Pumpkin Chai

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Black Chai Blend
Black Tea, Caramel, Carrot, Cinnamon, Cloves, Lemon Peel, Natural And Artificial Flavouring
Cinnamon, Clove, Pumpkin, Spices, Sugar, Sweet, Vanilla, Apple, Caramel, Carrot, Honey, Citrus Zest, Cloves
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Let’s face it, the best thing about fall is pumpkin pie. And this spiced black tea is arguably just as delicious. It’s got all the warmth of cinnamon, pumpkin pieces, cloves and cardamom, plus the sweetness of caramel and pumpkin candy. For a true autumn treat, top it up with steamed milk and stir in a spoonful of brown sugar. It’ll make you wish it were fall all year round.

Ingredients: Black tea, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel, squash, carrot, caramel bits, pumpkin candies.

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576 Tasting Notes

349 tasting notes

We’re going to a Halloween party tonight so this seemed like an appropriate choice of tea to finish off today. I still haven’t decided what costume I’m going to wear. I started assembling a few ideas in my head, maybe a raven, or a skeleton, or a dark forest…or…I dunno? I’m usually quite an organized person, with only random spurts of disorganization. There’s apparently something about Halloween that turns me into a last minute person on an annual basis. Every year I say “next year I’ll be more organized” But what do ya know, the party is tonight and all I have are a few abstract costume ideas. Last year I collected a few ideas and assembled some images on my computer. But when I started looking through my box of Halloween makeup and digging through potential costume ideas, the power went out. My battery was dead so I couldn’t access my inspiration photos without electricity, and there was very little daylight to see anything. Thankfully, Halloween is a day that I can get away with dressing and doing my makeup in the dark lol!

Is it just me, or does tea seem to taste better when you know you’re finishing off the last bit of it? What the heck, right? I mean, I liked this tea before, but today it tastes so much better. Like “BUY MORE NOW” better. It’s a nice blend of cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. None of which I particularly love, but it somehow works in this tea. I knew I enjoyed it, but I figured this would be one that I might suspend repurchasing in the hope that it will be either kept around or brought back next fall. Now I feel like it’s one that I will want to keep a little sample size of in my collection. What’s that about? Hopefully they will have those little sample packs that you can get a deal on by the cash register with this one. That way I can justify a repurchase. Those little pumpkin candies alone almost make buying it again worthwhile. So adorable –they just make me smile.

I better get going; I still have to make an appy to take to the party and then it’s time for the annual Halloween costume box dig :D


Might be the season messing happily with your taste buds, hehe. Enjoy the party!


The season thing sounds very likely. Thanks Charab. I still haven’t decided on my costume. lol


Ha. That’s funny how it is – making you second guess everything. If you do decide to grab more, better do it soon. (Unless you order online). I stocked up last week when they told me they were pulling it Nov 1st. ’Course, that might have just been a gimmick to stock up on fall reas.


Thanks for letting me know Cavocorax, I better make up my mind soon.

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616 tasting notes

I steeped this up as a latte, because pumpkin anything is supposed to be creamy. It’s like, pumpkin law. So I added 2 oz of frothed milk and a tsp of brown sugar to my 8 oz cup of this, and I can see why everyone likes this tea so much. It’s creamy, and rich, with real pumpkin flavor and just the right spices. Also, the brown sugar adds a kind of caramelly layer of flavor, which is awesome. I sometimes like adding maple syrup to my pumpkin pie, and I bet that would be awesome here too.

DT is so hit and miss, but this is definitely a hit. Right out of the ballpark. It’s not really chai-like in the spicing, but more like pumpkin pie — subtle and not in your face. Like chai, though, it needs the milk and sugar to make the best cup.

Thank you very much jeweledthumb!

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

HAHAHA – it’s like pumpkin law! Love it!

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119 tasting notes

Story Time:I really need to find time for stuff. Guitar, hanging with friends, school work, ect. I just can’t wait till the house is back to normal. I think that will help tremendously.

Tea Time:I can’t believe how fast my order got to me; and for 5 bucks! I think I put in for it on Thursday and I got it on Monday! I just love the cut little orange tin too!

Ok, one problem that I have found with this tea is that it can be a bit weak and washy. However when I add in the pumpkin cream from Culinary tea’s it is awesome.

Normally I do a normal pot brew, but after reading how everyone said it was way better brewed chai style I decided to give it a try. I did 4 cups water with half a cinnamon stick in it and brought it to a boil. Then put it on low and threw in 5 tsp of leaf in and brewed it for 5 minuets. Then I strained the leaves into a pitcher and sweeten it with brown sugar. I did not add milk or cream.

I am starting to think that you can’t drink tea done chai style with out milk or cream. When I drank it it tasted strong, but in a unpleasing way. Almost more like it was concentrated or something. There was also an odd bite to it. Not astringency, but just a weird bite. I tried to make home made black chai yesterday and ran into a similar problem. However, I thought I used to much spice and should just use less spice if I am going to drink it with out creamer. I now think otherwise.

I drank my cup, but got a upset stomach. I think from know on if I am going drink chai strait, I should just stick to the tea pot.

195 °F / 90 °C 5 min, 0 sec

I have a sample waiting to be tried. I’ll probably have to try it chai style.

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1220 tasting notes

I have yet to make a cup of this this fall season, but I have it in the crockpot for some butternut squash soup and it smells amazing. Like everything I adore about fall. Now I just have to wait 8 hours… grumblegrumble


in.. the crockpot…
; 3; you are amazing.

aisling of tea

XD I try. I’ll be sure to post the recipe when it makes it onto my blog .

The Purrfect Cup

Do want recipe!

aisling of tea

It will likely go up on my blog tomorrow! :D


Ooh, butternut squash soup! That sounds so wonderful right now.

aisling of tea

Welp, I better get to writing up that blog post for tomorrow, because tomorrow I’LL BE AT WORK! I GOT THE JOB! dances and boogies


CONGRATULATIONS!!! That’s excellent! Now you can afford even more tea… :)

aisling of tea

Thank you! AND I’ll be working in the same mall as a DavidsTea, so I’ll get a discount there as well .

aisling of tea

The recipe should be here after 12 noon EST: http://wp.me/p1GKE7-2R


Discount is exciting. My Brothers girlfriend gets one at the store in Westboro so I get her to buy some of my teas. We just don’t see them enough so I can’t wait for the teas.


And I can’t wait for the recipe or to try some of your others since I found your blog. It looks great.


Yeah your blog is amazing!
It’s really inspiring to go make some awesome tea recipes

aisling of tea

Awwww, thanks guys. You’re makin’ me blush!

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1299 tasting notes

I made this up as a latte today, hoping that I might fall in love… but alas, my hearts desire lies elsewhere!
It’s just… weak. and I still taste that uncooked pumpkin flavour. Bleh.
With milk, it actually tastes somewhat floral as well, but it’s that same pumpkin note I am picking up. Sugar didn’t help much either. Ah well, atleast I had a sipdown! :)

Daniel Scott

You know, I found this one disappointing too for ages, and then one day I made myself a cup and was blown away at how good it was! For me, I think it was the steep time. It definitely needs to be steeped longer, like 5 minutes at least.

Too bad you don’t like the pumpkin flavour!


That’s exactly how I felt after having the first cup of a regretful 100g purchase. Like an awkward blind date that you keep around for awhile cause he pays for everything, looks great on the outside but is sooo boring on the inside. Then you celebrate the day you finally get rid of him.

That was supposed to be a tea metaphor.


Daniel: I dunno how long I steeped it, maybe 3 min? It started to get a hair bitter so I took the strainer out.
Lindsay: Good to know I’m not the only one! and on the blind date thing… ha! tell me about it!!!
It feels so good to have purged this one :)


This is so much like Glitter & Gold for me! Minus some sweet.


Lindsay – that is great metaphor! I love it immensely!

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157 tasting notes

I have died and gone to tea heaven.

Steeped this up for the max time, added cream, brown sugar, and a pinch of white sugar.

This…is better than…. most things.

I really don’t understand how this is so amazing.
I’ve had pumpkin chais. And they were always weak crappy chais with no pumpkin flavor.
But this? ..Wow. That’s really all I have to say at this moment.
I have to keep this stocked up, for the rest of my life.

I really, REALLY can’t get over how PUMPKINY this is. Flipping pumpkin pie in a glass. Not just the spices that go into pumpkin pie, this tastes like amazing ripe pumpkin.

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 0 sec

I have some of this! I am trying to use it to motivate me to get some things done…but maybe I need a little taste first. ;)

Ashley Bain

I bet having some will put you in gear to accomplish whatever you need to!

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

This one is a perfecture of the perfection of the chai. Creamy = TASTYYYY. :)

Ashley Bain

yes, sir.

Maxime-Daniel Friðrikson

My best friend agree, this is TOO MUCH awesome to be a tea on earth :)


My oldest daughter loves loves anything pumpkin. I will have to try to get my hands on some of this and make her try it.

Ashley Bain

Max – Your bearded, guitar playing best friend that’s going to be my tutor? haha.

Ashmanra – I could send you a sample! I just ran out of sample packets but I just put in a new order and they should be here in about a week :)

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374 tasting notes

Another…this one from Monday… The last time I had this it didn’t taste anything like pumpkin chai. So I wonder if I somehow got a bad batch. But this time around the pumpkin really came out to play. I even made a cup for my cousin who (news to me) a tea drinker (her mom too)! What can I say my grandma raised her kids right and she also taught her grandchildren well too. :) I really enjoy the rich pumpkin flavor and the hints of cinnamon, and maybe nutmeg I think? The next time I do this I’m going to try it as a latte and rim the mug with cinnamon and sugar….I think that would really make the flavors pop! Also upping the rating.


I sometimes find mine doesn’t taste like it should. I put mine in the tin it came with and it doesn’t taste right. I won’t be doing that next time :D

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450 tasting notes

I’m sure pretty much everyone can relate to the stress of moving: there’s the inevitable packing, but even aside from that are all the decisions that go along with it. You hang on to clothing that you haven’t worn in years “just in case” (but somehow feel as though you “never have anything to wear”, don’t throw out other things because they have sentimental value but wonder if it’s time to let go anyway. Then there’s the logistical stuff of making sure you’ve got people to help you. And if you’re like me, the idea of squishing your life into boxes and suitcases is just so overwhelming, because I’m not naturally an organized and systematic person, even though I’d really like to be (and can force myself to be on occasion). The whole point of this story is that tonight my so and I were just really overwhelmed and irritable, and so I headed off to the sanctuary of David’s tea to sample their fall collection, because to escape into a tea universe is my idea of solving problems.

So to TT I went, and I had this tea is a lat with 2% milk and some agave. I’m always hesitant to come to conclusions based on actually having the tea to go, because I’m really picky and particular about how the flavour is brought out in my tea. I always find, for instance, that there’s too much water for the amount of tea, and that it’s often understeeped, but that’s also because I like my tea to have “in your face” flavour and for it to be quite bold. having said that…!
When I smelled this tea in the canister it was unbelievably delicious, and i’m not even a huge fan of everything pumpkin. i was astonished at the remarkable resemblance it had to a spongy, thick, and full-flavoured cake, complete with that toasty smell that just makes you imagine snuggling on a cold winter’s day.
And even relatively understeeped and over-watered (or milked as it was), this blew me away. It’s warming, spicy, sweet, and just seems to taste…complete. Does that make sense? I’m going to write additional notes on this when I make it myself (because I’ll be making it with sugar and cream) and I’ll let you know what I think. My fiance also loved the way it smelled, so I know I’ll be sharing this one. I got 25 g of this,, and expect I’ll go through it and likely go back for more.
So far, so good!
Oh, and randomly, a bit of an embarrassing note. So after getting my lat, i sat down to enjoy it while listening to a book on my IPhone (The Light between Oceans, in case you’re curious). Anyway, I got up to leave as the store was closing, and headed back to the counter to pay for my lat and the samples I was getting. I dug around in my purse, and for the life of me could not find my debit card. Such is the story of many women with multiple bags—your various payments methods end up all over the place, and so in spite all of the reassurances I was getting from the staff, I was on the phone to my fiance and pretty much begged/demanded that he jump into a cab immediately at once this instant so I could please for god’s sake pay for this tea, and they were like shutting down as we spoke! He made it there in record time and the day was saved, and we even got two free iced teas out of it (pistachio cream) because they just had a lot left over!
So, a pretty decent end to the day, I’d say.

Josie Jade

I think I’m going to have to try this one now. Good luck with the move!


Oh I think you’ll really like it! There’s a dt near you right? If not, I could probably get some to send to you.
Thanks—hopefully it goes smoothly!

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514 tasting notes

It’s fall, so it’s the perfect time of year to try this Pumpkin Chai from DAVIDsTEA! I’m so excited. I’ve been drinking Starbucks’ spiced pumpkin lattes to get my fall fix. But I’ve really wanted to try this Pumpkin Chai from the moment I heard about it. Thanks to Kittenna for making it possible!

The dry leaves definitely smell pumpkin-y. Part of me really wants to grab these orange hearts out of the mix and pop ‘em in my mouth just to see if they do taste like pumpkin. But alas, I’ll have to wait until the tea is brewed. Pouring hot water over the leaves releases a whoosh of pumpkin spice aroma. Mmm, wow. This smells awesome!!

And it tastes just as delicious as it smells. Mmm yum yum yummy yum! I’m not sure it can replace my Starbucks addiction, but this is pretty incredible. I’m definitely going to have to stock up on this myself! Thanks again Kittenna!!

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec

Yum, I liked this one too! I have some other pumpkin teas to compare it to now as well, should really get on that! Tis nearly the appropriate season!


I’m really on a pumpkin kick. Wish I could get more of this but I just can’t justify it with the overflowing tea cupboard I presently have and the waaaaaaay over budget wedding I’m currently planning. Plus, I’m moving across town in about 3 weeks, so it’d just be one more thing to move. :( Sometime in the future though!


WOW! you really make me want some, OK< There!—it’s on the ‘shopping list’ to remind myself for fall tea shopping :D

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213 tasting notes


I applied to a DAVIDsTEA that’s opening near my house they called me back the NEXT day because apparently my cover letter was “awesome” having group interview today with other applicants.

I’m hopeful for the job..would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to have it(For the tea benefits and to have something more stable then contracted Peer Support Work!)However I am not jumping up and down because I did that once for a job at LUSH which I did not get it and it totally broke my confidence..I was so nervous last night but I feel much better still nervous but not panicking.I have to take each step as it comes..gracefully!( it took me 10 years to do that by the way)If I don’t get it
then I can try again later..or apply for less a TEA-LIKE job.But I’ll shed a few tea tears I can promise you that if I don’t get it..

ANY TIPS are much appreciated and wish me luck!

PUMPKIN CHAI you are fall in a cup..with a touch of Halloween and sweetness..my first tea I ever drank from DT.(I still don’t consider it a real Chai but this is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good it can lie to me about anything!)

SOOOOO excited…nervous..I’m going to kick ass :)

Awkward Soul

Woot good luck! I’ve had a few jobs where I did good because I was a customer and knew their products already / could recommend other products if the one the customer wanted wasn’t there / having a big knowledge base and passion for the products – gave me a huge edge over the others who were just tossing resumes at random retail. Totally stress that!


Good luck (although I’m sure you won’t need it)


YOU ARE GONNA ROCK IT! No need for luck :D


Best of luck!


woah dream job!! good luck you will be amazing!

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