Ice Cream Cake

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Black Tea
Artificial Flavouring, Black Tea, Natural Flavours, Roasted Carob, Sprinkles, Vanilla, White Chocolate
Chocolate, Cream, Pancake Syrup, Sugar, Sweet, White Chocolate, Cake, Candy, Cocoa, Honey, Artificial
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205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 30 sec 14 oz / 424 ml

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  • “Basically this tea makes me want to smash keys at random because I lose the ability to do anything else after taking a sip. OH. MY. GAAAAAAAAH. It’s so creamy and I...” Read full tasting note
    pandamanda 1220 tasting notes
  • “I really want to eat some ice cream right now. So, what am I going to do? Drink ice cream cake tea! The dry leaves smell really weird. Like something sweet but in an artificial, chemically way. ...” Read full tasting note
    CHAroma 633 tasting notes
  • “Sipdown! Yeeaaahhh! It’s been too many tea-less days for me. Still not 100%, but throat is no longer rejecting tea, and I can, at least for now, still taste. Woo! So since this was the bottom...” Read full tasting note
    kittenna 3134 tasting notes
  • “The beau has been dying to brew some of this up, so I figured we’d give it a go. The first thing I noticed was a lot of “scum” on the top, likely from the chocolate, sprinkles and...” Read full tasting note
    Uniquity 709 tasting notes


Let them drink tea

Does life get any better than chocolate cake? Well…what about chocolate ice cream cake? It’s basically the king of desserts – rich, sweet and creamy. And with this decadent black tea blend, your favourite indulgence is just a sip away. It has everything you want in a dessert: white chocolate vanilla, carob, sprinkles, and little pieces of freeze-dried ice cream. Try it with a dollop of whipped cream. And a cherry on top.

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99 Tasting Notes

1679 tasting notes

Oh dear. Nope.
I always have such high hopes for things that are ice cream flavored, and this looked promising! It had sprinkles in it!
But it tastes greasy, it tastes flat. It tastes so utterly fake that it sets my teeth on edge. Why?! Where is my creamy, sweet, rich treat in a cup?
Sigh. Oh well. It was a good shot.

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153 tasting notes

Thanks to Super Starling! for this tea.

Unfortunately however, I cannot give it a proper review. While brewing it, I went to the teas webpage as I like reading about the tea before I drink about. I noticed in the ingredient list, carrageenan was listed. Instead of bore you, I’ll let you look it up if you care to but for people with a gastrointestinal disease like me, this particular item is something to avoid as it has been known to cause inflammation and intestinal discomfort among other things.

I almost didn’t write this but then I decided that I should maybe do a service/warning to anyone else out there who needs or wants to avoid carrageenan.

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155 tasting notes

I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed this crazy mofo yet. I drink it all the time. I love it.
It doesn’t taste like ice cream, and it doesn’t taste like tea.
It tastes like someone took a cup of Dippin Dots, dropped it off at Chernobyl, let it ferment there for a while, and brought it back.
I’m pretty sure that this is what humanity will be eating in the future, in our pods. Our robot overlords will say “look, we put sprinkles in it for some reason. Some of the wax might melt into your cup.”
This review sounds bad — but I genuinely LOVE this tea. It’s TASTY. In a SUPER WEIRD, FAKE, RETROFUTURE kind of way.
If I run out, I will probably buy more.

Flavors: Chocolate, Cream, Pancake Syrup, Sugar, Sweet, White Chocolate

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388 tasting notes

I love this tea. With a little milk and brown sugar, it’s rich and chocolatey and oh so creamy. Perfection. Too bad I didn’t get more.

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16 tasting notes

Mo sprinkles, mo better. After reading all the horrified reviews for Ice Cream Cake, I had to have it. This tea makes me giddy. The leaves, once steeped, look like the sad barfy aftermath of someone’s sweet 16. It smells cloyingly sweet – and there is a delightful sheen to the liquer from all those melted candy chips and chocolate curls. Yes. Sweet heavens above, YES.

I gave this a good steep of at about 5 minutes to make sure all the sprinkles were melted. I will go for a shorter steep next time though, because some astringency is just starting to kick in and I don’t necessarily enjoy that. I will also sweeten it with cane sugar next time because I used stevia and it feels like it is covering up some of the flavour.

Overall I love this tea. It’s a great little sweet comfort on saturday mornings, or as a reading snack. I have purchased 100 grams so as to not run out anytime soon.

Flavors: Cake, Candy, Cocoa, Honey

205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 30 sec 1 tsp 13 OZ / 375 ML

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67 tasting notes

Meh. Not a fan. I got a strong stevia aftertaste that I couldn’t get past.

Flavors: Artificial

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3988 tasting notes

Cold Brew!

Why did I buy this tea? I got 50g of it online in a bit of an impulse purchase, and now that I’m thinking about it I can’t recall why. I mean, I don’t like DT’s Birthday Cake or Red Velvet Cake blends all that much, and this is pretty much a carbon copy of that but with ice cream in it. What am I saying, I totally know why I bought it. It was the ice cream…

I mean, it’s not bad. It’s sweet, and has creamy ice cream like top notes and a cakey kind of body flavour. Lots of chocolate notes, a little fudgey, even? It does build up quickly, and become cloying quite fast though. Also, a major point of concern is that the after taste is really, really artificial. And I mean, that shouldn’t be a surprise with a blend called Ice Cream Cake but it is unpleasant.

Yeah, this one pretty much does what it set out to do but I’m not loving it for it. My bad for getting suckered into making an impulse buy. It happens to the best of us, though.


I can feel your pain. Sometimes you get them, and other times the tea gets you.


Impulse buys do happen! Maybe use this one up as lattes?


I impulse bought the cupcake containers of this and jolly jellybean which is 100g each. I was planning on sharing but it sounds like you dont need anymore :P

Roswell Strange

I almost went for Jolly Jellybean; however I’ve had it before and as far as I can recall I wasn’t super impressed. I wonder if they only sold it online/in prepackaged containers this year to avoid the fiasco they had when employees kept eating the jelly beans out of the wall tins? :P

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412 tasting notes

So I ordered a tea book off of abebooks yesterday, went to check my email for the confirmation, and learned that my grandma found an interesting book on tea and would be sending it along. So… double the tea books. I’ve got way too many books.

That’s my preface.

This was kind of a gift! Some people are just kinda the damned sweetest. I wanted to try this and the chocolate cake one, because I’ve noticed lately that Davidsteas have been getting bogged down with a lot of “stuff” (one of the gripes I often have with Teavana), and this one didn’t look too bad.

UNfortunately, this reminds me strongly of Teavana’s S’mores. Because half the stuff I thought was tea was actually roasted carob. Again. Can we please cut this the hell out. The reason I like Chocolate Chili Chai and Red Velvet Cake is because they don’t contain carob, and do absolutely fine in their cakey chocolately taste without it.

So yeah, unfortunately this tastes more like carob than black tea, with a hint of waxyness—I think from what I can assume are white chocolate curls. The tea’s very cloudy, much like S’mores was. Smooth creamyness, maybe from the cloudy particles, might be the vanilla flavouring although there’s nothing that tastes straight up ‘vanilla’.

Sucks because it DOES smell good dry, but brewed it’s all carob chocolate instead of vanilla. It’s still nice and inoffensive, though I feel bad about not loving it since it WAS kinda a gift.

Boiling 5 min, 0 sec
Christina / BooksandTea

What books are you getting?


Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook (Heiss)
New Tea Lover’s Treasury (Pratt)

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4 tasting notes

sigh I really wanted to love this tea :( I bought it during its Easter 2016 comeback but I should have bought the chocolate cake tea instead. When you open the bag it smells delicious and reminds you of ice cream cake but once steeped it smells nothing like it did and it tastes disgusting. The stevia that is added makes the tea taste horrible, way to sweet…I cannot even explain it….just disgusting.

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633 tasting notes

It’s hilarious that I’m reviewing this now, because I’m pretty sure it’s been at least two years (perhaps 3) since DT stopped making it. So you’ve correctly deduced that I’m currently drinking some old-ass tea!

I had fallen in love with this back when I first discovered the exciting new world of dessert teas, when DT opened in my city. I thought this was amazing. I was seriously pissed when they discontinued this one and the chocolate cake tea in favor of keeping birthday cake. Birthday Cake, the nasty rooibos tea that I couldn’t get past….I haven’t had it in years, but that was my opinion then.

So, I’ve been hoarding my small packet of this ever since, my precioussssssssss! Hoarding, but not actually drinking, which I realize now is stupid. The tea gets worse with age, not better. I can’t honestly tell you that age has ruined what I have left of this, it’s been sealed in its zippy bag all this time…. But I also can’t tell you that I’m enjoying this cup. ‘Cause I’m not.

Why would anyone think that ice cream cake would make a good tea flavor? How can you ever replicate that?! No wonder they stopped making it. It’s like drinking liquid chemicals, which I imagine that’s mostly what it is anyway. I would not be surprised if the deliciousness has faded with time, but I suspect this is more or less the perfect nutshell example of how far my tea tastes have come in the last few years.

Also a lesson that hoarding tea is pointless, how can you enjoy it if you don’t drink it? Then you try, but it’s old and disappointing.

I can taste a suggestion of ice cream cake, but honestly man, if I want ice cream or ice cream cake, there’s no way I’m going to pretend to talk myself into thinking a cup of fake flavored tea would take care of the craving.
I even put some milk in this to add some creaminess. It’s not terrible, but I don’t even feel compelled to keep my last little bit. There are way better teas to drink!

I’ve got about enough of this left for 2 cups I think, so if any dessert tea fans out there are curious and just want to try this for fun, it’s yours! Just let me know!

Goodbye, ice cream cake tea. You represent everything I used to love. When I was young and innocent.


I’m so bad with hoarding, even though I know I shouldn’t. I want to save teas for bad days haha.


Yeah I’m really bad for the hoarding too. I’ve got a few teas that are easily 3+ years old including this one and the Chocolate cake. I’m so scared to drink a few of them ‘cause I know I’ll never get them again and I can’t bring myself to say goodbye. haha And there’s a few that I can’t stomach so they sit in there until I either give them away or decide I’m okay to toss them. I’ve had to throw out a lot in the past ‘cause I knew they just weren’t going anywhere…


I’m trying to go through my stash now and either drink or give away or toss everything I’ve been clinging to…no point keeping it!


Another tea hoarder here… I know I should drink up my discontinued favorites, but I have an incredibly hard time going through with it.


whatshesaid since reading your mention about going through your stash, I think you’ve inspired me to do the same. I have a few off the top of my head I know I can get rid of and not even miss.
greenteafairy I feel the EXACT same way.


Yeah it’s a good time of the year to “Spring clean” your tea stash!!


I actually just steeped up the last cup of a discontinued tea I’ve been hoarding. Thanks for the nudge whatshesaid.


If we don’t do it, they’ll just sit there, sadly stagnating forever in our cupboards

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