Choconut Oolong

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Black Oolong Blend
Black Tea, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Husks, Licorice, Natural And Artificial Flavouring, Oolong Tea
Chocolate, Cocoa, Hazelnut, Nutty, Caramel, Coffee, Cream, Licorice, Roasted nuts, Nuts, Anise, Dark Chocolate, Honey
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205 °F / 96 °C 4 min, 45 sec 5 g 10 oz / 302 ml

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Nuts for chocolate

David was eating breakfast: toast with chocolate hazelnut spread and a cup of oolong tea. He took a bite, then a sip. Then he got that look in his eye. A light bulb went off. Why not combine the two? Rich, dark chocolate. Smooth-drinking oolong. And just a hint of hazelnut. The result? Sweet, satisfying and a little bit nutty. It’s the perfect breakfast and the perfect tea, all rolled into one.

Ingredients: Oolong tea, cocoa husks, cocoa beans, black tea, liquorice, natural hazelnut flavouring, artificial cream, chocolate and caramel flavouring .

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104 Tasting Notes

4451 tasting notes

Apparently the cravings for “nutty” teas continues today. This is getting to be like my string of “plum” inspired teas…

Anyway, I love this one. I know I’m in the minority – but you’re all crazy! This has such a distinct and unique flavour – it’s so hard to not love it. And I must say, it probably has THE most flavourful and lingering aftertaste of any tea I’ve ever had; and that’s speaking to every cup of this that I’ve ever brewed. For you people who dislike this, I imagine that’s probably a huge “con” on your lists, whereas it’s this giant “pro” to me.

Flavors: Anise, Chocolate, Licorice, Nuts


Hooray for someone else liking this tea! I also had a cup of this today while at work :)

Aimee Popovacki

i liked this one :) lol its so different for an oolong.

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1124 tasting notes

I’m very clearly in the minority for this tea lol, but I stand by that for me, this is a darn tasty tea. Maybe I just got a good batch of it! Unfortunately I am almost out, so hoping that if I restock, the next one is as good. This is slightly nutty, chocolatey, warming goodness this morning. -23 C out haha, getting colder! The licorice provides a cozy sweetness. Mmm perfect this morning. See previous notes!

I wonder what this would taste like with amaretto liqueur, or Baileys..or, well, something along those lines. Haha, can’t you tell I wish it was the weekend already? :D I sense a tea experiment coming on!

200 °F / 93 °C 4 min, 0 sec

It was -23 there this morning?!? OMG that means it’s going to be COLD here in the next day or so – and I was whining at -10 this morning.
Booze and desserty teas are a very good thing….


Yeah pretty chilly, my phone said with wind chill it felt like – 36 haha, but supposed to be warmer tomorrow at least! Good tea drinking weather at least lol


And I’ll have to try some teas with alcohol, I don’t have them that often


Well the good news is that you might be able to buy buttloads of it on the web specials if it turns out you’re in the minority of people who enjoy it.


Also, OMG. That’s ridiculously cold. I haven’t encountered that since Alberta, and I was only there a few years. :p


Yeah it’d be cheap probably, but I don’t think I need 100g or more of this tea haha, I rarely get over 50g of my favorites! And I’m in AB… So that explains the cold weather lol :p every single year, usually a few times haha


So cold! This morning was -28, -38 with the windchill here. That just means hot tea!


Ouch, I feel for you! It’s a bit warmer here today, but snowing..again. Haha good ol’ winter..

Aimee Popovacki

i’m not gonna lie.. i didn’t hate this one.. i just didn’t love it.. i’m not a huge chocolate fan… i think if i was, i’d really like it.


I think it’s the nuttiness that I like about this one, and it’s resemblance to hazelnut coffee, it kind of reminds me of the flavored creamers in a way haha. I’m not a huge chocolate fan either, or coffee, so it’s kind of weird that I like this one so much!

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1779 tasting notes

This smells so rich and dark and amazing. I don’t even want to sip it – just smell it all evening. But that would be a waste, wouldn’t it? I only bought 15g of this, which might end up being 2 cups, and that probably won’t be enough, but this one was more expensive than the rest…

First sip? YES. I instantly love this much more than the Coffee Cake. It’s just BAMMM. Rich chocolate and hazelnut and sweet sweetness. I guess there’s oolong under here? Mostly I’m tasting hot liquid nutella with a tiny bit of an odd aftertaste that I can’t identify, but do not mind.

Drat. Now I wish I’d grabbed more than 15g. Suppose that’s move incentive to find high paying work. :P

205 °F / 96 °C 5 min, 15 sec

Is 5 minutes at boiling your preferred steeping time for oolongs, or is it DT oolongs, or was it just this oolong? I figured it would be quicker to ask than go through all your oolong tasting notes. =)


I usually do boilings at a little less, but I typically just go by the instructions. It said to steep 5 min at 95, so I thought I’d do what I was told, at least for the first time.

What temp do you usually do it at?


Thank you!

I always follow the instructions, but if it’s a tea sans instructions, I tend to – by default – do it the Lupicia way; full boil at 1.5-2 minutes. Then again, they’re all very green oolongs, so I’d probably reconsider if I stumbled over an unidentified black oolong blend.


The aftertaste is the licorice root, btw. It’s kind of sweet, in the front of your mouth? I can’t stand it, sadly, and I had such high hopes for this one.


Yeah. I ended up not resteeping it, which isn’t the best sign when I only have enough left for one more cup. The hazelnut was just so strong/strange.


That’s why I don’t rate teas on my first sip. Especially on launch day. I get excitable.


I picked up about 25 g of this one and a few of the others – I am excited to try it…damn power going out and hindering my tea tasting ability :P


And I definitely get what you mean about being excitable on launch day…At midnight I was checking out David’s website to see the new flavors


Hahahah. Yeah I did the same – and then I made a spreadsheet with the prices so I could decide how much of everything to buy beforehand. :)

I just remember buying all the FALL teas and being OMG OMG these are great, and then a few days after was just… oh, why did I say that. /0\ So I’m trying to be cautious.


I only wish I’d noticed the licorice in the store before I bought it. I hate licorice, soooo much.

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97 tasting notes

While my grandmother is sitting on a beach in Cuba – scratch that, she’s most likely in her hotel room complaining about having to be there for free – I’m stuck in -40C weather. Not that I’m bitter or anything….* grumble *

Had this today and it made my day so much better. Steeped it 4 times.

Boiling 8 min or more

My sympathies, I would love to be there too. Where is she vacationing?


Some small remote island off the coast. Either way, I’m so jealous it hurts. :P


Cayo largo? It’s nice and quiet there with only @4 resorts. The fly ins gorgeous. But it is pretty isolated. You really have to want a beach vacation. I’d be jealous too! On the other hand, I can’t say I’ve had nice tea in Cuba, usually just chamomile. They do have some awesome coffee. Hope your Grandma has a nice time!


I’d be happy with any vacation right now, haha! I believe it’s somewhere called Santa Maria or something though? She only ran it by me once.
I’ve heard of Cuban coffee being very good!
Thanks, I hope she does too!


Opposite coast! I can imagine! This is the first real winter that I remember in a long time. Pretty spoiled, right? Oh well, to live vicariously through friends and relatives. One of my friends is on a ship circumnavigating Africa, another is in the Philippines, another in Mumbai…I wish.

Jen M

I’ve been to Santa Maria (and Cayo Largo, amongst other places in Cuba). Beautiful, remote little place. Not much to do, but if you want a vacation where you sit on the beach, walk on the beach, drink on the beach, and eat on the beach it’s the place for you!
Your grandmother sounds like my dad. Always complaining about everything on vacation, and then the very last second right before stepping on the plane to come home the vacation is finished with “that was a nice time. I can’t believe it’s over so soon.” WE ALL CAN.

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1564 tasting notes

Sip down three of the day, technically. I didn’t even bother writing about the Eight Treasures Yabao sip down because it was too painful.

This one is a little weird too. Since I’m home all day trying (keyword: trying) to prepare for yet another presentation for next week (four presentations four classes in a row for one seminar and I’m on #3, ugh) I thought I would try to kill off the weird/mediocre/scary teas.

Needless to say, the weirdness, like the inappropriate licorice in here, is distracting me from concentrating on my work (not to mention I’ve been thinking about my future/career path so much lately that I’m finding it hard to motivate myself to do all this work).

I should give myself a break and drink something awesome next. Sayonara, Choconut!


=0( i found some fauchon at winner’s….. i can mail some to you. i can’t fix anything else…. but i can send tea?


Oh, don’t you worry! Did you go to Tillicum? I’m sure they don’t have much left but honestly, maybe that’s for the better.

Hope you don’t think I’m trying to brush you off, or anyone else for that matter! I’ve been holding off trading with people because I have a lot going on with school and family, and just don’t want to fall behind with sending stuff out. :)


I found more Fauchon that I’m willing to share, too. The package for ShayneBear is almost ready, and I’m willing to add things for you! I mean, I have to send a box anyways, so I might as well stuff it full. :)


Oh no, you really don’t have to! Besides, I feel like you’ve tried everything I currently have anyway. Haven’t been making any orders as of late. Need to catch up and finish things off. :)


Umm, you’ve seen the buying-spree I’ve been on, right? I totally don’t mind sending you a few samples. No reciprocation necessary. Consider it a holiday gift.

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2216 tasting notes

This smells good, but at first sip I went, “Ew! Gross!” If you don’t like licorice root sweetness, it is very apparent in this tea. I really detest that sweetness, so this is not at ALL for me, oh my goodness.

I could like the flavours, but a deal breaker is a deal breaker.

Oh, another thing. The oolong I got in my 10g is very sad. Wee teensy broken pieces that unfurl and make sad broken leaves in my strainer.

195 °F / 90 °C 4 min, 0 sec

you guys are really making me want to go get the small saples i was going to buy….not. lol


If you don’t mind licorice root, it’s worth a try. It’s used in a way I cannot stand it here, so I am sad.


I didn’t read the ingredients but would have never expected licorice in this one. Wow.


It could have been herbal as far as I was concerned. There wasn’t a lot of tea in it, and it was more expensive than the rest. Figures.

And I think you’re right – it has licorice in it!


(I recognize the flavour now that it has a name)


Same here….I wasn’t expecting licorice either, when I sniffed at the store. I had highhopes for this one. Will just have to hope Stacy comes through with her chocolate hazelnut honeybush.


Fingers crossed, Heather! :)


Even though it’s not listed in the ingredients, a friend who works there also told me this one might have stevia in it? Not sure it’s too noticeable if it’s in there underneath the licorice, but I definitely don’t get as much hazelnut as I was promised. :(


Oh, that would be fun. I have a friend who gets hallucinations when she ingests stevia…


These are the ingredients on their website… No mention of licorice except as an allergen. I thought maybe it was part of the natural flavouring, but there’s visible licorice root in the tea and it’s listed on the package.

“Cocoa husks, cocoa beans, oolong tea, black tea, natural hazelnut flavouring, artificial cream, chocolate and caramel flavoring*.

Allergens: contains licorice"


I agree about the lack of tea leaves. It was pretty disappointing.


White Chocolate Frost is supposed to have stevia in it.


It does. Didn’t taste it too much the first cup, but then I’ve had instances of all the stevia sinking to the bottom of the bag before.

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361 tasting notes

I went 0/3 on new David’s Teas I ordered. And not even kind of okay. I threw out the whole cup of each one. This one was the most egregious.

The initial flavor as the tea hits the mouth is super tasty. Dark and roasty and nutty and then suddenly you’re hit like a truck with this AWFUL fake sweet black LICORICE bomb that goes off in your mouth. I seriously almost vomitted. The initial flavor lulled me into a false state of calm and then BOOM the worst flavor in the whole world took over my whole mouth.

I was stupid enough to see if it was an aberration so I tried again and nearly gagged again.


David’s – Our relationship is officially over. (Except when I need some movie night, that’s the only one I truly enjoy, but no new teas. Nope. Not worth the risk)

Flavors: Licorice


Eek. I knew there was a reason I didn’t even bother trying this one.


I also agree with your last bit there. I have guayusa and genmaicha from David’s but I haven’t tried any new ones in a while.


EW. Why would they even put licorice in there. That is already a hit-or-miss flavor for a lot of people.

Doug F

Very funny. Well, maybe not for your taste buds.


When I originally ordered this one, licorice wasn’t an ingredient. Imagine my surprise! So terrible. :(


LMAO! I got this as a sample once, tried it and had a very bad experience… Just like yours. Imagine my delight when I got it as a sample again (!) with my latest order. I was going to give it another try… but after reading your review and remembering my own… I’m kind of scared… lol

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653 tasting notes

Backlog from last night. I would’ve preferred less licorice weirdness and more creamy nutella, David’s Tea.

190 °F / 87 °C 4 min, 0 sec

Booo. Sounds like the Winter Collection has been a fail so far. :(


Yeah, not overly impressed right now. The only one I’m ok with so far is the White Chocolate Frost. Tastes like Cocomint Cream, with white chocolate instead of coconut, and without the apples.

I haven’t even gotten to Coffee Cake yet.


I didn’t even pick up Coffee Cake. The scent alone so strongly reminded me of Red Velvet I just couldn’t :(


Courtney – it’s REALLY similar so if you didn’t like RV, pass on that one. It has the same oily cake notes as RV.

And CrowKettle, I wish they’d brought back Cocomint Cream! :O I miss that one…

Michelle Butler Hallett

Licorice … with oolong? GROSS.


Yeah, it’s not particularly appealing.

I miss Cocomint Cream, and even Merry Cranberry right now.


I really want to try Merry Cranberry still. I think it’s still on sale, but I don’t need that much!


I’d possibly split it with you If you’re ever tempted.


It’s the 8.8oz size, so.. I just. Idk. I’ll think about it. :)


If you’re really missing Cocomintt Cream, Jackie T had Simpson & Vail create a copycat blend based on a sample – She says it’s nearly identical!


I’ve been meaning to try that out actually. Thanks for the reminder, Cavo!

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289 tasting notes

Dry Leaf Nose: Cocoa and hazelnut with a hint of the oolong tea.

Liquor: Rich brown with aromas of cocoa and hazelnut.

Flavour: All of the richness and complexity of of a chocolate/hazelnut spread. The chocolate is prominent while the hazelnut brings a deep nuttiness to the blend.

185 °F / 85 °C 4 min, 30 sec

Sadly, this tea didn’t do it for me. The combo of stevia and licorice made it too sweet for me.

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767 tasting notes

Okay fine. I’m just gonna have to log all my teas from my phone since my work computer doesn’t seem to be cooperating. (I’ll just fix typos later I guess)
This tea smells awesome! But the flavor is rather meh. I have become a kind of chocolate tea fanatic over the past year, and in this instance, I’d rather have my dark oolong in a cup and my Nutella spread on my toast.
That does sound like a great breakfast though! Yum

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