you, since I of course an always picking up new samples. I’m down to $4 from the $30 I got with my Boxing Day order.

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8162 tasting notes

S I don’t forget, had a cup of this tonight..a single serving left before its all gone…. Wheeeee!

13 weeks until November… 221 teas less 150 over those 13 weeks is 6 sipdowns a week…. Assuming that between now and November I pick up NO new teas…which we already know isn’t going to happen since I have uh…teaspot, butiki, teavivre, verdant on their way and another butiki order as of yet to be placed…. But a girl can dream right? And scheme? :)

Terri HarpLady

You can do it! It’s just one sipdown a day!
I’m at 333 tonight, BTW, so I managed 10 sipdowns since thurs!! Let’s do this!


good luck Sil, carry on and drink tea :)


Terri! For sure! Just need to get Kittenna and cavo oral on board and maybe I can manage no orders. Lol

Ysuraell – bien sur! Good thing I love teas :)

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1230 tasting notes

This tea is on the Last Chance DavidsTEA page! Nooo! I have nice memories of drinking this tea with my dad on christmas! Sucks to discontinue a tea, but I do like Strawberry Rhubarb combos, so I’ll search for other similar teas.

I did a blog review with pics – another Owly pic!

Kasumi no Chajin

doubly sucks to have a tea that you have good memories associated with discontinued…:(


Awe, I liked that one. WHY MUST THE GOOD BE DISCONTINUED!?!?


Butiki will have strawberry rhubarb tea this year!! :)

Oolong Owl

I can kinda see why as they discontinued as they have another Strawberry Rhubarb tea. Still sucks to discontinue it though.


The first time I had this, it smelled divine and tasted like water. And then I figured out how to brew it. MMMMMMM. If it was on sale, I’d totally pick up another 50g, but as it stands, it’s too expensive and I have too much tea anyhow (and I still have maybe 20-30g of it left anyways).


Kittenna…and um i have 6?8? ounces of stacy’s coming my way feb or march as well…. so um yeah.


Yes, that too. Although this one tastes like crumble…. which is amazing.

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740 tasting notes

This is one of my very favourite teas, and David’s discontinued it a while ago. I’ve been hoarding samples from Sil and jessiwrites, because they’re awesome.

I may have just had a minor freakout over this proposal due tomorrow. I finally decided on my topic last night, and I’ve spent the better half of the afternoon and evening doing research and writing. My friend and I were just discussing it, and next thing you know I’m questioning everything I’ve done up to this point. Ahhh. You know the vicious cycle that comes next – check the time, ask yourself if there’s another time to figure out a back up plan, freak out some more, etc. After ten minutes, in which I’m sure I sprouted a few grey hairs, I had reworded a couple sentences and was back on track. PHEW. Talk about an overreaction.

This tea is amazing. And I think the events of this evening have warranted its presence.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 30 sec

Oh no! That is definitely stressful. I have written and rewritten essays so I know how quickly second guessing yourself can be. At least you were able to work everything out and get back on track.

I ended up giving up on some of the questions on my assignment but got it done and handed it in this morning (then went and bought teas to reward myself :P) so yay for doing our work!


Second guessing is the worst. Yay for getting that done and out of the way! I love the reward. :P I feel back in control of my tea spending after my six orders haha.


haha. I actually did pretty good. I got 10 teas, a to-go cup and filters for less than $25 and then went to Caesars and got a free cup of tea and 5 new teas for about $15.


That’s awesome! Good job tea shopping. :) Where were the first 10 from?


Oh. I thought I mentioned that but apparently instead I just assumed you should know. I went to DAVIDs and picked up a few teas.


That is what I was thinking, but I wanted to be sure. Although I did just see your note on Mint To Be. That one may be intriguing enough to warrant a trip in. Shudder, I do not enjoy the mall hah.


I don’t understand why it tastes almost fudgy to me. I don’t think there is chocolate in it. I am confused but enjoying the cup so all is well.


I noticed David’s update on it says something about chocolate notes. And MWUAHAHA the proposal is complete! I am so happy with it, and it has truly reinforced just how much I can’t wait to be a full-blown scientist haha.


Yay for finishing it!! Must feel pretty awesome.


Go, Courtney, go! :)


Yay! That’s great on getting your proposal finished!


Thanks guys :)

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1470 tasting notes

Love this tea, especially iced. It’s one of the few iced teas my wife will drink too, if only because it throws her off. It honestly tastes like a strawberry rhubarb crumble, which we are huge fans of here. Everyone who tries it is a bit weirded out by it and then loves it.

This is also the tea I was sipping last night when the NY senate voted to allow same-sex marriage, so it will always be an important link to a memory for me. I won’t lie, I cried. Six states down, forty-four to go until I have the same rights in my home country that I do in the country I’ve chosen to live in. C’mon, US, do me proud!


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1220 tasting notes

Yaaaay another sample sipdown!

This seems like it either lost its flavor or 2 minutes doesn’t work for it. I am pretty sure it’s the 2 minutes thing, because it’s a DT white. Smelling the try leaf, I get a small hint of fruit but mostly the cinnamon. So I think it probably lost the flavor.

Oh well didn’t this one get discontinued anyway?


This one needs more than 2 mins, iirc. I had some trouble getting it to taste amazing, but I did succeed! Almost out of it though, sigh.

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286 tasting notes

I am having throat issues this week, and really needed something that could handle a bit extra honey. I rarely use sweeteners, but decided that the tartness and cinnamon-y goodness of this tea might be able to stand up to a healthy scoop of raw honey.

Yum. It’s very sweet, but still tart and yummy. I am going to prepare a second steep shortly. This was a good choice.

Why, why is it gone?

4 min, 0 sec

That tea sounds good. Hope you feel better :)


It is so good, Stephanie! I am so sad that it’s unavailable now. I still have about 100g to go through, but dang. I’ll miss it.

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1355 tasting notes

It’s 9:43pm and I’m sat listening to awful karaoke from the pub next door, even my cat can’t sleep through it! Playing Skyrim is taking my mind off it a little though so all is well. I’ve had to buy a new fish tank as the repairs we did only lasted for a few days. So me and my husband both chipped in almost £400 for a new tank and stand, changing from a 160 litre tank to a 250 litre tank. In a week or so I will try to post pictures of it with it’s new decorations, going for a natural and heavily planted theme. :)


Thank you jessiwrites for this tea.

This sample smells sweet but also spicy and thick, like strawberry licorice but sweeter and with a hint of cinnamon. Very unusual and not like strawberry or rhubarb as such but it still smells nice on any account.

Once steeped and with a little rock sugar added this tea tastes like sweet but mild strawberry with hints of cinnamon and non specific fruit. No rhubarb or crumble as the name would suggest. It’s more like a spicy berry punch very similar to warm cider than strawberry rhubarb crumble. It’s fairly nice but just not what I was expecting. My husband isn’t a fan either, he thought I got the packets mixed up until I showed him.

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

good luck with this Karaoke “music”…

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709 tasting notes

Not sure when I bought this one but the beau and I are brewing it up today. At first I thought it was an herbal, but apparently there is a bit of white tea in there somewhere. Tea is the 5th ingredient listed though, so it can’t be much! For Davids to charge $11.75/50 g for a glorified herbal is kind of outrageous, and helps explain why I only bought 10 grams. I like Davids in general but that is just ridiculous.

All 10 of those grams steeped in our pot for about 4 minutes in 90 degree water. The resulting brew is pink from the hibby and rosehips though the aroma is sweet, like the brown sugar crust on an apple crisp. I’m not necessarily picking up rhubarb or strawberry in the aroma, but crumble is there for sure. That’s actually pretty impressive. I’m picking up some serious cinnamon which is worrying but this blend also has rock sugar in it so I am hoping the cinnamon, hibby and sugar balance each other out.

This smells much better than the strawberry rhubarb parfait from Davids that I had over Christmas…The cost is still bothering me, but the smell is divine. First sips are sweetened cinnamon, hint of fruit and then smooth sugar, like I’m eating rock candy. Well, I guess I kind of am. There is a build-uip of sweetness and pastry which I really like but I’m not getting the fruit like I might hope. I love strawberries and always want strawberrty tea to hit me over the head. This doesn’t do that, but it does a very good sweet fruity crumble. I’m not picking up any white tea, but that’s to be expected with the ingredients this has.

In the end I definitely can’t get over the cost (for shame!) but this is really nice. Flavour is a 70 – 75 but cost to flavour is closer to a 30. Glad to have tried it but I definitely won’t be getting more.

As the cup cools the hibby starts taking over so I shall take my leave and finish the rest of the cup. The beau is playing the God of War Ascension demo and I am considering some Just Dance 4 when he is finished. I love the dancy games, but this one is really rocking my socks. I have goals to accomplish, I love that sort of thing!


That’s funny, Trying to clean my cupboard, I am having at this very moment whatever was left of the 15gr pouch I also bought I don’t remember when! Not a fan, definiltly won’t be missed… My other half swears by God of War! Glad you mentioned Just Dance, I’m looking for a dance kind of workout game, and there are so many out there, I didn’t know where to begin, I will check it out :-)


Just Dance 4 is the newest one and if the songs appeal to you, I definitely recommend it. I have it for the Wii and it just uses the WiiMote. There is a workour mode called Just Sweat as well as general dancing mode. Before this I had Just Dance 2 and just Dance Abba but I like the newest one best for recognition of my moves, etc.


Uniquity- Stacy will have a strawberry rhubarb pie tea soooooon lol if you enjoy that flavour combo

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442 tasting notes

This has become one of my favourite teas, because I discovered the joy of making it into a latte with the addition of strawberry matcha. Seriously, strawberry milkshake of deliciousness and health. Double strength tea, a third a cup of milk, and one perfect matcha scoop in the blender. Yum.


Yum indeed! That sounds amazing.

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