Mint Julep

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If you want a taste of the Kentucky Derby,the best place to start is a mint julep. So ice yourself a cup of this little number and hang on to your hat. With black tea, spearmint and lemon peel, it’s smooth and refreshing right out of the gate. Add a creamy touch of pineapple and coconut, and you’ve got a cool summer drink that’s best in class. Try it with a sprig of fresh mint, a splash of bourbon and lots of cracked ice. Trust us – it’s a winner.

Black tea, rooibos, spearmint, pineapple, coconut, lemon peel, natural and artificial flavouring*.

Contains coconut

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78 Tasting Notes

3134 tasting notes

It’s weird that I only have one tasting note on this. I should have two. Anyways! I did a horrible thing… I just bought 170g of this. Because it’s going away and it’s so delicious. I’m hoping it works well cold-brewed (I set up an experiment just now), but at the very least, I’m pretty sure it’s delicious iced.

I also bought a giant sparkly red Timolino. I am so weak-willed, haha.

Boiling 3 min, 0 sec

OOoohhhoo I was SO EXCITED a about the new larger timolino!


Hahaha, me too. I totally didn’t need a 6th travel mug, but oh well…


It’s great as a cold brew!


Awesome :D


This is a great tea…. Probably my favorite, or at least top 5. I also have 170 grams but feel like I need more.

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8132 tasting notes

Cavocorax sent me this to try since as much as i can admit there are David’s teas out there that are delicious, on average i generally don’t like them as much as other teas. I find them a good entry point to loose leaf tea but that’s about it. However, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying trying them and i love that they will let you walk in to the store and pick up whatever size you want! I wish all companies would do this. seriously.

So this tea? It’s not too shabby. I tried it hot brewed first and i’m sure i’ll do a cold brew just to try it out. it smells like coconut, but doesn’t taste TOOOOO much like coconut – the citrus/pineapple adds something to it. I have a feeling that this would make a good vodka infusion so maybe i’ll try that. Especially if you added some raspberry juice to it? maybe. hmmmmm

thanks cavo! even if it does mean my cupboard goes up since i haven’t been staying on top of my sipdowns this week lesigh


I mean, this tea sounds decent enough, but I keep on reading these reviews and wondering why on earth did they call it Mint Julep!? Juleps are my heritage and I just can’t get behind it.


I thought it tasted like an amaretto sour with mint.


It is essentially the same as Mojito from three years ago. No-one can really explain why they are calling it mint julep – I only wish they hadn’t added coconut this time. I have a sample but am leery of the coconut as I LOVED mojito (actually just finished it off today, heh).


man if there was no coconut it would be awesome…

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1124 tasting notes

I haven’t written a log in a while oops! I’ve been spending time with the guy as he’s finally been home, and also working, but I’ve still been having tea and reading logs :) i won’t backlog everything though lol. I am having a cup of this, it’s still too hot to drink but it smells tasty, very good and lemony again. I’m also chilling some White Tiger iced tea, and fold brewing a mix of strawberry rhubarb parfait and pink passion fruit mixed, hoping it’s not too tart. Anyways, i’ll drink those later haha, and have my mint julep now. See previous notes!

ETA – This was tasting note 400!! Oops haha, missed it when I wrote it :D

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283 tasting notes

The first time I had this I had just bought the one iced cup to go from DT. Unfortunately they use so much ice that if you’re not a fast drinker you will only taste the tea in the first 3-4 sips after which you will get a very watered down version as your ice melts.

Now that I bought my own and can brew myself we can talk about it. I don’t think I would enjoy this warm. There is just something about it. I’ve had warm mint teas that are fabulous but I need ice in this one. It is good but I have not decided how I feel about the coconut in there. Sure, it adds another flavour dimension and it makes it different but I find it distracting. Just give me mint, son, don’t confuse things.

1.25 tsp for 8 oz, near boiling water. I get mostly mint and coconut, my taste buds need a lot of convincing that there is other stuff in here. I don’t get the Rooibos in the blend, which is just dandy by me!

I will not be replacing this when it’s gone although it is enjoyable. It is very enjoyable if you happen to be wilfully trapped away from home for an entire day, out in the sun, and you’ve made yourself two large travel jugs worth of stuff. You have no choice but to drink it and it is refreshing provided it is well chilled.

205 °F / 96 °C 3 min, 30 sec

If you’re looking for a good minty tea to try hot, then I’d recommend Santa’s Secret. I believe they added the coconut and citrus to Mint Julep so that it wouldn’t simply be a summer clone of Santa’s Secret ;)


Someone else recommended Santa’s Secret a month or so ago. Now I’ll have to try it, it’s a sign :) (one of the really good mint teas I’ve had is Butiki’s Peppermint Patty)


You definitely should; it’s one of my favourites! Though they’ve currently sold out on the website and it apparently won’t be back til Christmastime. Luckily I stocked up on 250g when the tea was available for the awesome $14.50/250g web special!


Ugh. Same with banana dream pie. I tried to stock up during the special but although the tea was listed, there was the “out of stock” button. I can wait, it’s ok


Hmm. I had thought against the Mint Julep, because while I like Minty teas, I am not huge on them, but Coconut with Mint….that makes the idea intriguing to me.

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464 tasting notes

There are a lot of flavors going on in this tea and at first my tastebuds just couldn’t make sense of all them. Rooibos is definitely strong in it. Mint is there, but almost takes a back seat to the lemony flavor that reminds me of a whisky sour. There is a strong creamy aftertaste to it, which is definitely coconut. Try as I might, I don’t taste the black tea. I guess it’s overpowered by everything else.
I think I’ll try this as a cold-steep next to see how the flavors develop cold. My sister certainly loves this one! I’m glad I got an ounce to play with!

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767 tasting notes

blerg. i really thought i’d like this more. i mean, i really just thought it would be better.
i mean it’s fine. i just thought i would love it or something. like the herbal cocomint of theirs i drank so fast. but after all is said and done, i like the La La Lemon i ordered more than this one. boring review.
monday moanday.

Lariel of Lórien

Did you try it cold?


ah, good call Lariel.
i usually don’t like iced tea, but this one might be the best exception. definitely worth a try :) thanks for the advice!

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1779 tasting notes

This is pretty refreshing, although I oversteeped it a bit and the rooibos is really strong. Noticeably stronger than the black tea at least. Aside from that I do get a bit of creamy coconut and mint and it’s quite enjoyable.

I should really try this iced though. I have a feeling drinking it warm isn’t doing it justice.

ETA: The creamy mint notes linger long after each sip…. Mmmmm…

205 °F / 96 °C 6 min, 30 sec

I was fantasizing about Mint Julep the other day and since I didn’t have any I steeped North African Mint hoping for similarity. I mean, it’s mint, right? WRONG! So didn’t do the trick for me. (It’s probably like saying all blue cheese is the same)


After trying this tea I sorta wonder what REAL Mint Julep would taste like! Just so I know what the tea is going for. :)

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286 tasting notes

I like this a lot.

I really love how creamy it is, I imagine from the coconut? I don’t know, it’s delightful. And the citrus blends well with the rooibos, which I did feel a bit sketchy about. I did add a bit more spearmint for my second steep of this, and even more for the third steep I am about to attempt. It still smells amazing, so I am giving it a shot.

I was tempted to cold brew, but I think I’ll do that next time. The ever-wonderful Courtney sent me enough of this one to sample a few times.

4 min, 0 sec
Aimee Popovacki

I love mint julep.. I swear every cup is completely different depending how much of whatevers in it is in the cup… I got a tin of it and I swear its like I’ve had five different tea’s from the same tin!

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871 tasting notes

I would not normally have chosen to purchase this tea but it came with the summer sampler I bought. The smell of the dry tea is spearmint-y and lime-y. It looks strange because there is rooibos mixed in the blend.

I had to look up what mint julep was and what I found was that traditionally it is a drink made with spearmint, bourbon, sugar and carbonated water.

1 tsp, 8oz boiling water for 2 minutes. The smell is mint-y and coconut-y. It tastes like mint with coconut. There is a faint lemon-lime taste in the background. There is not much rooibos or black tea taste. It is moderately sweet on its own. There is a rye whiskey alcohol type taste that is astringent on the back of my throat.

Cold brew
Brewed for 11 hours. Much better cold brewed as compared to hot. I am getting spearmint and rooibos, some lemon peel. I am only getting coconut in the aftertaste. It is smoother than the hot brew but there is still a light alcoholic astringency in the back of my throat.

Used 2tsp in 8oz boiling water for 2 minutes then chilled. There is much less mint and much more coconut as iced. Much more rye whiskey taste. Very slight lemon. There is little to no astringency.

Overall, I think the flavours are better as a cold brew but it is also good iced.

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740 tasting notes

This is delicious! The mint is very subtle, but clearly there. The accompanying ingredients make a great mix for this tea. I can taste the pineapple and the coconut. It’s nice that none of the ingredients are overwhelming. This tea works so well, and I can’t wait to try it chilled.

The best part was definitely my fiance, who HATES mint, tasted a sip of mine instead of his and exclaimed “This is my new staple! We need to get tins of it, now!” haha.

4 min, 0 sec

Uh oh. If YOU like it this much I’m pretty sure I have to place an order today.

Aimee Popovacki

I got it iced, in store.. I really liked it.. although I got a tiny bit of agave in it (which I normally don’t), it definitely didn’t need it!

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