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Northern Lights

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From far and wide
We’ve got a lot to be proud of up here in Canada. Majestic mountains, lush forests, open plains, nice people, and of course our beautiful aurora borealis. All in all, a pretty remarkable mélange. This herbal blend celebrates our delicious abundance. It’s made with herbs and fruits that are easily found in our great country during the summer months: apple, peppermint, juniper berries, and raspberry leaf. Great hot or iced, it’s a sweet, refreshing cup of national pride.

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60 Tasting Notes

185 tasting notes

Oh. My. This is magnificent.

Thanks again to Krystaleyn for this sample. I may have forgotten to credit you for the last sample too. So… I’m crediting you twice on this one ;)

I kind of forgot about this tea whilst unwinding and playing video games on a breezy Friday night. So it’s cooled off quite considerably, so my review may be on how this might potentially taste iced!

The mint and the apple are the most predominant flavors, and it definitely tastes like more of a green apple flavor than say a red or golden apple. That gives it just a little bit of sourness to the flavor that really pairs with the mint nicely. The juniper flavor is hiding towards the end of the note, maybe skirting around with something that might remotely taste like raspberries. Not sure if I’m making that last part up or not. There’s definitely a little more fruitiness towards the end of the sip though.

This is an amazing tea, and probably my first from Davids that is a must have. But this is definitely, truly a must have.

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Haha, glad you liked this one! I really just wanted to get rid of it, and knew you guys liked mint (which of course is the biggest turn-off for me).

Dylan Oxford

Awesome, thank you! I’m not sure I would have thought about trying this on my own either so it was great to get as a swap. Thank you so much!

Daniel Scott

Green apple? Dang, this was already on my shopping list, but now I really have to get it! I really hope my location actually has some, I heard something about this one going online-only now.


Yeah, it’s one of the ones that IIRC is in stores with large tea walls, but mostly just online.

Other than the mintiness, I think I was pleasantly surprised by this tea. However, things like mint and licorice in teas bring along enough ickiness for me to keep me from re-purchasing a tea.

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674 tasting notes

This is part of a sample I purchased from David’s Tea in July when this one came out – and I am finally getting to it! In aroma (both dry and steeped) the juniper berries and mint are the stars of this show. They were actually so potent as to make my eyes water when I brought the tea too close for a sniff. I know that might turn a lot of people off, but I LOVE mint and have a distinct fondness for juniper berries, so this is exciting. I am a little worried about how those elements will work out with the apples but these are all ingredients I love independently.

First sips are a little underwhelming. Hint of something fruity sweet at first, with minty ‘burn’ at the end. Nice, nothing very show-offy about the blend. I wonder if perhaps there aren’t too many ingredients and they are muddling a little bit. I’m definitely enjoying this (especially the coolness of the mint) but I’m not quite as impressed as I’d hoped. I was thinking this might be an okay Mojito replacement, but I don’t think that will work. I’m not sad to have this, but I don’t see the need to buy more. A nice middle of the road tea.

As I get further in the cup I almost wonder if I would like it better sans apples. Although then it’s pretty much just mint and juniper berry. I think this one was meant to be iced, and I imagine that would create a totally different set of flavours altogether. I think this would be great for when I have a cold. I just got over mine, but hopefully I’ll remember to dig it out next time!

(Cooler cup yields stronger apple taste, tempered by Juniper with mint in background. Very strange, especially with the apple sweetness. Very very weird.)


Do the juniper berries give it that Christmas tree taste?


Not for me, but I really enjoy Juniper – I didn’t really notice much juniper here though. Except right at the beginning, it was really just apple and mint, which didn’t play so well together as it cooled. There are Juniper berries in Detox from David’s as well, if you haven’t tried that.


I actually haven’t had any David’s! :O I had been waiting b/c the shipping was so high but now that it’s only $5 I’ve been trying to scope some out to try for my birthday later this month :D


Mmm, Birthday tea!! Honestly, I would suggest passing on this one unless something about the idea of it really grabs you. For David’s, this is a bit of a flop and kind of forgettable. In my opinion, at least!


This type of review is exactly why I like this site! I love seeing why people don’t like a particular tea tells me a lot about it. :p And birthday tea is awesome!!!


Oh my gosh a birthday tea David’s order!!! Definitely scope around the reviews and see if you can find something that tickles your fancy, oh that’s exciting :D


Oh I’m excited! I’m really tempted by that lychee I saw the other day b/c it’s my favorite fruit. Today I took a peek over there and they have their new line for winter. The Alpine Punch though looks an awful lot like Teavana’s Zingiber though. My husband wants to try the Buttered Rum and he isn’t even a huge tea person.


Buttered Rum for sure my dear, it’s a favorite for almost everyone – even tea haters!


If you like mint and chocolate, Read My Lips tends to universally satisfy!


mmm, Uniquity that one sounds good too! Basically all of them sound good. :p the long life oolong and the milk oolong also keep catching my eye. I don’t know how anyone can live near these places and not buy the whole shop!

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1191 tasting notes

As suspected, this was wonderful cold today. A Pride tradition for me is to lose my voice following the 2.5 hour parade. I usually start to lose it about an hour in, but with the help of this tea I made it all the way through before my voice quit! Yay!!!!!!

Iced 5 min, 0 sec

\o/ for you and for Pride!

aisling of tea

Yay! So far it was our best Pride ever!


I wish I had not been sick this year; it’s the first year I was too sick to lend support to Pride. :( I am glad you had fun!!

aisling of tea

Awww, well, I hope you’re feeling better! Pride always makes me feel like I made the best choice ever in moving to Toronto to be with my wife.


So sad I missed it! the cottage was a bit of a flop lol

aisling of tea

Awww boo! There’s always next year!


yes, I’m already looking forward to it :)

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212 tasting notes

Yay! Another herbal I enjoy. Thanks Krystaleyn!

I get mostly apple and mint. There is some thing in here that reminds me of the way pine trees smell. I’ve not had raspberry leaf or juniper berries to my knowledge before. I haven’t a clue which one does that, or if they in combination provide that flavour. I’m not rating this one because I’m fed up with manipulating the slider on my nook.

Boiling 4 min, 0 sec

I would assume the juniper berries would account for the pine tree smell. I haven’t tried raspberry leaf alone, but I would think it wouldn’t be terribly flavourful?

Autumn Hearth

Ooo juniper, must try a tea with juniper! I post almost all of my notes from my iPhone and yes the slide bar is frustrating, somehow it is easier of you go back to just the rating page, it lets you know the number you’ve selected.


@Krystaleyn It may very well be the berries. I’ve never had either so I have no way to compare. It’s not a bad taste mind you. I really like the tea. I just think it’s very interesting. The area I grew up in had lots of pine trees, so it’s a good memory association for me.

Thanks for the tip Autumn.

Daniel Scott

I’ve had raspberry leaf on its own, and it’s assuredly not that. :P It’s pretty bland by itself.


One down now I need to taste juniper berries solo. Thanks :D


Have you ever had gin? Apparently that is made with(?) juniper berries? Or something along those lines? Feel free to correct me, anyone.


Once a very long time ago. I was 18 I think, but I was also already drunk when I tasted it. I have no clue what it tastes like really lol.

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2221 tasting notes

Bleeeeh. Knew this one was a gamble, so glad I only got a sample from DavidsTea with an online order. Smells like peppermint. Maybe a hint of something else. But mostly peppermint. Bleeeeh.

Ok, the peppermint is definitely more minty here than I usually taste. I can handle that. I can’t handle the beast that steeped leaves usually turn into. There’s a sweet aftertaste, or what makes me think of apple. Like, apple juice. Or fresh-pressed apple cider. No – green apple! Like minty green apple gum! Yup. That’s what I’m going with.

Huh. Ok, this is definitely better than I expected, but not something I really want to drink again. No rating because I knew I wouldn’t care for it. Probably would rate it a 45.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

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150 tasting notes

Do I like this tea? I don’t know. I know that I don’t hate it… yeah, I defiantly don’t mind this blend of herbal oddness. I cold steeped a pitcher of this interesting melange of herbs and berries and it’s a refreshing brew for sure. Northern Lights is minty cool with a slightly fruity something or other going on too. I feel compelled to continue drinking even if every sip perplexes me more than the last. I’m refreshed and confused… mostly refreshed.


I really enjoy this one iced but I am not sure if I am going to get more now that my stash is gone. Not sure how it would be hot though.


Taryn, you made the right choice picking Northern Lights up for me. I drank the entire pitcher and I really did end up enjoying it. I don’t think I’d ever drink it hot, or buy it again but I’m really happy that I had a chance to try it :) XO


Cattibrie, I agree with you 100%! This tea works iced but I think it might tast odd hot. I don’t even want to try it.


Hot, there is no taste (IMO) all I found was a mild mint after finish… There is a slight berry taste, almost blueberry in nature, but really this is better cold.


Erin, thank you for settling this for me. I have just enough left for another pitcher of iced tea, and iced only it shall be!


LOL, my reaction is almost exactly like yours! It’s the strangest stuff I have ever tasted. But I think I like it.

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1195 tasting notes

I asked for this with my most recent order, and I’m so glad to get to try it! It smells very raspberry from the raspberry leaf, but once steeped, the mint takes center stage. The juniper berries were the next most obvious smell in the bag, and the same goes in the steeped tea.

I ate too much so something with peppermint in it was just what I was looking for. Future note to self: if you have buy one, get one free on soft pretzels, save the other pretzel or risk earlier death.

As it cools, the sweetness from the apple starts to come into play, which is nice. It feels weird to have the cooling sensation of the mint mix with the apple. I don’t think that’s something I’ve ever really had together before.

This is really good, I think in the future I would maybe get more of it. I’m going to have to make a cup of it iced too.

And now I am going to go celebrate that the Predators knocked the Red Wings out with the rest of this tea.


I also asked for this as a sample, and they sent it. However, I haven’t been brave enough to try it yet. I don’t like peppermint, and I hate gin, so the juniper won’t likely agree with me either. I was just so darn curious!


I don’t like gin either, Krystaleyn, but I bought a blend once with juniper berries in it because the rest of it sounded so good. I didn’t find them to be gin-y at all, actually, just kind of herby. I think it depends on the blend (obviously), but I was pleasantly surprised.


Ooh, that makes me much more interested in trying it! Although… it also has peppermint ickiness. But still.

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116 tasting notes

Stunt tea, strange and wonderful. Drinking it plain, there’s a tinge of sweetness from the apple pieces but mostly I’m getting peppermint and juniper. Very palate-cleansing!

And very weird. But definitely worth at least sampling, if the description appeals to your taste, imagination, curiosity, whatever.

205 °F / 96 °C 7 min, 0 sec

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767 tasting notes

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this one before today! I figured this was a good tea for Canada day!
Cold brewed
I really like this. Very minty, which I really enjoy iced. Hints of juniper berries and apples pop through as well. Not sure what raspberry leaf is supposed to taste like so I am not really picking up that note. Too bad I’m almost out.

Dylan Oxford

So good! Easily my favorite DAVIDsTEA.

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684 tasting notes

Hey, this is not bad! A tea with mint where I can taste things other than the mint! That in itself makes this one interesting. Oh, and thanks GiggleGoddess!


This is one that I’ve looked at so many times! What would you compare it to?


I can’t really think of a comparison…it’s mostly mint but I can also detect mild juniper and a hint of maybe fruit? It works for me but I could see how it might not work for some. Juniper is a love / hate thing I think.


It’s the apple I believe:) It definitely reminds me of the mountains, lol.

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